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Just wanted to stop by and say I'm a huge Gong Seung Yeon now. Since finishing Are You Human Too I've watched Circle: Two Worlds Connected (she's *especially* good in this!), am currently watching My Only Love Song, and watched a whole bunch of her WGM episodes. She's so talented and I hope she grows even more as an actress and gets cast in larger roles where she gets to headline her own dramas. I really hope she gets the opportunity to work closely with veteran actresses so she can learn from them (maybe a KBS family drama? *eyes emoji*) and that she keeps on taking roles where she plays outspoken women! 

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Hello everyone:wub: Im a new fan of GongSeungYeon:kiss_wink:. I came to know her thru WGM with LeeJongHyun:wub:Please don’t hate me but I love this 2 wonderful souls:wub:.Then I watched her in My Only Love Songs and Circle Two Worlds Connected. She’s a good actress


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so pretty loves~~”Outer beauty pleases the EYE. 

Inner beauty captivates the heart”

~ Mandy Hale

and you my girl, captivated both

Love you so @0seungyeon 


#gonglee #02couple #jongyeon


cr: @yuri_li_31


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