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[Upcoming Japanese Movie 2016] If A Cat Disappears From The World/Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara/世界から猫が消えたなら


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Trailer for Sato Takeru’s new movie “Sekai Kara Neko ga Kieta Nara” released

Sato Takeru will be playing the lead role for movie “世界から猫が消えたなら / Sekai Kara Neko ga Kieta Nara” (If Cats Disappeared from the World), a movie-version of a book with the same title written by Kawamura Genki.

The story is about a mailman who lives alone with a cat named “Cabbage”. One day he meets a devil who looks exactly like him, and finds out that he is supposed to die that day. However, he makes a contract with the devil that everytime he makes something disappear from the world, he gets one more day to live. The story follows what he learns by making things disappear from the world, including encounters with his parents and his ex-girlfriend. But what happens when cats disappear from the world?

“We had a cat in our household from before I was even born. If there weren’t cats in the world, I would probably be a completely different person”, Sato Takeru comments.

The movie gained a lot of praises from the test audience, who were all in tears. “This is a movie I want to see when I die” and “My tears start flowing just by thinking of this movie” were some of the comments from the audience.

The movie will be in movie theaters all around Japan starting from May 14th.



credit: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/news/1/35026/trailer-for-sato-takerus-new-movie-sekai-kara-neko-ga-kieta-nara-released/?platform=hootsuite

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Sato Takeru Staff Report Jan 21st, 2016

stephany-310:  Sato Takeru Staff Report Jan 21st, 2016~translation~  Cat Year  =^._.^= ∫  Takeru attended the press conference of ‘Sekaikara Nekoga Kietanara’ to be released on May 14th, Sat.!  (Photo) 
This year is Cat Year! =^._.^= ∫  *In Japan, this year is Monkey Year.  But Takeru said in the press conference that it is Cat Year for him LOL   Thank you for the translation. ^^

Cat Year =^._.^= ∫

Takeru attended the press conference of ‘Sekaikara Nekoga Kietanara’ to be released on May 14th, Sat.!

This year is Cat Year! =^._.^= ∫

*In Japan, this year is Monkey Year.
But Takeru said in the press conference that it is Cat Year for him LOL -
credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/137724389794

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Takeru Sato together with Genki Kawamura, the author of the novel “If a Cat Disappears from this World” and the film’s director, Akira Nagai, attended the movie’s press conference last Jan. 20, 2016. The movie will be released on May 14, 2016.









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Japanese actor Sato Takeru attended the press conference of ‘Sekaikara Nekoga Kietanara (If Cats Disappeared from the World)’. While looking a little nervous as he appeared, he made an appeal about his ‘love of cats’. He showed his determination about this film, calling it ‘a competitive film, by which he absolutely must win’, which was produced by the duo of Ichikawa Minami, the director of Toho Co., Ltd, and the producer Haruna Kei, who had made the film ‘Sekaino Chushinde Aio Sakebu (Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World)’.

This film depicts how a 30-year-old postman wavers between life and death, who was confronted by a condition that he would be given one day in exchange for having one important thing ‘erased’ by Devil that has the same appearance as he.

Sato entered the press conference room in a chic suit and greeted at the beginning, ‘When I was born, my family had cats and I’d been brought up in a family with cats around me for seventeen years until the age of seventeen, when I left my family to live on my own.’ He showed empathy for the film, saying, ‘If it were not for cats in the world, I would have totally different personality.’ He stated positively, reflecting on his own words, ‘The completed film is very wonderful, I thought. For my career, this is a competitive film, by which I absolutely must win’.

When the original writer Kawamura Genki said, ‘(As the leading star) I couldn’t think of anyone other than Sato-san’ to make a film adaptation, Sato answered, ‘Thank you’. He confessed that he had read the original novel, saying delightedly, ‘I thought that if it should be made into a film, it would not me (to play the lead)… so since I never dreamed that it would be offered to me, I was really happy.’

As for playing two different roles: an introvert ‘Boku (me)’ and dominating ‘Devil’, he said, looking back, ‘It was a very difficult role to play. I thought that a chance and a pinch came at the same time. When you play a dual role, you tend to play too much. If I had been left to play freely (by Director), the film would probably have been messed up’, showing his gratitude for General Director Nagai.

Asked for some memorable episode with his co-star Miyazaki Aoi, ‘95% of the time with her in the waiting room, she was sewing. Did she mean I mustn’t talk to her?’ he asked press corps, making the audience laugh, and added high praise that Miyazaki’s sewing skills were ‘professional-level’.

source: http://www.crank-in.net/movie/news/40954

credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/137685513484
photo credit: http://takeruzone.tumblr.com/post/137675697049

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Guest hiranade

LOL ' he love cats so much so said cat year than monkey year. 

Glad you bring so many translations @pechumori , so far I only watch those video of press conference without translation :D for many days.



unleashthegeek –  ‏@unleashthegeek

English poster for 'Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara' starring Sato Takeru & Miyazaki Aoi.


5:22 PM - 22 Jan 2016

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Thank you for the updates @hiranade

More photos from the event

credit: http://news.walkerplus.com/article/72562/
via stephany-310 tumblr



Here’s the translation from Stephany-310 san


The event to pray for the hit of the film ‘Sekaikara Nekoga Kietanara’ starring Sato Takeru, to be released on May 14th, was held at Imado Shrine and Sato Takeru and Miyazaki Aoi attended it. This is the first film for the two to costar, and they said to each other that they were nervous at first.

Sato said, ‘the location shooting in Argentina were full of ups and downs. It took us more than forty hours to get there. I hoped we would get closer to each other during the travel but Aoi-chan handled troubles just like a man and I felt ashamed of myself. She is very cute but she’s also her own woman and very strong’, smiling bitterly.

Miyazaki said about Sato, 'I had an impression that he is very smart. But he is also very friendly and I felt a bit embarrassed’. Then Sato instantly responded, 'It’s completely a lie!’

Sato said complaining, 'Aoi-chan is very cattish. She is at a different distance from me according to when I talk to her. At one time, she talks to me in 'keigo (honorific words)’, and the next moment, she calls me 'Takeru-chan’. That makes me so happy that I take a step further, then she returns to calling me 'Sato-kun again’.

Miyazaki said, 'Staffs called him 'Takeru-chan’. It was infectious and I called him so, too. I’m a bit older than he, so I think I have to behave properly. Basically, I use keigo (honorific language)’. Then Sato said, 'I’m happy if you sometimes fail to use keigo’, and smiled.

credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/139280238989/pechumori-stephany-310-another-one

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Sato Takeru Staff Report, February 14th 2016.


~translation by Stephany-310 san~

Today, Takeru attended the event to pray for the hit of the film ‘Sekaikara Nekoga Kietanara’.

At a shrine named Imado Jinka, which is said to be the birthplace of ‘maneki neko (beckoning/inviting cat)’, he prayed that a lot of people would be invited to 'Sekaneko’!

It was stormy in the morning, but when Takeru reached the shrine, surprisingly, it cleared up.

Takeru showed the power of 'hare otoko (sunny man)'♪

credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/139289222769
photo credit: http://takeruzone.tumblr.com/post/139286588129

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