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용서커플 (YongSeo Couple)  Named by MCs and fans by using the first letters of their names, meaning “forgiveness” because of the intense disapproval after they were announced to be the newest couple. 고구마부

can'help to comment on this Seohyun "Why me?" to Taeyeon's jealousy towards her WGM schedule   Five years had past and Taeyeon could not move on with that jealousy why? @‌glamsrock was right SeoHyun

Omaigadddd i cant believe we reach it too soon ~~!!!! *CryingOfHappiness ! Lets continue shipping and shipping until they turn real . I still can wait until forever !!!! YongSeo Fighting ~~! Goguma Fi

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On 12/18/2017 at 1:57 AM, luvtokki said:

This isn't a YongSeo thread anymore....it's just a Seo thread.  @Love8991 seems to be the only one who posts here - and it's 99% Seohyun.  I've stopped coming to look at this thread.  Time to move on, folks!


 Anyeong chingudeul ,

 Sorry for that move on things .

I things my heart still longing just for Yongseo

I dont know how they keep going in my mind

 I know that it has been long and hard time for us shipper on this pairing things  but I still believe that Yong and Seo are each other strength . They might once together . Now were not but what about the future ? 




Sorry for my lingering feelings but yeah i admit
sometime i too think  
"can i just move on with this two person."




And the love still there .

Waiting till news out.

Either with Yong or Seo


My heart will be broken into pieces i know

if they were not together

but who am i to decide happiness for them



Yong in the army

I realize that fact

He will be there soon following with him the blue boys

Being the leader once again 

Been love by many


Argh ,

im too old for this shipper

but YongSEO forever and always been here in my heart .

I might not active in this but seeing all of you still here commenting replying quoting was a bless.


Seo in her fabulous act

Getting award here and there

For her to act with Yong is an impossible dream

Hell yeah,

My tears come out when She act with another person.

Not  with each other


Im frustrating

I admit it




For the love that all you has been giving for this thread.

Thank you ><


Im sorry for not activing here and keep my hand from writing.:blink:

Truly meet all of you is a blissful gift 





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We will always believe that YONGSEO is real... 


Esp even more now that Yongshin is not! hahaha. But bashing aside ( original YS shippers love to bash ya know! hahaha) 



I saw this Vid. And i think MC Hong who is close to YH is giving hints. wahaha! 





Let's stay in love! Happy New Year! 

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I feel sorry for Yong Hwa - he can't seem to catch a break!


Again he is caught up in a scandal that is not of his making.  This 'preferential university admittance' problem was the university's and FNC's screw-up - not Yong Hwa's!   Just like the 'insider training' hubbub he is the innocent pawn in somebody else's problem.


And just as he was starting another solo project and has gotten good reviews for his acting in "the Package" and he's making good on variety shows - this happens!


Even though FNC has issued a statement, they really need to step up and defend him further instead of leaving him fall on his own sword.  He is guiltless.   I commend his attempt to further his education in music and the performing arts.


What should be done is after the investigation by the police is completed, the police should issue a statement (along with FNC) that Yong Hwa has not been charged with any crime and is innocent.  And then the university should allow him to re-apply following the correct procedure.


I also disagree that he should stop all his activities.  If he is innocent, he should be able to continue his press conferences and concerts for his solo album and continue on his variety show appearances and other activities.   Stopping all activities is an admission of guilt - I don't think FNC should force him to quit activities.               

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it's upsetting but i believe that yongseo friendship is still strong.  recently seohyun posted stuff on her insta which i believe is encouragement for yonghwa


Translation: if your heart becomes strong no words can shake you



It's a yellow scarf!


I'm sure all yongseo shippers from WGM would know the colour yellow and the scarf seohyun knitted for yonghwa~ :blush:

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While most idols do their mandatory service as "Public Service Officers" or some other cushy and safe desk job, Yong Hwa has excelled in Basic Training and has volunteered for a tough and demanding Special Forces unit.  Congratulations, Yong Hwa.  What a man!  Just like the strong, curious and daring Ma Ru in "The Package". 

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Hyun is really busy lately. Maybe she deliberately got more while Yong is in Military :blush:


Tomorrow we can get new Song from Yong :glasses:


Seohyun's pretty pictures in Bali :heart:




And i will always click refresh to YongSeo Fanfiction...hahahaha :grin:




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On 5/20/2018 at 10:46 AM, schummy_lover said:

the mv is out!


how can we move on? when he left clues to us and the girl :heart:




lets support our leader here! :glasses:




Ommoooo my goguma heart is fluttering once again ..


Tell me tell me , cant i be happy with this.


Even though the truth and real things wasnt reveal yet .Lemme be happy with this even its a beautiful coincedence :wub:

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Whenever I feel sad and a little lonely I come to this thread and read about this couple.  I watch a few old and faded episodes and feel that excitement, happiness and warmth again. 


Those were heady and exciting and awesome times, I can still remember when this thread would fly by and the Yongseo International blog site would be flying by with a couple hundred people signed on at once.  People from all over the world in one place, talking about their love for a Korean couple on a variety show called WGM.


8 years and we are still hoping for our ultimate happiness.   Truly, the power of Yongseo is legendary!

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Knock, knock!  Anybody home?  Nobody is updating this thread anymore?  It's a shame to come this far and let our love and support for YongSeo wither on the vine.  After - has it been - 9 years?


Here's some news.  YongHwa is now in the army.  The Special Forces - just like his character San Ma Roo in his best drama ever - The Package.   And he is doing well. He has just been promoted to Corporal.  His enlistment should be finished by late 2019.


Seohyun, in her recent fan meeting in Japan mentioned "Jung Yong Hwa oppa" - from the YongSeo International Chat:


 During post-it question corner  Seohyun picked "Who was the one who taught me the guitar for the first time?"
Seohyun: WGM Jung Yonghwa oppa, afterwards I got taught by the guitar teacher and practiced a lot!" 


Not Jung Yong Hwa-ssi, Jung Yong Hwa OPPA!  and....no mention of Jungmo oppa.  After 9 years she remembered that YongHwa was the first to teach her guitar.  She finally mentioned WGM & Yong Hwa in public.  This is quite the event!


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