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Seo Ye Ji 서예지 - [Upcoming Movies: Blackout; Quantum Physics]

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@violina saw this in Han Cinema: wonderful that she again will be working with an established actor. Supposedly it is a thriller. I am so happy for her 



Kim Kang-woo and Seo Ye-ji Become a Couple With Secrets for "Tomorrow's Memory"

"Tomorrow's Memory" is the story of a woman who loses her memory following an accident and, as her illusions become a reality, has to face the secret of her husband. I'm curious if said secret will be your run of the mill cheating deadbeat one, or something more sinister. My money is on the latter, as actor Park Sang-wook has been cast as a detective tasked with solving the mystery.

Kim Kang-woo ("The Item", "The Vanished", "My Husband Oh Jak-doo") plays the husband who is hiding the truth behind his wife's lost memories. He will be a nuanced, mysterious character keeping his secrets behind a facade of affection and walking a fine line between good and evil. The actor commented "When I looked at the scenario I thought that this is a rare and unconventional work. Since it's a genre that I've never done before, I also look forward to filming".

Seo Ye-ji ("Lawless Lawyer", "Remembering First Love", "Save Me") plays Soo-jin, the wife digging for traces of the hidden truth after her illusions become a reality. The actor will be tackling the demanding work of portraying Soo-jin's fear and confusion as the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. On her casting, she commented "I'm also looking forward to tackling a new role that I've never played before. I will do my best until the end in order to create a good work".

The movie's director, Seo Yoo-min, is already familiar to audiences as a screenwriter, having participated in films such as "April Snow", "Happiness" and "The Last Princess". The rarity of women directors makes this an even more important directorial debut, and I hope it goes well.

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Instagram update.Its a reunion.The guy was also in lawless lawyer.


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