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Rules: Global Entertainment Mainland China


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1. Do follow the general Soompi Forum Rules.

2. Do not insult a celebrity / a member/ make politically sensitive comments, whether directly or indirectly.

3. Do not spam.

A post must include at least 20 characters or be of substance. Hence, a post which does not meet this requirement may be subject to deletion without notice.

4. Do not engage in off-topic conversations.

If you'd like to discuss / post off-topic conversations irrelevant to the subject matter, do so through personal message or where else more appropriate. Posts that don't abide by this rule may be subject to deletion without notice.

5. Do not quote images / gifs / videos / tweets.

If you'd like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos / tweets (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This rule is to preserve the bandwidths of images / gifs and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible.

6. Do provide English translations as needed.

Comments must be written in English or with English translations when posting in a foreign language.

The rules may be subject to updates and changes. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in a warning.

7. For upcoming dramas, do not put the year unless you are about 80% sure that it's going to air in the year you have stated. 

8. MOST IMPORTANTLY, If you start a thread, please be responsible to update the drama on its status, e.g. from Upcoming Chinese Mainland Drama to Current Mainland Chinese Drama to Mainland Chinese Drama [year].


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