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[OFFICIAL] ♥ Han Yi An & Lee Eun Bi ♥ YiBi COUPLE ♥ from School 2015 ❤。


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wow! Thanks for sharing adorable YiBi mv's :wub::wub::wub:

This is the one I made back in time. No matter what, I like both of the boys. TK very much yes. He's funny and I really reallly realllly would like to see YA and TK bonding more too. Like someone said somewhere they both don't have any male friends. :/ 


I want YiBi together but also  l think the boys could be friends in the end,  their little moments together are funny XDD       














ps. when I made the mv, I wanted to include the triangle. I am not, at all, a fan of love triangles because there's always the one who gets hurt and I usually have my hopes up for that one. But this is so dramaland kind of stuff, always the triangle. Why couldn't there be more dramas with 1 main couple and no second leads or love triangles no where near??? xD


jin-jja!? :D


I'll make another mv for YiBi if they're endgame. XD no, I think I'll do it anyway just because



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Guest sweeteakisses


I really love the one you made! :D Me too! I hope both male leads will have more interaction whatsoever! Preferably playing basketball together! Hotness! I will definitely be squealing like a mad woman if they have a match together!

The love triangle is some sort of obstacle and I hope YiBi will overcome it! Like you said TRUE LOVE ♡

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@dulcedulce_stv Hello..is it too late for me to say a very big warm welcome to you to this thread? Love love your post because you practically outlined  all the reasons why EBi should be with Yi An and why all of us are on this ship. You couldn't have explained it more explicitly! Those who do not agree are probably watching a different show or from another planet :P.

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Guest sweeteakisses

I've been dying to reach home so I can share with you guys these pictures :lol:



Ice cream date~ :wub:




At night yi an meets eunbyul while holding something (medal I guess). There are pictures for that too! If you guys are interested then I will post it here. 

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Guest sweeteakisses

I was feeling so happy until I saw the latest spoiler where yi an met eunbyul. Filming just ended at 10pm at the bridge but they are still filming.

I hope the story goes like what @nen101 predicted if not better!

I agree! However, my opinion is that I don't think she likes TK in that way. I mean yeah there may be a possibility when someone likes you and you return that feeling a bit, but I really don't think she does. I love TK and I really don't care anymore who ends up with who HAHA (just let them be happy) but in my view, she likes Yiahn still. Whether Yiahn wants to voice that, or she ends up rejecting that... so be it.

My take after reading this AMAZING spoiler (im so exciteddd) 

1. Yiahn walks away meets Eunbyul
2. Eunbyul sees that Yiahn likes her sister (btw i really dont think eunbyul sees him in any way but a really close hommie) 
3. Eunbyul sits down and chats with Eunbi (please i love their interactions) 
4. Eunbyul discovers too that her sister likes Yiahn 
5. Yiahn talks to Taekwang and clarifies to see if TK really has feelings for Eunbi 
6. TK knows from speaking to Yiahn that Yiahn also cares a lot for Eunbi as well 
7. (they grab icecream HAHAHAHA) 
7. Back to school. Students are shocked as they see the video of Eunbi getting bullied. So does her sister, TK and Yiahn 
8. The bully girl (OMG I FORGOT HER NAME SORRYY was it soohyang???) is determined to FIND the eunbi as she may be suspended from school 
9. Yiahn scene.. rehabbing (idkkkkkkkk wat he can do here... more flashbacks) 
10. Eunbyul meets Yiahn and tells him that she supports him and how Eunbi is really important to her just like he is 
11. Yiahn calls up Eunbi (finally) or they meet somewhere accidentally (IDK lol) and bang 

12. not sure.... 

SORRY that was so long... id be so happy if that did happen 

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Guest sweeteakisses

Some more spoilers

So I've been looking around the Who Are You instiz and gallery pages and these aren't 100% sure yet cuz I stil haven't got a hold of the original source (I got them from instiz, but the spoilers actually came from the school 2015 gallery).








one last chance, there are spoilers ahead!



Sooo from what I've gathered


- There will be a big reversal.

- The bully richard simmons reveals Eunbi's video (yes... that video from beginning episodes)  :>_>:  :>_>:  :>_>:  :>_>:  (Someone commented: "With that head, how do u get ranked #1" lol)

- (I'm assuming this is after seeing the cheek kiss) Yiahn turns around and leaves. On the way, he meets Eunbyul.

- Eunbyul starts to realize Yiahn's feelings.

- For the ep 15 preview, there is a text that Yiahn texted to Taegwang and he reveals his feelings (literal trans: heart)


Again, take these w/ a grain of salt until I've actually found the source.


This is the instiz link I'm getting these from: 12



cr: gotyournose @ OH

I went through 100+ pages on the gallery and still couldn't find the source. It could've been deleted. But the only thing I'm more confident about is the second and third spoiler because I saw that mentioned a lot. The last one too because even the text preview says something about Yiahn talking to Taegwang about his feelings.






Other spoilers from the gallery. One person said their younger sibling is part of the filming team. The source was tldr especially cuz its in hangul, but the title says "I am the person who posted up the spoiler a while ago."





This is one spoiler I got from the text.



There is a shimkoong scene. Shimkoong means heart dropping/ heart fluttering. 



Lastly there was a summary post that was titled "I didn't check the comments and I don't know about its credibility, but if you summarize the spoilers"




1 Yiahn likes Eunbi


2 There are a lot of Taegwang Eunbi scenes.


3 Don't know which couple, but there are heart fluttering(shim koong) scenes. 


4 Yiahn Eunbyul supporting



Lastly, this is a post from instiz.


They're spoiler keywords. 


Back Hug 

Black Knight



Ppl guessing handphone (which is cellphone) is about the bully's video of Eunbi from her phone.

cr. gotyournose@OneHallyu 


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I was feeling so happy until I saw the latest spoiler where yi an met eunbyul. Filming just ended at 10pm.

I hope the story goes like what @nen101 predicted if not better!

Hidden Content

​Ummmmmmmm HAHA im semi new to this forum and i've just been active on School 2015 thread....... this is a new thread right??????? IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHE

THANKS for tagging me in this thread!!!! I never knew this existed :"))


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Maybe this is not misguidance. I'm afraid a bit... I find strange, that they showed TK-EBi pictures before, but now YA??? I don't want to be disappointed. I will be happy (I hope) after Monday-Tuesday. This is the longest waiting. I know: positive thinking. If it will be true, we will celebrate here:D:D:D

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HI! This thread is made specially for YIBI! :wub:

​Heyyy! HAHA PERFECT!! :D:wub: I belong here :") hehe


I love your predictions! :wub::wub::wub:

​HAHA thank you thank you :") I really did not think anyone was going to read my posts... I just blurt things out really.. so i appreciate it, a lot! :) 
Bear with me if I spam this thread now that I know it exists :P

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EunBi likes Yi An, Yi An likes Eun Bi. End. I don't see other possibility though kekekeke #beingdelulu 

Btw, I think Yi An and Eun Byul scene is closure for them. Yi An will tell her that he likes Eun Bi and give her the medal that he promised to give before.

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