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1. Check all the links in this directory first to ensure that there is no duplicate drama / movie / Varieties thread in existence.

2. When a new drama / movie / varieties thread is created, inform this directory by providing the thread link / url to be included.

3. Once included, the post in question will be deleted.

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Taiwan Threads

Drama #-L

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] 100% wife, 金家好媳婦

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] 18 Censoring or Not? 18禁不禁?

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] 3+1櫻野三加一 [Ying Ye San Jia Yi]

[Taiwanese / Chinese Drama 2012] 50% of Fairytale 童话二分之一

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] A Touch Of Green 一把青

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Absolute Boyfriend 絕對達令

[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Aim High 22K夢想高飛

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Alice In Wonder City 給愛麗絲的奇蹟

[Taiwanese Drama 2016-2017] All in 700 700歲旅程

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Always Be With You, 最好的選擇,

[Taiwanese Drama 2004] Amor de Tarapaca 紫藤戀

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Angel Lover 天使情

[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Angel 'N' Devil 終極惡女

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Apple In Your Eye 妹妹

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Attention,Love! 稍息立正我愛你

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Autumn's Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness  下一站幸

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Baby Daddy 長不大的爸爸

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Back To 1989 1989一念間

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑

[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Be With Me 舞吧舞吧在一起

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Be With You 好想談戀

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Beauty Lady靚女郎

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Better Man/ 我的極品男友

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Bitter Sweet 軍官‧情人

[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Boy Sitter 魔女搶頭

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] Breeze in The Love River, 春风爱河边

[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Bump off Lover 爱杀 17

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Calling Big Star呼叫大明星

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] City of Sky天空之城

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Chocolat 流氓蛋糕店

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Claire 迷徒

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Constellation Women Series - Aries Woman 星座愛情牡羊女

[Taiwanese Drama  2006] Corner with Love轉角, 遇到愛

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] CSIC 鑑識英雄

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Dad, my borrower, 老爸上身

[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Dear Mom 我的寶貝四千金

[Taiwanese Drama 2008] Defeated Queen 敗犬女王

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Deja Vu 回到爱以前

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Devil Beside You 惡魔在身邊

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Dragon Gate 飛越龍門客棧

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Drama Go Go Go 姐姐立正向前走

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Drunken To Love You醉後決定愛上你

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Easy Fortune Happy Life福氣又安康

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Endless Love / Infinite Love無限

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Fabulous 30 女人30情定水舞間

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Fabulous Boys 原來是美

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Fall in Love With Me 愛上兩個我

[Taiwanese Drama 2008] Fated To Love You 命中注定我爱你

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Fighting Meiling 加油 美玲

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] First Kiss 真愛配方

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Fondant Garden 翻糖花園

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Future Mr. Right 來自未來的史密特

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Gokudou HighSchool極道學園

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Green Forest My Home綠光森林

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Hanakimi

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Happiness is Like Sunny Day 幸福最晴天

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Happy Michelin Kitchen幸福三颗星

[ Taiwanese Drama 2015] Haru 春梅

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Hayate The Combat Butler旋風管家

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Heart Of Steel 鋼鐵之心

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] High 5 Basketball - High 5 制霸青春

[Taiwan BL Drama 2017] HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Home sweet home, 真情之家

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] I Love You So Much粉愛粉愛你

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] In A Good Way 我的自由年

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] In Times With You我可能不會愛你

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] Intern Doctor, 實習醫師鬥格

[Taiwanese Drama 2018] Iron Ladies, 姊的時代

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] It Started With A Kiss 惡劇之吻

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] JoJo's World 我和我的四個男人

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Just for you 只為你停留

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Just Want to Depend On You就想賴著妳

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Just You 就是要你愛上我

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Knock Knock Loving You敲敲愛上你

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] K.O 3an Gua終極三國

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] La Boum, 第一次

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] La Grande Chaumiere Violette 紫色大稻埕

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Lavender 薫衣草 ラベンダー

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Legend of the Apple 星蘋果樂園

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Life List 遺憾拼圖

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] Lion Pride,  獅子王強大

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Love Around 真愛黑白配

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Love at Seventeen 我和我的十七歲

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Love Buffet愛似百匯

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Love By Design 必勝練習生

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Love Cheque Charge 幸福兌換券

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Love Contract

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Love Cuisine 料理高校生

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Love Detective PMAM之美好偵探社

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Love Family 有愛一家人

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Love Forward 向前走向愛走

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Love Keeps Going 美樂加

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Love Magicians 愛情魔髮師

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Love Of The Aegean Sea

[Taiwanese Drama 2008/2009] Love Or Bread 我的億萬面包

[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Love or Spend 戀愛鄰距離

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Love Recipe料理情人夢

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Love SOS 119 愛情急整室

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Love You 醉後決定愛上你

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Lovers of Herb香草戀人館

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Lovestore At The Corner 巷弄裡的那家書店


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Drama M-Z

[Taiwanese Drama 2017 ] Magic Showdown, 魔幻對決

[Taiwanese Drama, 2015] Marry me, or not? 必娶女人

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Marry or Not  結婚好嗎?

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Material Queen 拜金女王

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] Mean Girl Ah Chu惡女阿楚

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Memory Love 噗通噗通我愛你

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Meteor Garden 1 & 2

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Metro of Love 台北愛情捷運故事

[Taiwanese Drama 2016-2017] Miss In Kiss 恶作剧之吻

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Miss Rose 螺絲小姐要出嫁

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Momo Love桃花小妹

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Moon River 明若曉溪

[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Mr. Right Wanted 徵婚啟事

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Murphy's Law of Love 莫非,這就是愛

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] My Dear Boy 我的男孩

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] My Lucky Star

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] My Pig Lady 真愛遇到他

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Nie Xiao Qian 聶小倩

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Older Woman Marching Forward 姐姐立正向前走

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Once Upon a Love 原来爱 . 就是甜蜜

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Original Scent of Summer 原味之夏天

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Pandamen 熊猫人

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Paris Love Song巴黎戀歌

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] Pi Zi Ying Xiong 痞子英雄

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡 · 一個

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Prince Of Wolf 狼王子

[Taiwanese Drama 2008] Prince + Princess 2 王子看见二公主

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Prince Turned Frog 王子變青蛙

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] P.S. Man偷心大聖 P.S.

[Taiwanese Drama 2008] Qilin House Of Love

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Rainbow Sweetheart 彩虹甜心

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Real Love Please Ring The Bell Twice 真心請按兩次

[Taiwanese BL Webdrama 2017] Red Balloon 紅色氣球

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Refresh Man 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Returning Home回家

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] Romantic Princess 公主小妹

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Roaseate Love紫玫瑰

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Say Again Yes I Do/I Do 2 再說一次我願意

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Say I Love You 勇敢說出我愛你

[Taiwanese Drama 2003] Scent of Love戀香

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Scent of Love就是要香戀

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard 校花的貼身高手

[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] See You in Time, 已讀不回的戀人

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Set Chocolate 愛上巧克力

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Seven Friends 七個朋友

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Shia Wa Se 幸福の不二家

[Taiwanese Drama 2005] Silence (深情密码)

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Snow Angel雪天使

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Someone Like You 聽見幸福

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Sound Of Colors 地下鐵

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Summer’s Bubble 泡沫之夏

[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Summer Fever 38℃ 戀夏38

[Taiwanese Drama 2011] Sunshine Girl陽光小妹 / 陽光天使

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Superstar Express愛就宅一起

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Swimming Battle 飛魚高校生

[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Taste of Love 唯一繼承者

[Taiwanese Drama 2008] The Bad Campus Belle不良笑花

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] The Girl in The Male Dorminatary男女生了沒

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] The Kid From Heaven天堂來的孩子

[Taiwanese Drama 2016-2017] The King of Romance 如朕親臨

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] The Legend of Speed極速傳說

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] The Love Song 大人情歌

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] The Man From the Future 我的未來男友

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] The Masked Lover - 我的愛情不平凡

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] The New World 新世界

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] The Perfect Match 極品絕配

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] The Rose 薔薇之

[Taiwanese Drama 2009] The Story of Times光陰的故事

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] The Way of Happiness, 幸福來了

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] The Way We Were 十六個夏

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] The X-Dormitory 終極X宿舍

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] They Kiss Again 惡作劇之吻2

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Thirty Something 我的30定律

[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Three Exits To Love 幸福街第3號出口

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Tie The Knot 媽咪的男朋友

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] To the Dearest Intruder 致,第三者

[Taiwanese Drama 2006] Tomorrow愛情白皮書

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] V-Focus 獨家保鑣

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Volleyball Lover我的排隊情人

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] Wake Up 麻醉風暴

[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Wake Up 2, 麻醉風暴2

[Taiwanese Drama 2015] When I See You Again 他看她的第2

[Taiwanese/Chinese Drama 2012] When Love Walked In 爱情闯进门

[Taiwanese Drama 2007] Wish To See You Again 這裡發現愛

[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Prince Of Wolf 狼王子

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] X Lies/The Game of Lies 謊言遊戲

[Taiwanese Drama 2014] You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球

 [Taiwanese Drama 2015] Youth Power 哇!陳怡君

[Taiwanese Drama 2010] Zhong Wu Yen鍾無艷


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Did a search for: 艾蜜麗的五件事

Emily's 5 things. (Ai Mi Li De Wu Jian Shi)

Didn't come up under any of them. It's a Taiwanese drama. 2018 with romantic comedy starring Aviis Zhong, Sam Lin, Edison Wang, and Diane Lin.

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On 12/24/2018 at 6:43 AM, Kim Yunmi said:

Did a search for: 艾蜜麗的五件事

Emily's 5 things. (Ai Mi Li De Wu Jian Shi)

Didn't come up under any of them. It's a Taiwanese drama. 2018 with romantic comedy starring Aviis Zhong, Sam Lin, Edison Wang, and Diane Lin.


you can create a thread for them and let me know and i will include them inside the directory

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