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[Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] A Touch Of Green 一把青


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一把青 (電視劇).jpg


Chinese title: 一把青 Yī bǎ qīng
English title: A Touch Of Green
Genre: Historical

Episodes: 30

Director: Pai Hsien-yung

Broadcast Period: December 19, 2015

Broadcast Day: Saturdays



Chris Wu

Leroy Young

Tian Xin

Cheryl Yang


The drama is set between 1945 and 1971, from the end of World War II to the aftermaths of the Chinese civil war. The story will focus on three women, from their school girl days to their marriages to air force pilots. They followed their husbands from Nanjing to Taiwan and experienced the pain of leaving their home and separations from friends/family. Through their love and bond, they survive through hardships and carves a motivational, touching story.

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Hebe - Don't Care Anymore



Yoga Lin - The Man In Heaven, The Woman on Earth


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This is seriously one of the most heart-wrenching (in a good way) stories I've ever watched; I don't remember another drama where I'd cried my eyes out like this from start to finish. If Signal was Korea's best drama so far, A Touch of Green is definitely Taiwan's best. I've watched a good share of Chinese war productions, but this story of sacrifice, of brotherhood, of people trying to survive during one of history's harshest times truly takes the top spot. It hurts so bad (in the best way ever) that I still can't bring myself to watch it a second time after having watched it 4 months ago and tears still threaten to flow whenever I see any WWII fighter planes/air force pilots anywhere else lol.

The production had a tight budget, but with passion and professionalism, they did the best they could with the limits, bringing the time in history to life. The acting is obviously superb-- nuanced, subtle and controlled. The dialogues are a gem-- as restrained as they were-- you have to pay 100% attention so nothing is lost in the details. Literally every single line can become a treasured quote. It gives a very good glimpse of how people thought and processed back then, and you're seriously left in awe of the raw strength and endurance that generation had to survive in the insane circumstances of that time-- and not survive timidly, but with such force and dignity. Props also to the production for staying true to canon, staying focused on the human interactions of those tumultuous times, and not getting sucked into political blaming games. Instead, it's an intimate tale much completing the sporadic ones that you might here from your grandparents. The pilots are not glorified heroes, but flawed, human, struggling to fulfill their duty in the face of death... and the true unsung heroes are their wives... quietly waiting and fighting their own fears of possibly losing everything. Truly, they are the navigation towers that ground their men from the skies. 

My only sadness is that I haven't found any sources that provide English subs for this masterpiece so I can share it with my non-Chinese-speaking friends. :confused:

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