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I can't find much info about this, can you please explain what happened with the director?     I feel so sad, she struggled with depression and sleep paralysis during/post this drama,

This thread needs more love!!! Seo Yeji is killing it in her new drama!! She's garnering more and more fans by the day She deserves it!!! Girl is eating up the character  Ko MoonYoung. Her acting

The Girl Crush, Steel Magnolia  "I don't want to necessarily waver when I'm acting just because I'm afraid of getting hurt. I don't want to shield myself as an actress.  I want to try out differe

@violina saw this in Han Cinema: wonderful that she again will be working with an established actor. Supposedly it is a thriller. I am so happy for her 



Kim Kang-woo and Seo Ye-ji Become a Couple With Secrets for "Tomorrow's Memory"

"Tomorrow's Memory" is the story of a woman who loses her memory following an accident and, as her illusions become a reality, has to face the secret of her husband. I'm curious if said secret will be your run of the mill cheating deadbeat one, or something more sinister. My money is on the latter, as actor Park Sang-wook has been cast as a detective tasked with solving the mystery.

Kim Kang-woo ("The Item", "The Vanished", "My Husband Oh Jak-doo") plays the husband who is hiding the truth behind his wife's lost memories. He will be a nuanced, mysterious character keeping his secrets behind a facade of affection and walking a fine line between good and evil. The actor commented "When I looked at the scenario I thought that this is a rare and unconventional work. Since it's a genre that I've never done before, I also look forward to filming".

Seo Ye-ji ("Lawless Lawyer", "Remembering First Love", "Save Me") plays Soo-jin, the wife digging for traces of the hidden truth after her illusions become a reality. The actor will be tackling the demanding work of portraying Soo-jin's fear and confusion as the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. On her casting, she commented "I'm also looking forward to tackling a new role that I've never played before. I will do my best until the end in order to create a good work".

The movie's director, Seo Yoo-min, is already familiar to audiences as a screenwriter, having participated in films such as "April Snow", "Happiness" and "The Last Princess". The rarity of women directors makes this an even more important directorial debut, and I hope it goes well.

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This thread needs more love!!! Seo Yeji is killing it in her new drama!! She's garnering more and more fans by the day :blush:

She deserves it!!! Girl is eating up the character  Ko MoonYoung. Her acting is amazingggg












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Actress Seo Yeji earns attention in 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay'

Monday, June 22, 2020  tv  No comments


Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate
1. [+908, -66] Both of their visuals in the first picture is the best. Seo Yeji was right when she told him not to wear a hat because it covers up his pretty face.
2. [+852, -65] Kim Soo Hyun is 180 cm tall on paper but he's not big boned and has a child-like face so I never felt any chemistry with his female partners but I definitely see it working with Seo Yeji. Seo Yeji's tall but thin and they both have a youthful look that looks good together. Both are great actors as well. The casting was a good decision on this one.
3. [+659, -50] Kim Soo Hyun's acting is good but I never felt his chemistry between other female leads. I really feel it this time, and they both work well off of each other. 
4. [+43, -14] Kim Soo Hyun has always been partnered up with older stars with big age gaps that made it hard for me to focus but watching him act with a peer feels a lot better! And he has such a small head that he would make other actresses look big faced but Seo Yeji has a small head too so they look great together!!!!
5. [+41, -14] Kim Soo Hyun has such charm to his depth. There's something about his characters that make the viewers fall for him and break your heart. He also has a synergy that helps his co-stars shine!
6. [+34, -15] I'm a woman and I could only see Seo Yeji. She's so daebak pretty, like a Barbie doll. Not only is her waist tiny but her legs, too... She's 170 cm tall... and a good actress to boot.
7. [+33, -13] I spent the whole drama in awe of their voices and faces ㅎ the plot could use some work but it's manageable so far
8. [+33, -16] Both of their acting is insanely good ㅎ the drama's fun
9. [+28, -10] I'm watching this for Kim Soo Hyun... he's still so pretty even after serving in the army. I wish he'd gain some weight though...
10. [+24, -1] I love everything about Kim Soo Hyun but his physique is so small. It's really hard to build chemistry with female co-stars because he's small. Visual wise, Jun Ji Hyun had better chemistry with Park Hae Jin in 'My Love From the Star'. There was also a tacky quality to Kim Soo Hyun before he enlisted in the army but all that's gone now. Most actors age hard once they get out but Kim Soo Hyun looks like he matured rather than aged. Just really unfortunate about his physique.
11. [+18, -8] Kim Soo Hyun's peak must've passed if the second episode only got 4.7 viewer ratings. I get that he's been paired up with a less popular actress this time, but..
12. [+16, -2] Kim Soo Hyun stood out to me more... his simple look is so charming ㅠ
Translation Credit: Netizenbuzz
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  • Guest changed the title to Seo Ye Ji 서예지 - Current Drama: It's okay not to be okay
  • Guest changed the title to Seo Ye Ji 서예지
  • violina changed the title to Seo Ye Ji 서예지 - Completed Drama:  It’s Okay to Not be okay

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