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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Master of Destiny 风云天地


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Chinese title: 风云天地 / Fēngyún tiāndì
English title: Master of Destiny

Genre: Modern, Revenge, Romance

Episodes: 40

Screenwriters: Wáng jīng, Liú Zhènmíng, Zhèng wěiwén

Director: Wáng jīng

Broadcast Period: May 28, 2015


Liza Wang as Kwan Yeuk-nam (關若男)
Hawick Lau as Cho Chi-yuen (曹志遠)
Edwin Siu as Cho Chi-ko (曹志高)
Kenny Wong as Cho Chi-wan (曹志宏)
Kimmy Tong as Hau Yee (巧兒)
Monica Mok as Sung Chi-wah (宋子樺)
Angie Chiu as Mok Nga-man (莫雅文)
Tiffany Tang guest stars as Tong Yat-yat (唐一一)
Wayne Lai guest stars as Cho Wan-hon (曹雲漢)
Selena Li guest stars as young Kwan Yeuk-nam
Kate Tsui guest stars as young Mok Nga-man
Natalie Meng as Yiu Lai-fa (姚麗花)
Sun Xing as Yiu Dai-ming (姚大明)
Shi Yu as Kwong Kwan-ho (鄺君豪)
Michelle Hu as Poon Siu-kei (潘笑琪)
Zhao Xiaolu as Kwong Shuk-han (鄺淑嫻)
Mou Fengbin as Hon Tung (韓東)
Ben Cheung as Siu Chau (小周)
Tony Ho as To Kit (屠傑)
Zhang Tong as Lee Choi-kit (李彩潔)
Wang Zhifei as Wong Ka-ming (黄家明)


Kwan Yeuk-nam (Liza Wang) is a legendary woman. After her husband committed suicide due to a business failure, she single-handedly raised her three sons to adulthood, also establishing her own business empire, Sun Hon Lik, in the process. Now ready to retire, she is prepared to pass down her empire to her three sons.

Eldest son Cho Chi-wang (Kenny Wong) is quietly pursuing Nam's adoptive daughter, Hau Yee (Tong Fei), but Yee is truly in love with Wang's younger brother, Cho Chi-yuen (Hawick Lau). When Yuen's girlfriend passes away, Yuen devotes his life and energy to his career, and Wang's position as heir to the empire is threatened. Sung Chi-wah (Monica Mok), a new employee at Sun Hon Lik, seduces Wang and nearly tears his family apart. With her family and business at the brink of breaking down, Nam has no choice but to step up and formally pass down the business to Yuen.

Wah tells Wang that he is not the birth son of Nam. Disheartened at his family, the two team up to incarcerate Yuen. Just when Wang and Wah are about to overthrown Nam's reign, Yee returns just in time to save Yuen.

Watch it here with English subs when it comes out!






Demon Li - There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Love



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Hawick is a very busy actor, lol. Not complaining though, the more the better.

He is great at what he does! I kind of wished that Tiffany Tang was the main actress in this drama but the girl has already filmed 4+ dramas for this year! What a load!

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Hottest topic among netizens: What is your comments about Master of Destiny series?


The new series, Master of Destiny (風雲天地) was broadcasted at 8.30pm after the finale of Wudang Rules (潮拜武當) series. Master of Destiny series was a collaboration between TVB and Mainland China company and the cast members included Liza Wang (汪明荃), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Hawick Lau (劉愷威), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), Angie Chiu (趙雅芝), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and other Hong Kong and Mainland artistes. For example: Tiffany Tang who was the bridesmaid during Hawick Lau's and his wife, Yang Mi's (楊冪) wedding ceremony and other female cast members such as Kimmy Tong (童菲), Natalie Meng (孟瑤) and others. The plot involved rise and fall of family business and love and hate relationship.

However, many netizens were unaccustomed to the cast members of the series as it was airing at 8.30pm and they also analysed the glamorous faces of the artistes. First, the netizens praised 68 years old Liza Wang had beautiful and smooth skin and her make-up was not bad. She had little wrinkles when frowning and looked like Liza had taken some preservatives though. Next, Hawick Lau is Hong Kong artiste and went to develop his career in Mainland China long ago. He married Mainland China artiste, Yang Mi and had a baby daughter together. It broadcasted 5 series starring Hawick in different television stations last month. After filming Mainland series, Hawick returned to Hong Kong and his dashing looks became the hottest topic instantly. Compared to the old series, A Kindred Spirit (真情) and as the son of 'Lee Biu Bing 叉燒炳', Hawick's looks grew up differently and transformed into a mature man with dashing appearance.

When mentioned about the representatives from Mainland China, many netizens found it hard to differentiate between Kimmy Tong and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) who acted as Hawick Lau's younger sister and girlfriend. Both had big eyes, small noses and mouths and sharp chins. Hence, the netizens did some research on their old photos and commented: "Hawick Lau's girlfriends had extremely sharp chins!" Though it was normal to become beautiful when growing up and the make-up technology was getting advanced, but many netizens felt that the plot of Master of Destiny was too ordinary and did not know how to appreciate: "As an ordinary human being, we do not really know how to appreciate and watching old series, The Justice of Life' on the Internet is better."
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Liza Wang praises Selena Li three times in Master of Destiny


Selena Li (李施嬅) plays the younger version of Liza Wang's (汪明荃) character in the currently airing TVB series Master of Destiny (風雲天地). She plays a heavy role as she lives through a rough life, experiences the pain of losing her husband, experiences almost being raped and reaches the stage of facing poverty. Describing her character's life story as the condensed version of The Greed of Man, Selena said: "I practically had to cry for 16 hours each day, cry until my eyes were swollen. Each morning, I had to use ice cold tea bags to reduce the swelling. When we were filming, the temperature was close to forty degrees celsius, causing us to use up lots of energy."
Although the filming schedule was tight and extremely stressful, it was worth it since her acting was greatly praised by Liza Wang. Selena said: "What I'm most happy about is that Liza praised me three times, saying that I was able to bring out the 'flavors' of the role. At that time, I was really emotional that I wanted to cry, all the hard work was worth it. Liza's praise was a huge surprise so I felt really happy as if I've won the lottery." Selena hopes that in the future she will be able to collaborate with Liza again having scenes together and she said: "After being praised by her, I actually feel more stressful. If we are going to collaborate, I would have to stay alert and be ready."

SourceON.CC (HK)
Translated by: chaierie @ Asian E-News Portal
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