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[Drama 2015] Assembly 어셈블리


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Drama: Assembly

Hangul: 어셈블리

Network: KBS2

Genre: human political drama

Episodes: 20

Director: Hwang In-Hyuk

Writer: Jung Hyun Min

Release Date: 15 July 2015- 17 September 2015

Runtime: Wednesdays- Thursdays 21:55 (after Masked Prosecutor )

Production Company:


 Watch: http://www.viki.com/tv/27882c-assembly

Official Site

You Tube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/KBSdrama/videos

Watch Live: LINK


Jung Jae Young appears for the first time in a drama series.

– Screenwriter’s Jung Hyun Min has plenty of experience to back up his writing. He having worked for ten years as a political aide in the National Assembly. He also one of a scriptwriter for 2010 KBS2 Politic Drama “President“.


A human political drama based in the National Assembly which is the base of politics and the hall of the people.The drama is centered around a rookie assemblyman with lowly roots as a former welder, and the skilled staff surrounding him. 

Jin Sang-Pil (Jung Jae-Young) is elected as a member of the national assembly. Prior to becoming a national assembly member, he worked as a welder in a shipyard. He is simple, brave and righteous, but his work as a national assembly member is poor. With the help of his aid Choi In-Gyeong (Song Yoon-A), Jin Sang-Pil is able to become a honorable national assembly member. Asianwiki http://asianwiki.com/Assembly_(Korean_Drama)




Jung Jae-Young as Jin Sang-Pil

Song Yoon-A as Choi In-Gyeong

TaecYeon as Kim Gyu-Hwan

 Kim Seo-Hyung as Hong Chan-Mi

Jang Hyun-Sung as Baek Do-Hyun

Park Young Gyu as Park Choon-Sub

Sung Ji-Ru as Byeon Sung-Gi

Son Byung-Ho - Bae Dal-Soo

Im Ji-Kyu - Sim Dong-Chun

Seo Hyun-Chul - Seo Dong-Jae

Kil Hae-Yeon - Chun No-Sim

Jung Hee-Tae - Im Gyu-Tae

Yoon Bok-In - Oh Ae-Ri

Jo Jae Hyun (cameo ep.1)

Choi Jin-Ho - Jo Woong Kyu

Kim Ji-Min - Jin Joo Hee

Lee Hang-Na - Kim Gyeong-A

Kim Bo-Mi - Song So-Min

Lee Won-Jae- Kang Sang-Ho

Tae In Ho-






Teaser 1  Teaser 2 Teaser 3





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Jung Jae-young, Song Yoon-ah, Ji Jin-hee for political drama Assembly

by girlfriday | May 15, 2015 | 30 Comments


Ooh, will we see Jung Jae-young’s television debut this summer? It’s hard to believe that the 25-year veteran film actor has never stepped foot in dramaland, but he’s the kind of lead actor who regularly has two films released a year (Fatal Encounter, Wandering Blade, Moss), so I guess it’s safe to say he’s been a little busy. Jung is currently being courted to headline the new KBS political drama Assembly, about the inner workings of the Korean National Assembly.

The new drama comes from writer Jung Hyun-min, of last year’s hit KBS sageuk Jung Do-jeon. He was actually a political aide in the National Assembly for ten years prior to becoming a drama writer, so we can expect an accurate portrayal of the politics in play. Surely there’s enough real-life drama in high-powered government to fuel a show or ten. Read more dramabeans


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Kim Seo-hyeong to star in KBS "Assembly"
Actress Kim Seo-hyeong is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Assembly". She takes on the role of Hong Chan-mi and is expected to take the intensity up a notch. Hong Chan-mi was a law firm lawyer until she became a newly elected member of Assembly. "Assembly" is a human political drama based in the National Assembly starring Jeong Jae-yeong, Song Yoon-ah, Park Yeong-gyoo, Seong Ji-roo and Kim Seo-hyeong.

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr/ Hancinema  Read more at: http://tr.im/a26Ot


Source http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/547095

Various sources said that Kim Seo Kyeong has confirmed to appear in drama Assembly. She plays a representative councilor and spokesperson of the Republican Party. She has beauty and intelligence, as well as extraordinary charisma, and plans to form a resourceful character and bouncing sparks rivalry with excellent figures. (Google translate)

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@larus Thank you for starting the thread...  I loved the writer's previous drama, "Jeong Do Jeon," "President," and "Freedom Fighter Lee Hoe-Young."

I love this prospective cast, and hope they accept.

Viki already has a fan page for it... (but only 2 favorites so far  :(  )

I want to hope that KBS World will download it, but they had already disappointed in that they did not download Joeng Do Jeon on YT; so I suggest we all  favorite it on Viki


And also submit their title request form for :   Assembly - 어셈블리


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@irilight: Thanks for the information. I wanted to see this writer`s previous drama Jeong Do Jeon but I did not find any subtitles. I know that it was a huge success in Korea but no other sites pick it up for translation. I don`t know the reason. They did not get the license?

About Assembly, I hope there will be more interest in this show. It is a political drama after all. The last political drama I saw had low ratings. But, the writer is good and he knows from inside the political field so we can expect of an intriguing plot. I am here for the writer but I know that the cast will be good as well. This is my favorite kind of drama. :)

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@larus, I was also disappointed that no one picked Jeong Do Jeon for subbing. Viki sent me a note at the time they had decided to not bring it and where expecting to bring Pacheon-Hwang which deals with the same time period, and was at the time supposed to air in 2014. As it turned out, it did not air yet, and we all missed out because of that decision they made. Also KBSW - I kept asking them to download the videos, but they never did. I ended up watching most of it on KBSW live, whenever I was able to catch it.

That's why I really want to make sure that this drama will be subbed.  That dramabeans article states that the writer was actually a political aide in the National Assembly for 10 years, before becoming a drama writer. I find that exciting.

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That's why I really want to make sure that this drama will be subbed.  That dramabeans article states that the writer was actually a political aide in the National Assembly for 10 years, before becoming a drama writer. I find that exciting.

​Fingers crossed for this drama to be subbed. We need good dramas. Good writers are not many in kdramaland so why not looking for their work when they appear? Quality writing and a solid cast. We could not ask for more.

Yes, the writer was a former political aide so imagine the stories he could tell. It is a fictional work but he can make it so real. What I love about the writer is that he seams to look for actors that fit with the role.  I am not familiar with both the leads (Jung Jae Young and Soon Yoon Ah) but I know the others. I looked at Jung Jae Young filmography. He did so many movies and I heard only good things about him. If this writer convinces an movie actor to do a drama for the first time in his life than his work it is worth it. I can`t wait to watch this project.

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Guest MaknaeC

Thank you for starting this thread @larus

Looks like this drama is really my cup of tea, and the fact that the writer was a political aide in national assembly for ten years really makes me curious and excited at the same time. Hope to hear more good news about this drama in the future :)

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Thanks larus so much for starting the thread of this drama ^^

I'm a fan of Song Yoon Ah so i'm very happy to see her in new drama.

BTW, SYA's thread is here SYA soompi, so if you guys don't mind, plz also post sth new about Assembly on that thread, too, many thanks  :wub:

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Guest MaknaeC

2PM’s Taecyeon Considering Role in Upcoming KBS Drama


It has been revealed that 2PM’Taecyeon might be acting in KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Assembly.”

If he confirms the role, the star will act as Kim Gyu Han who graduated with a public administration degree. Despite his efforts in applying to work at large conglomerates, he continously fails as his credentials are not very noteworthy. With a new goal of becoming a police officer, he has been studying and trying for three years. His character is faithful and tenacious. During the day he studies at the library while at night he works as a chauffeur. The actor may have have some opportunities for a shower scene as his character is described as having a muscular body due to his experience being in the Marines and having a Hapkido black belt.

“Assembly” is a drama about Jin Sang Pil (played by Jung Jae Young) who is a brave and ignorant assemblyman. His former profession was that of a welder. The drama aims to portray what Korea’s National Assembly is truly like.

There is great interest in the drama due to its famous writer Jung Hyun Minwho previously wrote the 2014 drama “Jeong Do-jeon.” Jung Jae Young, Song Yoon AhPark Young GyuKim Seo Hyung, and more will also star in the drama.

The first episode is slated to air on July 15 after “Masked Prosecutor” ends its run.

UPDATEJYP Entertainment stated that Taecyeon is still reviewing the offer and has not officially confirmed his role yet.

source : soompi


Hope they complete the line up soon, since it's expected to air on July 15.

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Taecyeon offered political drama Assembly, Ji Jin-hee leaves

by girlfriday | June 11, 2015 | 12 Comments


KBS’s upcoming political drama Assembly, about a working-class man who gets elected to the National Assembly, has locked down its leads in Jung Jae-young (Fatal Encounter) and Song Yoon-ah (Mama), and is now adding supporting cast members. Ok Taecyeon (Three Meals a Day, Wonderful Season) is currently weighing an offer to join the cast as a police officer hopeful, while Ji Jin-hee (Blood) has sadly bowed out of the production.

The new drama from the writer of Jung Do-jeon tells the underdog success story of a welder who comes to represent the working man in the National Assembly. Jung Jae-young plays a naive new politician with big dreams and no experience, and learns just how difficult it is to effect change in government. Song Yoon-ah plays his smart, experienced aide who will help him learn the ropes. Read more Dramabeans



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What a shocker first thing in the morning.

I thought "He was OK in Who are you," but  not in "Wonderful Days."

I hope he is better in this one. He can bring in the younger people and his many fans.

Lots of great sunbae here for him, too.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Taecyeon to possibly act in dram​a 'Assembly'

Media outlets had reported that 2PM's Taecyeon was confirmed for upcoming KBS drama 'Assembly', but alas, he is still reviewing the offer.

JYP Entertainment said, "He has received the offer to act in the drama 'Assembly' and he is positively reviewing it."


The character Taecyeon is considering is the role of Kim Kyu Hwan, a public administration grad who has been trying to become a police officer for the past three years. His character seems to be a hardworking guy as he studies in the library by day and is a substitute driver by night.

'Assembly' is said to show what politics in Korea is really like, without hiding anything.

The drama is set to premiere on July 15! The drama will air within a month, so let's hope Taecyeon makes a decision soon! Do you want him to take on this role?


He always got drama offer and schedule when he at his busiest time with 2PM. His character combined his real life personality and all his character in drama before. KBS must like his since this is his last drama. At least I can watch this one when it air on my TV.

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What a shocker first thing in the morning.

I thought "He was OK in Who are you," but really bad in "Wonderful Days."

If KBS feels the need to cast him in a drama, they should go for a lighter genre for him. He is not a dramatic actor (yet)

​I saw just two or three episodes of Who Are You so I can`t say that he struck me as a very bad actor but did not impress me either. Actually I don`t remember much.  I hate when they give lead roles to idols that can not act and many other talented actors/actresses are stuck in second lead positions. This time I am indifferent to this cast because he will play a supporting role and I`ll trust the casting department on this. Let hear the confirmation first.

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Taecyeon confirmed to join the cast of upcoming KBS drama “Assembly”

Taecyeon No. 5

Taecyeon is gearing up to return to the small screen after confirming that he is in the final cast line up for “Assembly.”

JYP Entertainment revealed that Taecyeon has received an offer to be a supporting role in KBS‘s new drama “Assembly” on June 11th, and later confirmed in an exclusive with Ilsan Sports that he had accepted the offer.

Taecyeon’s role is the character Kim Kyu Han, a man with a public administration degree and has been trying to become a police officer for the last three years. His character is described as persistent and dedicated since his character studies dutifully in the library by day and works as a substitute driver by night.

The drama’s leads will be played by Jung Jae Young and Song Yoon Ah with the screenplay written by Jung Hyun Min, who wrote 2014’s hit Joseon drama Jeong Do Jeon.

The drama aims to deliver a realistic story, delving into the politics and incidents that unfold within Korea’s National Assembly and is set to broadcast on July 15th.

This will be his  first role since “Wonderful Days” early last year where he was praised for his acting skills.

Meanwhile, Taecyeon is currently preparing for a comeback with his group 2PM, and has just released the teaser video for their upcoming track “My House.”

Netizens have commented about the news with mixed response:

1. [+461, -231] The scriptwriter for ‘Jung Dojun’ and the two leads are Jung Jae Young and Song Yoon Ah, looks like Taecyeon’s getting a free ride

2. [+161, -12] He’s just a supporting role, he actually looks fitting for it. Hopefully, his acting is good.

3. [+312, -224] JYP getting a free ride

4. [+72, -3] Read the article.. he’s just a supporting role. The two leads are Jung Jae Young and Song Yoon Ah.

5. [+88, -20] His acting wasn’t bad in ‘Wonderful Days’ ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+70, -5] I think the character actually fits him


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