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Dizzo (Digital Chosun Ilbo) posted the results of an online poll conducted by DC Inside and MyCelebs of female celebrities who radiate intense charisma...Korea's Girl Crushes

사진 출처=각 스타의 공식 홈페이지, SNS

cr: dizzo


1. Kim Hye-soo - the Original Girl Crush

2. Jeon Ji-hyun


4. Jessi

5. Hwasa

6. Gain

6. Moonbyul


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I can't find much info about this, can you please explain what happened with the director?     I feel so sad, she struggled with depression and sleep paralysis during/post this drama,

This thread needs more love!!! Seo Yeji is killing it in her new drama!! She's garnering more and more fans by the day She deserves it!!! Girl is eating up the character  Ko MoonYoung. Her acting

The Girl Crush, Steel Magnolia  "I don't want to necessarily waver when I'm acting just because I'm afraid of getting hurt. I don't want to shield myself as an actress.  I want to try out differe



I'd have to say, whoever idea it was to lighten and thin out SYJ's eyebrow, wow, massive kudos. The power of how eyebrows can shape your look is crazy. 






Credit: LUNA cosmetics

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On 8/17/2020 at 10:57 AM, Paula2019 said:

So i'm in this thread to find anything SYJ because there's so little content online for me to devour.


I fangirl only once in 5-6 years, and I have to admit, it's challenging to look for new Yeji content without an official site for international fans.


Anyone can help me get in fancafe or something? :D


In case you still need it, you can refer to this twitter post. Someone has shared how to be fancafe member. hopefully it helps. https://twitter.com/munyeonq/status/1296382483689123841

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 A sneak peek of Seo Yea Ji’s photos from Cosmopolitan’s upcoming September Issue this year


Credit to the original owner (tagged on the photos) and re-shared by hyunjisupremacy on instagram











Sneak peak of SYJ's interview from Cosmopolitan's September issue.


Rough Translation by chaebinseu and re-shared by hyunjisupremacy on instagram


Interviewer: Since the beginning of the drama, it has become a hot topic with Kim Soo Hyun. I wonder how the chemistry was in reality.


Seo Yea Ji: The moment Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) enters the filming site, the staff would explode in laughter. Soo Hyun-sshi is very playful, very humorous, he’s a real mood maker. But the moment he starts to act, he makes me immerse to the character right away. He’s also my best partner.
After the second half of the drama, Mun Yeong’s family history was revealed and it took a lot of emotions, he (Kim Soo Hyun) helped me a lot through his acting and emotions.


Interviewer: Is there anything you want to say to your 20-year-old self?


Seo Yea Ji: “Don’t get hurt.” “Get through it.” “You’re beautiful.” No more, no less. I’d like to tell her these three things.


On whether she's been able to watch each episode live. 


Seo Yea Ji: Actually, because of our drama filming, I never watched it live, except for the last episode where I watched it at home. Rather than monitoring my acting, I saw it from the audience’s point of view and seeing the healing of the wounds after a long time was really heartwarming.


Interviewer: What are your future plans? How are you going to spend the rest of the year?


Seo Yea Ji: I don’t have any special plans. I usually think about things, study characters, or do my hobbies when I’m at home. But this time, I’m going to let myself rest and take a break. As I spent my time (first half of 2020) filming IOTNBO, I’m going to spend the rest of the year comfortably. First of all, it’s good to get a lot of sleep at home.

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An online  poll conducted by community portal site DC Inside asked which celebrity they would want to leave with on a last summer vacation.

Photo Source = Official website of each star, SNS

cr: dizzo


1. Kang Daniel (singer - Wanna One)

2. Cha Eun-woo (singer - Astro)

3. Kim Soo-hyun

4. Jennie (singer - Blackpink)


6.Jung Eun-ji (singer Apink)

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  • Guest changed the title to Seo Ye Ji 서예지
  • violina changed the title to Seo Ye Ji 서예지 - Completed Drama:  It’s Okay to Not be okay

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