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@USAFarmgirl me too, I'm pretty excited for this, hopefully there will be alot of BTS pics and maybe JH will visit the set ... haha!

Yup she is loveable in everyway ... very humble.  Hope to see you more and more, I know you visit the 6FD thread ... hopefully the other one too ..:wub:

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T/N: This interview isn't new, but it wasn't translated previously. This is part 1 of a 3 part interview. Part 2 has already been translated. Part 3 is coming up. 

6/5 (interview 1) HITTG GSY was selected by Ahn Pan Seok because she did not act cute

In SBS Monday Tuesday drama HITTG Seo Bom’s sister Seo Neori, a second fiddler that wants to become an ace, in order to stand in the position of an ace is a complicated character that was very troubled, the person who plays this character is none other than new actress GSY. Although she grew up in a very average household, but she managed to interpret the character of Seo Neo-ri well whose desire and passion towards success is stronger than anyone else.


In the recent interview with xportsnews, with regards to the Monday Tuesday SBS drama HITTG that finally concluded its run on the 2nd expressed, “ I started 2015 through a good piece. Because it is my first step as an actress, so I feel very attached to it and cant bear to part with it. It has reached the point where I am starting to miss the actors that were part of the drama.”


“ The reason why PD Ahn Pan Seok chose me is…”


HITTG was highly anticipated because it was a collaboration between Director Ahn Pan Seok and Scriptwriter Jung Sung Joo. The actors casted in HITTG had all unexpectedly worked with Director Ahn Pan Seok previously. Among them, GSY found her own place, despite not being a figure with public recognition and her previous work not being well known. GSY found out the reason why Director Ahn Pan Seok had chosen her during the filming period.


“Director Ahn Pan Seok said to be ‘because you are not like actresses in their 20s so I chose you. You did not act cute, did not like to dress up too much and the way you delivered your lines was very simple and straightforward’. Actually I am not very feminine personality-wise, I don’t have a lot of interest in make-up and fashion, I just presented all I had interestingly”.


“During the filming for HITTG everyone got along well like a family. Rather than thinking I am going to perform, it felt more like ‘I am going to meet them’ ‘ I am going to live with them’, I always looked forward to going to the filming site. During our break, everyone gathered in the waiting room and played games. The actors who played my parents in the drama, Jang Hyun-sung and Yoon Bok-In gave me a lot of advice, I was really happy.”


The character of Seo Neo-ri not only benefitted from actors like Jang Hyun-Sung and Yoon Bok-In, but GSY also explained that, the character was also crafted carefully with the suggestions from the PD Ahn Pan Seok and the production team. When she had doubts about presenting the character of Seo Neo-ri, Jang Hyun-Sung and Yoon Bok-In did not hesitate to step up and help but Yoon Bok-In and the PD Ahn Pan Seok came together to discuss about the character of Seo Neo-ri.


“Although I am not as vicious as Seo Neo-ri, but my desire to perform is very strong”


During the interview, we strongly felt GSY’s gentle personality. It was a different from Seo Neo-ri from HITTG. With regards to this, we interviewed GSY on what were the similarities and differences between her and HITTG’s Seo Neo-ri.


“ If something is good, its good- I am similar to Seo Neo-ri in that aspect. But I am not the type to be like Seo Neo-ri to harbor greed or be vicious. Although I have a strong desire to perform, but it is not to the extent of overwhelming ambition. I think in that aspect, it may be different”


GSY had put in more effort than anyone for her character of Seo Neo-ri. To convincingly play a character that worked part time in a sandwich shop, she had in reality gained some experience by actually working in the sandwich shop.


She explained that, “After the first filming at the sandwich shop, the PD Ahn Pan Seok suggested that, ‘you have to be as skilled as the character of Seo Neo-ri who worked part time every day’. She felt ashamed of the clumsy way she performed. There after, I went to the sandwich shop to memorize the menu, operate the machine, and practiced the feeling and way of being skilled at making sandwiches, and slowly I learnt more and matured. Now I am learning history in preparation for my next production (SBS Six Flying Dragons), I am in the midst of working hard by visiting the actual site and giving my best for all”.


(end of part 1) 

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6/5 (Interview 3) GSY “SM trainee for 7 years, the reason I suddenly gave up was…”




Although she debuted as a new actress, but in reality, GSY was previously a trainee singer preparing to debut in an idol group. She had spent 7 years as a trainee in one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies, SM. This is an past that people did not expect from her.



During a recent interview with xportsenews, she talked about the the reason why she gave up her trainee life in SM entertainment to start again in a one-person company, she also gave her support message for her biological sister, Yoo Jung-Yeon, who is currently participating as a trainee from JYP entertainment in Mnet’s Sixteen.



“ I fell in love with performing so I came out of SM”

If you are a fan of singers from SM entertainment, then you must know the names of some famous trainees who are anticipating debut. Yoo Seung-Yeon ( GSY’s real name) was one of the more famous trainees under SM entertainment. In the fan-created list of anticipated girl groups, her name was consistently listed.



“In elementary school during the rest time of a gayageum competition that I participated in, SM casting manager came to me and suggested that I try out for a camera test. At that time, I had no interest in singers, it was the time I only knew Senior BOA, so I accepted the invitation and went for the


test, not thinking much of it. I became interested only after visiting the trainees and seeing the kind of lessons they were given. It was like that that I entered SM and became a trainee”.


SM trainee GSY learnt dancing, singing and performing and prepared seriously for her debut. During that process, she took part in tvN’s “I love Lee Tae-ri”, and that was a turning point for her life. With just one drama participation, she fell in love with the joy of performing, and it was probably during that period that she prepared to part ways with SM entertainment.


“ In ‘I love Lee Tae-ri’ in played the character of mimi, and developed the desire towards performing. I wanted to perform and wanted to learn acting professionally. Finally I decided to leave SM entertainment. ( Reporter: Couldn't you have debuted as an actor in SM like Go Ah-ra, Lee Yeon Hee?) At that time I was in a team that was preparing to debut as an idol, it was a situation that was difficult to debut as an actor”


Just like that she left SM entertainment, a place where she spent 7 years as a trainee, and GSY started to move towards an identity as an actor. Towards the question of whether she would be happy if she became an actor like she had dreamed of, she replied, “ at the filming site, merely standing before the camera, I feel very happy. My family is also looking forward to seeing me in dramas, and seeing that it feels like my family as well as my dream is realized, so it feels even more special.”


“ Younger sister Yoo Jung-Yeon, is like a sturdy younger brother”

If it is said that GSY left SM entertainment t realize her dream of being an actress, then her younger sister, Yoo Jung-Yeon is said to be working hard towards realizing her dream of debuting as a singer in JYP entertainment. GSY’s sister YJY is now currently participating in JYP girl group survival competition, Mnet’s Sixteen, with her tomboyish charms is earning a lot of attention and love. Having been in a big entertainment company as a trainee preparing to debut in an idol group, towards her sister YSY,GSY is the best person to go to for advice and hear her troubles.


“From the moment JY entered the company I have heard her talk about various things. Up till now, when she is tired I will just listen to her and give her suggestions. But right now, JY is doing well so there is nothing I can offer her. Our personalities are exactly the opposite. She is very easy going and not picky at all, just like a younger brother. Towards the things that she wants to do, she is ambitious, and towards her goals is very pro-active. Her disposition is strong and tough.”



Just as how GSY has pointed out, YJY had caught the attention of head of JYP entertainment Park Jin Young early on by standing out with her tomboyish charms. With compliments like “unthinkable, very cool” YJY has captured her place as JYP’s disciple very early on, and is currently her name has risen to be the top the popularity polls for the sixteen contestants. With the rise of her sister as an upcoming top star, GSY as invited to give an encouragement message to her sister who is working hard in the competition.



“In reality, no matter what I want to help her, but possibly because of something I say or do will instead disadvantage her or give her a hard time. So right now I only want to support her silently. I hope that she will be able to survive well in the program just like how she has been doing. As and older sister, I should prepare good warm food, but because I am always home late so I wasn't able to do so, so I am sorry. Anyway my cooking skills is really not good, so I want to treat her to something good in the near future.”





“ Will mature (as an actor) steadily and solidly”

 Towards roles she wants to challenge, GSY listed out in a breath movies like Jeon Ji-Hyun’s ‘The Theives’, SBS Pinocchio’s Park Shin Hye, I Hear Your Voice’s Lee Bo-Young and the characters they play. At the same time she also revealed her dream of challenging a historical drama. That particular dream is going to be realized very soon. GSY’s next piece is SBS’s Six Flying Dragons, she is to play the role of Lee Bang Won’s wife, Empress Yuan, Min Da-kyung.



“Because since young I have learnt calligraphy and gayageum, so I feel very connected to tradition culture. So naturally I have feelings for historical dramas. Just like the seniors who have been casted, I hope I will be able to learn a lot and gain massive improvements. To be able to be casted in Six Flying Dragons after HITTG, and to be able to meet such good directors, scriptwriters, production staffs, actors, I feel very honored. I will keep on working hard to mature to become a steady and solid actor.”





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06.06.15 The Kyunghyang Shinmun:  

GSY “After HITTG ended, my desire to perform increased”

GSY ( real name: Yoo Seung-Yeon 22 Years old) is an actress whose name has been on the real time search search rankings in recent weeks. She stamped a strong impression upon viewers in the SBS drama HITTG that recently concluded its run, playing the role of Seo Neo-ri a character that while had a side that was materialistic had also a warm heart. She is also earning good reviews from the audience in MBC variety WGM as a committed couple with high visuals.


On the afternoon of the 2nd, Kyunghyang News met with GSY in Seoul. Having rushed over having ended HITTG filming at 7 am in the morning, she shared the happenings of that morning and topics like what she was before becoming an actor as well as the thoughts of GSY now. Her story is now organized into 5 key words.


l   Gayageum

As everyone knows, GSY was a trainee from SM entertainment. She was first discovered by SM in the 6 grade of elementary school, and “gayageum” provided the opportunity. During the period she started to learn gayageum under her mother’s urging, she caught the eye of a SM related staff during a gayageum competition. She was on stage during the competition dressed in the traditional Korean costume, when a passing SM casting staff said, “take a picture of her”. This was GSY’s memory with regards to the happenings of that day.


“When first received the offer, I worried a lot. Because I had never thought of things in that area (entertainment industry). I also did not know anything related to proposals, and I had thought that singers and all just suddenly became as such one day. Initially I started because I was curious, but after practicing a few times I started to have the desire.”


GSY experienced roughly 7 years of trainee life. Trainees during her time had f(x) etc. GSY’s long trainee life ended at the end of 2012. She looked back and said, “although because my trainee days were long it became tiring, but firstly it is because I really liked performing and really wanted to do so.” 


l   Handwritten letter

Her first experience as a formal actress started from tvN’s “I love Lee Tae-ri” (2012) as a character called Mimi. She later also appeared in SBS’s “My lovely girl” (2013), HITTG’s Seo Neo-ri is her 3rd character she has played.


A satire of the upper class families in society, HITTG is a fictional piece that is the collaboration of Director Ahn Pan Seok, whose pieces included “Qualifications of a wife” (2012) and “Secret Love Affair” (2014) and Scriptwriter Jung Sung Joo. Being determined to be casted in the piece of Director Ahn Pan Seok, GSY handed the director a handwritten letter during her audition.


“During the audition, it is often the case that you leave without being able to say what you want. I really wanted to be casted in Director Ahn’s piece. Even if it is a small role, so I conveyed my feelings through a handwritten letter. In the letter, I also wrote about my thoughts about his previous and some thoughts if I were to be casted. I think it was probably that which made it work.”


l   Seo Neo-ri

GSY’s character in HITTG is Seo Neori, an aspiring announcer who grew up in a poor family. Realistically portraying the desire and state of mind of 20-something women who have a lot of desires and want to live the kind of life like a celebrity. Internalizing the mindset, although just a supporting character, but still an important character, GSY laughed while saying, “people around me said, ‘so your acting is not bad’”.


The cast of HITTG are all actors who have received good reviews. From middle-aged actors like Jang Jun-Sang, Yoo Joon Sang and active in university drama productions Yoon Book In and other solid actors were all gathered. This was a strong motivation for GSY.


“ I really learnt a lot. Even on days when I was not scheduled to film, because I wanted to watch the seniors perform and wanted to learn, I travelled down to the filming site specially, sat quietly behind the director and watched the seniors performed through the monitor. I stayed the whole while on the filming site watching actors, a profession I want to keep doing for my whole life, even if it was just chatting with the seniors it felt really good. Hearing words from the seniors, I think to myself that I must keep on growing and maturing.”


HITTG because the chance that let the general public come to her face. GSY expressed that, “When I went to a hotel, I heard, ‘Oh, Neo-ri is here’ comments like this, during those times I had the feeling that I was one of the members of a drama that was well received, and had thoughts like I am now becoming an actor.”


Besides that, in order to portray the character of Seo Neo-ri, she tried out various experiences. In order to portray a character that make sandwiches as a part time job, she personally found a sandwich shop and trained herself by receiving various orders. She even took lessons in an announcer academy, and took the mock test etc, and prepared a lot in for her performance.


l   Gong (Bear) Seung Yeon

(T/N: it is a pun on her surname, since ‘gong’ both sound like bear and her surname although written differently)


Recently the reason why GSY’s name keeps appearing on live search ranking is because of WGM. In the program, she is receiving good reviews for her chemistry with CN Blue’s LJH together just like a real couple. And she herself has showed her honest and easy going side, and have started to receive a lot of attention from the public. She also earned a nickname called, “bear seung yeon”. She expressed, “I am not especially conscious that it is a variety program, so I just present who I am originally.”


So then what is the original seung yeon like? After having conversation with her she feels like the kind of person who “likes to read poems in the early morning, and because it is spring so I will feel especially anxious, and during those times I am unable to stay still at home.” Her hobby is calligraphy, when she was young, her father held her hand and she started to learn calligraphy. She often gifts her friends with their names written in calligraphy and its relevant meanings. Towards the fact that her name keeps re-appearing in the search rankings, she says, “although initially it was fascinating, but now that when I think people are watching, I am a bit afraid.” Those words are from her.


l   Next production


On that day, GSY expressed “After filming HITTG my desire for performing increased a lot. Although I am not picky about the genre of the piece, but I must try a historical drama”. A few days after the interview, GSY was selected to be part of the cast for the upcoming drama for broadcast in October Six Flying Dragons (SFD). SFD is a historical drama with that tells the tale of real historical characters who build the foundations of the country Lee Bang Won, Jeong Do-Jeon, Lee Seong-Gye  as well as fictional characters, Boon Yi and Moo-Hyul . We trust that not before long, we would be able to see the way the little girl who was spotted in a Gayageum competition, the same girl who when she grew up wanted so much to be in a historical drama- we would be able to see that girl on the filming set of her historical drama.





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06.18.15 star1 magazine interview


Despite going through a tough period as a trainee, GSY (22 years old)’s debut process was not so easy. Having left the management company she stayed with for 7 years since the start, she had to begin again. While simultaneously going back to school for lessons, she also started to challenge all the auditions that rookie actors could audition for. Her efforts finally paid off, as an actress she earned her first script with SBS HITTG, it took her a total of 10 years to get to that particular script. Let’s hear the story of GSY where she remained unchanged while being among the ever-changing forest of the entertainment industry. 


Q When searching online, your real name is Yoo Seung Yeon. Why did you change your surname?

Being called Yoo Seung Yeon, this name did not seem to leave a lasting impression of people, so I wanted to change it. I also felt that compared to my surname ‘Yoo’, ‘Gong’ was refreshing to the ears. Initially, my father was opposed to it, but now he seems to be liking it slowly. The reason for this was the 2012 Brazil World Cup, while watching one of the colleagues in my company suddenly said Gong? Gong? (T/N: ‘Gong’ is the sound for both ball and the surname) Gong Seung Yeon? How is Gong Seung Yeon? At first, I was speechless, but he wasn’t joking, so towards the end I became GSY, haha


Q HITTG has concluded. What are your thoughts?

I started 2015 through HITTG so I feel very satisfied~ This is also GSY’s first official piece of work, this piece has also allowed me to learn from a lot of outstanding actors.


Q Specifically can you share what you learnt?

I learnt a lot from the actors who played the role of my parents Yoo Book In, Yoo Joon Sang and what they did. What kind of preparation mindset should an actor have, how should I live from here on, how to overcome fatigue and so on.


Q Did you and Go Ah-Sung, who plays your sister in the drama, get along well performing?

Ah Sung and I are the same age, but there is so much that I need to learn from her. Her ability to concentrate in the moment is also good, her character analysis and also her observations of the scene and analysis. She helped me a lot especially in one scene where we performed together. She created the atmosphere where I was able to comfortably perform. Seeing her like that I resolved that I want to become an actor like that in the future. 



Q I heard to perform the role of Seo Neo-ri in HITTG you specifically signed up in an announcer academy?

After I successfully auditioned for HITTG, I immediately went online to look up the most famous announcer academies and went to learn. Before filming, there weren’t a lot of people who recognized me, I also did not use the name of GSY instead I registered with the name of Seo Neo-ri. I took the learning seriously as if I was a student preparing to become an announcer. Without my manger, I went alone for classes and then everyday got into the character and listened to the news and practiced reading scripts. Towards the end, the teacher at the academy even advised me to follow-up, haha.


Q So now the teacher knows you are GSY and not Seo Neo-ri?

Ah~ about that I am not so sure. There was another student that I attended the classes with, perhaps that student knows? I need to pay a visit to the teacher in the future.


Q In the middle of the drama, Seo Neo-ri went to wait on her sister who married into chaebol family, From the perspective of the viewers she is rather unlikable.

Even I think so, that time my parents saw the script and said, “SY-ah, why do you want to nurse a grievance like that, even we did not teach you to be like that”



Q Personally what kind of production will you remember HITTG as?

A production that enabled me to be known by everyone, a production that I am thankful for. In detail, a piece that while filming enabled be to know what it means to be a true actor, and I will think hard what kind of actor I should become.


Q We heard you have a lot of affinity with the director Ahn Pan Seok

Ah~ In my third year of high school, during my admission interview the panel included Director Ahn Pan Seok. At that time, because I was young and I was really nervous so I couldn't recall, but he could recognize me after successfully passing the audition, haha


Q During that time you went for a lot of auditions

While in school I didn't attend a lot of auditions, when I was preparing for acting I started to attend a lot of auditions. I went for all the auditions that rookies could apply for, but HITTG was the only one that I passed.


Q Your younger sister YJY is also in JYP  ‘Sixteen’ preparing to enter the entertainment industry

Since young JY’s dream was to be a singer. She is getting a little closer to her dream so I feel very satisfied. Although as her sister, there are many aspects I am worried about, but she’s doing better than what I thought.


Q You spent 7 years as a trainee in SM

It was a really long time. But I think I spent it happily. Although it was hard but honestly experiencing it, I do not think it has gone to waste. I think to persevere for a dream for so long while preparing for it seriously for so long is an admirable thing.  


Q No matter what, going around with the label of ‘SM trainee’ would obviously have some help for you

Initially because I wanted to disassociate from the label I even changed my name. But actually because it was such a long time, there was no way to hide that past. I couldn’t help it. It was also thanks to that label that I seemed to be a bit more recognized by people. For acting, it has also been helpful


Q After concluding HITTG, you have been selected for the historical drama SBS SFD

I am really lucky. When I went for the audition, the direction Shim happened to be a passionate fan of HTTG and said that I did well. I hope that it was not because of HITTG that I was selected. Outstanding Senior actors like Yoo In Ah, Shin Se Kyung are also part of the cast, so I believe that this is another time I can learn a lot of things. I am nervous and excited.

Q This production is a historical drama so it requires more preparation

That’s right. This piece is 50-episodes long, and I am in the midst of preparing seriously. I watched a lot of historical drama from the past, and I am also learning the historical records of the chosun royal family.  At the start I was simply reading history books, but now I am challenging tougher books.


Q Even now, and even when acting. Your eyes are unique

When I look at people, the first thing I notice is their eyes, just by looking at their eyes you can know what that person is thinking. So when acting, I also focus on my partner’s eyes. I want to read what’s in that person’s gaze, that way, when acting I will be better able to grasp and understand the emotions that is being conveyed  


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must be another photo shoot for Seung Yeon, she's at Puddle House Cafe.
all IG photos are credit to yea1003


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Her Eyes Are So Lovely In Pictures And On Film But I Bet They Are Even More Lovely In Person.......


Image result for Gong Seung Yeon baby pictures    Image result for Gong Seung Yeon baby pictures  Image result for Gong Seung Yeon

She is gentle & soft........


Image result for Gong Seung Yeon   Image result for Gong Seung Yeon   Image result for Gong Seung YeonImage result for Gong Seung Yeon

Smart sometimes quiet.......

.Image result for Gong Seung YeonImage result for Gong Seung Yeon   Image result for Gong Seung Yeon    Image result for Gong Seung Yeon

She can be shy or sassy........

Image result for Gong Seung Yeon         Image result for Gong Seung Yeon    th?&id=JN.0Gou1q7mMhoGW6X7TXeKJA&w=300&h

Athletic & Adventurous.......

th?&id=JN.WmfIhDGUYVK6DoVLnETDfQ&w=300&h  th?&id=JN.aN98ddCLguZvtOTe6ud55g&w=300&h  th?&id=JN.OfK3fhNCNtKIds8jdZkfkQ&w=300&h

Her style can be conservative or sexy........

Image result for Gong Seung Yeon   mix0qeg&w=309&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0  th?&id=JN.uZPuvHse0HPB1gi8VWrFBg&w=300&h

She is supportive & protective of family......


loading_lg_w.gifloading_lg_w.gifloading_lg_w.gifrpGnDXXm2USotinjqg&w=304&h=300&c=0&pid=1  th?&id=HS.280720843460&w=308&h=300&c=0&p  th?&id=JN.Nq7tYaqVkqonZDljcOGRzA&w=300&h

Talented yet humble...   So many reasons she inspires so many people who have come to know & love her because she is what you see!!  Lovely......

  Credit to the owners of the photos and ELF. Alien for the video Thanks....

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Credit & Thanks to Oseungyeon Daily:wub:


Credit & Thanks to Urbanlike & original owners of photos

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Seems like only yesterday I was being introduced to SY for the first time!  Had never seen or heard of her before watching her on WGM.  She honestly had my attention right away, I have seen more than one beautiful girl or woman grace WGM but this time it was different for me!  Maybe because I am a Country girl who was brought up in a loving home with conservative ideas and morals. Raised to believe in things that are not so common anymore. Because I am young I am often considered odd! LOL:w00t: But if you ask my family I was born that way!:lol:  Seeing her was like a breath of fresh air. Although a woman I can admire her beauty but it was her actions and the way she handled herself that moved me the most. Still does!!! She wasn't covered up in makeup or wearing clothes that showed more of her than people need to see. Which for her age that in itself was amazing!!  She was sweet in nature,humble & shy and there was an innocence about her that even my words can't describe.  Although just a viewer for some reason I even felt like a big sister who wanted to protect this sweet young soul.  Since that moment I have supported her from afar have loved writing about her on WGM.  She continues to move forward in all she does and has grown so much too!  Hard to believe by the pictures above that even modeling was new to her.  On WGM JH has said she is like an onion no words were ever more true! The more she opens up and allows me to see, the more she is loved by this fan......  She is a Blooming Onion!!

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@RainMoon is it me or does she look amazing in that blue nightshirt dang!!  Makes a girl want to run out and buy one LOL!!  Guess that's the whole point!!! :w00t:  I'm thinking a Blue shirt & White shirt pretty much go together what do your Ninja eyes think?  :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

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@RainMoon is it me or does she look amazing in that blue nightshirt dang!!  Makes a girl want to run out and buy one LOL!!  Guess that's the whole point!!! :w00t:  I'm thinking a Blue shirt & White shirt pretty much go together what do your Ninja eyes think?  :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

haha ...yup have you seen what the other wrote about the blue shirt?! 

go and read if you haven't yet, some have pretty wild imaginations ... lol.

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Ahh nomu nomu yeoppo da seung yeon Ssi!

she is pretty inside and out. Hope to see her shine,she very well deserves it.

when i see how she treats her younger sister, i can already tell she has a gentle big heart.

looking forward on her new drama!! Hope to see her soon!!! Im so excited!!!


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She opens up herself even more in this latest episode of WGM allows us to see that she continues to GROW........


Not sure how many of you watch her on WGM but if you have from the start than you know she has in some ways grown up right before our eyes!  Things that use to be shyly done are now done with confidence and comfort.  While watching her during this latest episode I was touched by her actions in treating her pets & JH's as well.  I now know why her own father said she always thought of her sisters more than herself and took great care of them!  There is no doubt in my mind that one day she will be an amazing Mother for sure. I knew it while watching her on another show react to seeing her sister crying and the tenderness she showed during that meeting!  When your the oldest in a family you grow up faster.  Often more is expected of you and being that I am an oldest maybe we expect more out of ourselves.   Whether it pets or children they all need nurturing but she showed they all need discipline through love too!  She has a playful nature which was so fun to watch!  We only have a small number following her on this thread but the numbers will continue to grow as she grows and I look forward to watching her develop as an actress.  But I also hope she never changes in her heart because there is a sweetness within her that sets her apart from other actresses and may be the very key that brings her even greater success.  Being Beautiful is one thing, but keeping oneself humble and grounded makes one even more beautiful.  Fame, money & power in our world are all signs of success!  But true success is not selling out who you really are in trying to attain them......  




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Gong Seung Yeon Interview June 25, 2015 

Interview translated by @GongEEngsub


Q. Chosen because of 'Ga ya geum'?

SY: Ga ya geum is,..
Reporter: How did you learn it?
I've always said that I wanted to learn an instrument when I was a kid. And I think my mother wanted me to learn Ga ya geum. She asked me. "how about Ga ya geum"? I told her that I liked it, and in the beginning, I attended an after school session, an extra curricular activity, once, and I liked it very much. And just kept on attending from then on.

Q. Were an SM trainee...

SY: After I got picked by SM, and before signing contract, SM told me that they were going to host a competition. They told me they wanted to look at my skills and potential. So, I attended the competition, got first place...
Reporter: First place?
SY: Yes. But just in that category. They had the best looks, best dancers, they had many different categories.
The reason I quit, was because I wanted to act. That was the biggest reason. Also, I was attending school, and I wanted to be more diligent with my school life. This is when I got into university. I wanted to do well at school. And I was starting to get restless because the training was getting longer and longer. Bottom line is, I liked acting more. So, I decided to leave the company after telling them that I would prefer to act.

Q. Casting was because of hand written letter?

SY: I wrote a letter. When I attend auditions, there were more times when I walked out without being able to say everything I want to. Most of it was just reading the audition script and that was it. I felt I missed something...
Also, I have few friends at school, that worked on the director's project before. All these friends were telling me a lot about director Ahn. And I wanted to work on his project so bad. 
When I got the audition call, because I wanted to meet him so bad and I enjoyed many of his previous projects, I wanted to relay my sincerity. I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to do it(during the audition). So I wrote a letter and gave it to him on the way out of the audition.
Reporter: To director Ahn?
SY: Yes.

Q. Good things about your senior actors?

SY: First off, they're really great and natural at acting. They're all veterans that appeared consistently on director Ahn's projects. I like director Ahn's projects, and I saw them all in his projects... I learned a lot from them. There were times when I didn't have a shoot that day, but still went to learn from the seniors.
Reporter: On days when you don't even shoot?
Yes. I went there a lot. I stood behind the director and monitored the seniors' acting.

Q. Part time job training?

SY: At first, hamburger place... no sandwich shop...
Reporter: Subway.
: Right. Subway... when I went there, I didn't know what I was doing.
Reporter: You were to act as a part timer on the show.
I was supposed to be a seasoned veteran that's been working there for a while. Though I learned from them, I still didn't know what to do. That's when the director pulled me aside and asked; "Nuri, you're a person that's working part time at the sandwich shop every day". "Should you be clueless like this"? That's when I felt, I was thinking the wrong way about it. So, after that, I went directly to Subway and got trained, just like a worker. And personally served customers, making their sandwiches. 
Reporter: Really?
Reporter: then you must know how to make sandwiches?
Of course! I know all of it.
Reporter: Subway sandwiches?
Of course. I even memorized it. Italian BMT has 3 slices of salami, ham 3slices, 3 slices of bacon and on...
Reporter: You must know all of subway's recipes?
Yes, of course. I remember it all.
Reporter: That's not bad.
The supervisor told me to memorize the menu. I answered yes, and I posted the menu in front of my desk and memorized it. I also went their quite a few times and made a lot of sandwiches. I also made sandwiches when our staff came by.

Q. Anchor-women is in my blood?

SY: In the show I was playing the role of a person who was trying to become an anchor-women. So I went to an academy. 
Reporter: Again. You went there?
Yes. It was one of the most famous academy. I signed up, personally, under the name of 'Seo Nu Ri' rather than 'Yu Seung Yeon'. I also had consultation and even attended a mock class.
Reporter: You've done an 'undercover report'.
Yes. Right, right. Rather than an undercover reporting, it was more like; I wanted to know how people prepare(for jobs), and also wanted to attend a class. Because I had to do it properly(on the set). 
Then, one of the instructors asked me personally, that he would like me to pre-register for the course before I left. On that first day, s/he told me that he sees the potential and..
Reporter: On the first day?
Reporter: Potential, to become an anchor-women?
Said there is a great potential and really wanted to recommend it to me. I told him/her that I would seriously think about it and went home. The instructor, however, kept on contacting and asking me; "Nu Ri, have you changed your thoughts"?, "the class is going to be full soon and will not be able to get in.." Even now, I still receive messages from the academy. 
Reporter: S/he must have wanted you badly.
: So, I'm thinking of visiting them in the future. I didn't mean to lie about it...
Reporter: You lied!*
: I didn't lie!* Just my role... Later on, I actually thought about it because of all the 'love-calls'.**

*original is "ppung chi da"- the word is mainly used as a lighter meaning of "lie". This word is most commonly used amongst friends or in the context of humorous lies.
**"love-call" is,.. something only used in Korea? I've never heard of it in North America. I think we all understand what it means in this context.

Q. Hobby is Calligraphy?

SY: My dad's dream was to become a poet and calligrapher. 
Reporter: Ah, your father?
Yes, my father. And because my dad thought that the Chinese characters were very important, as soon as I got into elementary school, he grabbed my hand and took me to a calligraphy academy. I still remember it to this day. It was the first day of the holidays and I really didn't want to get up but my dad woke me up and just took me there. Since then I've taken calligraphy. I think it was a really good match for me. It was well matched with my personality and a lot of other things. On top of that, my mother and father liked Korean traditional style. So, my mother wanted me to learn 'ga ya geum' and father, the calligraphy... I, also, resembled my mom and dad's characteristics, in that I like things quiet and calm.

Q. The roles you want play?

SY: I want to try all kinds of roles. Historical drama,.. I really really want to do a historical drama. 
Reporter: Ah, right. You were casted while wearing han-bok(Korean traditional dress)...
I want to work on a historical drama, and.. things like double role.
Reporter: Double role?
These days, the double role...
Reporter: double role. ah...
Or things like horror, thriller. I want to try those too. A horror movie.


Copyright of article to KH news.

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