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Directory: Japan Threads

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1. Check all the links in this directory first to ensure that there is no duplicate drama / movie / Varieties thread in existence.

2. When a new drama / movie / varieties thread is created, inform this directory by providing the thread link / url to be included.

3. Once included, the post in question will be deleted.

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Drama Threads


[CURRENT 2015] Death's Organ

[CURRENT 2015] Doctors Affairs ;  Ishitachi no Reiai Jijyou

[CURRENT 2015] Gusty Frog

[CURRENT 2015] Hanasaki Mai Ga Damattenai 2

[CURRENT 2015] Hatsumori Bemars

[CURRENT 2015] Hotel Concierge

[CURRENT 2015] Konkatsu Deka

[CURRENT 2015] Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

[CURRENT 2015] The God of Risk

[CURRENT 2015] The Last Cop

[CURRENT 2015] The Emperor's Cook ; Tenno no Ryoriban

[CURRENT 2015] Vampire in love ; Koi suru Vampire


[DRAMA 2005-2006] Ougon Kishi Garo ; Golden Knight Fanged Wolf

[DRAMA 2005 / 2007] Hana Yori Dango ; Boys Over Flowers 

[DRAMA 2005] Red Suspicions ; Red Misgivings



[DRAMA 2006] Nodame Cantabile


[DRAMA 2007] Proposal Daisakusen


[DRAMA 2008] Koizora


[DRAMA 2009] Mei-chan no Shitsuji 


[DRAMA 2010] Nagareboshi ; Shooting Star


[DRAMA 2011] Zenkai Girl

[DRAMA 2011] Ikemen Desu Ne ; You're Beautiful


[DRAMA 2012] Kyo Koi Wo Hajimemasuu

[DRAMA 2012] Lucky Seven

[DRAMA 2012] Rich Man, Poor Woman

[DRAMA 2012] Switch Girl 

[DRAMA 2012] Tokyo Airport


[DRAMA 2013] Hanazawa Naoki

[DRAMA 2013] Last Cinderella

[DRAMA 2013] Tsuma Wa Kunoichi



[DRAMA 2014] Boku No Ita Jikan

[DRAMA 2014] Itazura na Kiss Love Season 2 

[DRAMA 2014] Shitsuren Chocolatier ; Heartbroken Chocolatier

[DRAMA 2014] Team Medical Dragon Season 4




[DRAMA 2015] Angel's Knife 

[DRAMA 2015] Dear Sister 

[DRAMA 2015] Deto - Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira ; Date - What is Love

[DRAMA 2015] Futagashira

[DRAMA 2015] Ghost Writer

[DRAMA 2015] Second Love 




Edited by 13infamyss

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