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[Upcoming Japanese Movie 2016] If A Cat Disappears From The World/Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara/世界から猫が消えたなら


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Thank you for the updates @hiranade

HARUHI releases MV for "Hizumi" featuring Sato Takeru and "his" cat


HARUHI released MV for "Hizumi", which is the theme song for Sato Takeru's new movie "Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara (世界から猫が消えたなら)".

The music video features an appearance of Sato Takeru as the main character "me" from the movie, and the character's cat Cabbage.

Check it out below!


(the video cannot be seen in my country) :(


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Takeru Sato and Haruhi, the singer behind the theme song of the movie, "If Cats Disappeared from the world" appeared this morning in the Mezamashi show. Takeru and the cat from the movie were featured in Haruhi's MV for the theme song.
credit: weibo @taketaketakeru

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Completion showcase stage greeting of the cast of "If Cats Disappeared from this World" headed by Takeru Sato and Aoi Miyazaki held today, April 18, 2016. They talked about the victims of the recent earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan and said that the movie is "an encouragement for those who are in that painful situation"
credit: http://www.crank-in.net/movie/news/42662










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Thank you for the updates @hiranade

April 18, 2016.
*Rough translations by Hana Angel / Sally

“Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” (“If Cats Disappeared From The World”) Complete Stage Showcase with its cast Satoh Takeru, Miyazaki Aoi, Hamada Gaku, Ishii Anna, Okuda Aiji, Harada Mieko, Director Nagai Satoshi, and Producer Kawamura Genki on April 18, 2016 in Tokyo.
The stage was decorated with colorful flowers as a dedication to the victims of the earthquake in Kumamoto. Their work has been commented as an “encouragement of those who are in the painful situation.”

Satoh Takeru said in the stage greeting that he carefully played each scene and it has become an important work for them. Miyazaki Aoi said that she’s very happy to be surrounded with so nice flowers at a stage greeting for the first time. She recalled their shooting when they went to Argentina and she had a great experience in front of the Iguazu Falls.

In addition, Satoh said that he really doesn’t usually cry. He didn’t cry for many years other than from reading novels. Since he usually doesn’t really cry, he said that when you watch the movie the cry is opening the emotion and it trained the “tear muscle”. On the other hand, Miyazaki revealed that she recently cried for joy often. When she becomes happy and surprised, tears come out.

Finally, Satoh said that this movie is about the small life expectancy of a young man and one by one important things go off from the world in exchange for his life. It’s a movie of hope to find something important for himself. This is the movie now that he thought he strongly wants to deliver to you. By spreading this movie, it gives encouragement to those who are in the painful situation now.

“Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” (“If Cats Disappeared From This World”) will have it’s nationwide premiere in Japan on May 14, 2016.

Rough English translations credit: Hana Angel / Admin. Sally of Sato Takeru Philippines

Sources: News Walker Plus
Crank In
Nikkan Sports


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News Walker Plus article posted on April 18, 2016.
*Rough translations by Hana Angel / Admin. Sally


The best-selling novel by Kawamura that became a movie has a story about the small life duration / life expectancy of “Boku” (“I”) and it’s extended for one day by the “devil” in exchange for the important things. Satoh Takeru played separate roles brilliantly in “Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” (“If Cats Disappeared From This World) movie as "Boku” (“I”) and the devil. Their appearance is almost the same, but their ways of talking and behavior are completely different.

“Boku” (“I”) is a postman in an indecisive place, but anyway he’s a kind and serious young man. He is a “soshoku-kei danshi” who can’t speak well to a girl but has a soft facial expression when he is holding or hugging his cat “Cabbage”, has a gentle way of speaking, and the overflowing kindness from casual gesture and looks makes Satoh Takeru have a natural and soothing appearance!

On the other hand, the “devil” who suddenly appeared in front of “Boku” (“I”) suggesting a deal of life is pretty wild. Wearing a referee’s decision (protesting against a decision) with thorns, eyes glistening and stood in a dignified behavior, he has such a “meat-like sytem” or “carnivorous system”. There’s a gap between the gentle “Boku” (“I”), “Boku” is involuntarily likely to be allowed to throb.

It should be noted that at first glance, “Boku” and the “devil” seem to exactly look the same, but in fact, the “devil” has long fingers! A special make-up has stretched the fingers to 1.5 centimeters. The clothes are also exactly the same and both have the same hair length, but the movement of the fingers are skillfully trying to differentiate them.  

Author Kawamura Genki said that Satoh was able to play the comical role and serious role and he did an unthinkable wide acting. The “devil” and “Boku” which are extreme roles, played by the chameleon actor Satoh, is worth a look.

Hana Angel’s NOTE:
“Soshoku-kei danshi” / “shoshoku danshi” (Herbivore men or grass-eater men) is a term in Japan which describes men who doesn’t have an interest in getting married, finding a girlfriend, or sex. The term was made by an author named Fukusawa Maki in an article.

These men have decided to live a life without a partner or even a romantic relationship as a way of turning their back on “macho ways.” They find it safer both emotionally and financially to stay single and celibate.

According to Fukasawa, herbivore men are “not without romantic relationships, but have a non-assertive, indifferent attitude toward desires of flesh”.

Masahiro Morioka is an university professor who came up with the term, soushokukei danshi, and made it popular. Morioka defined the term as the following: “Grass eating men are those with gentle hearts. They are neither tied to the traditional sense of masculinity or greedy for love. They are not good with hurting people or being hurt by others.”

Rough translations in English by: Hana Angel / Admin. Sally, Sato Takeru Philippines Facebook page

Fact credit: 1 | 2
Article source: News Walkerplus

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