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[OFFICIAL] ♥ Han Yi An & Lee Eun Bi ♥ YiBi COUPLE ♥ from School 2015 ❤。


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@csancsy yep, pretty much all scenes with these two make my kokoro go doki doki :wub: YiBi should totally be together because they like each other! I do not get it why some of the shippers keep saying that  this is wrong. I don't think so and I think I never will. They're such a lovely couple! and now that we know that yian likes eunbi, I was like super happy! Idc every shipper have their own kind of theories where the story is going, what's going to happen next, who will love who etc... But I see it from my YiBi POV of course. These two are our AND the dramas main couple!  Otherwise they writer wouldn't have made all those YiBi moments since the beginning and have them like each!. We saw it in the latest ep, they kept thinking about each other. I can't get over from that. XD 

Seriously, why would the writer do this all for nothing? and it's a given that EB sees TG as a friend only. yes, even if he kissed her on the cheek. it was just that. In the other hand, YA is someone EB truly likes, it has been like that since the beginning. EB is a loyal friend yeah, she doesn't want to hurt TG. (of course not!!!!) but truly I don't think she would have that kind of radical change of heart in two episodes that would make her forget about Yi An. No way, the writer knows there's too many of us #YiBi fans here to be let down.  YiBi hwaiting!!! ^^

And to be completely honest with you my fellas, I wasn't a total YiBi shipper from the beginning but as the drama kept going and  YiBi kept building up, I slowly shifted from unbiased to biased on this ship. They just are meant to be! no matter what the situation was, in under what circumstances they met. :)  They will surely make beautiful babies together  :w00t:

 tumblr_npeywpYDMi1suaw8oo4_r1_400.gif tumblr_npeywpYDMi1suaw8oo3_r1_400.gif



They're such a ship I just..... 



credit: littlecloverstar


and those who say I can't....




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..... By the way, if the Cheek kiss was the climax for EB X TG then I wonder what it will be for YiBi? A real kiss neh!!??? :wub::P


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I believe Yi An won't back off with him seeing TK kissed Eun Bi.

Remember when the coach said to Yi An "so what? Are you going to crawl into a cave again?" He answered "dont worry! Once I make the decision to start I wont ever do that."

So until EunBi doesnt have feeling to him, he will try hard to get Eun Bi heart. And we know Eun Bi likes him too. 

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Thanks @​sarsu for the welcome. For me shipping them came naturally. To me EBI replaced EBYUL because we thought the latter was dead and we were all cheering for her to do well in her new ID and to take her revenge against SY. I ship YiBi because I know more about them than YiByul. I love every scene of them together and my favourite scene is of course the bicycle scene and this ship set sail when YiAn told EBI in the hospital that "if her heart wishes to take one step back then his will take one step forward"! 

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Me too me too. Love this couple :)

They're so friggin adorable together. 

Yi Ahn is cute, tall, sweet, reliable, logical, protective, and the most important thing is he HAS his own life lol. 

And Eun Bi isn't damsel in distress like most people claimed her to be. She can be strong when needed, in her own way. 

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@ZarraJae Yeah, I remember that quote also. :) though it was meant for Eun Byul back then, but that's how YiBi started ;) <3


@NirmaS Welcome! hehe, I love Yibi to bits too, that's why I made this topic. So that we YiBi shippers can share our opinions and ship our couple in peace. :)

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Team Han Yi An forever :P
Okay so I'm Sis and I'm new here, so Ireubeun anyeong haesseyo :) 


And now let's get back to the group's theme :) I've been shipping  YiBi since the beginning of the drama and I really hope that they will get together because they really suit each other. After I saw the latest episode I cried so hard because I thought that they have ruined my ship but I still have hope and I hope you do to :D 


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I'm glad for this thread since I'm tired trying to make peace with people or play devil's advocate in the other thread and getting nothing in return lol.  I won't harp on the other couple since I see ENOUGH about them already, but I just gotta say this.  I think a dramabeans comment said it best about this whole shipping thing. It might not end how we want because of the fans, but we all know how it should have ended.  


People always ignore who likes who.

Who the main girl likes? Until the last two episodes, it is clear who is it, and who she seems just as a friend.

It is reply 1994 all again. Shippers ignoring the main girl feelings and who is the main guy.

The writer isn’t trolling btw. The fans that grab anything to ship their couple. Not the writer’s fault.


Despite cute moments for both couples, there is only one proven mutal affection and the only time Eun Bi has ever had "moments" of attraction are with YA and only him.   

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@melissala yah! I remember reply 1994, it was exactly like that back then also.... ! XD I do not like to include myself in any shipping wars also, so that's why I'll be peacefully here in my own thread shipping the couple that should be endgame. And yep, Eun Bi is exactly... attracted to Yi An. There has never been anyone else if you ask me. kekekekekek YiBi <3

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I couldn't agree more. 

Sometimes i wonder if me and them even watch the same drama 

I mean it's so obvious they feelings are mutual. And people fall in love and fall out of love all the time. It's not like Yi Ahn already in relationship with the sister. He liked her or i say he liked the idea of her.  And at some point he comes to like Eun Bi better. So what? I don't even think Yi Ahn should feel guilty. 

At one point of someone's life, and usually happens only once,  he finds someone who can completely turn his world around. And in Yi Ahn case, it's  Eun Bi :)

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