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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Tiger Mom 虎妈猫爸


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  1. Tiger Mom 虎妈猫爸
    Chinese television series
  2. Bv62lLW.jpg       gMFhUqp.jpg
    Tiger Mom is a currently exclusive simultcast between 3 satellite Chinese stations namely Sohu TV, Tong Fang and Tian Jin. 
    It's the current HOT talk-of-the-city. This Chinese television comedy-drama series is centered on modern living and parental concerns over their children's education.
    It stars Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei. This drama marks Zhao's return to television after a 5-year absence.
    Filming began in May 2014. Broadcast/Simulcast began on May 3. 2015.
  4. First episode dateMay 3, 2015
  5. LanguageStandard Mandarin
  6. GenreComedy-drama
    Number of Episodes: 45 (TBC)
    Official Site: SOHU TV
    NB: All Soompi Drama Rules Are In Force. Thank You.
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This is an awesome C-drama, which I have just started watching. If time permits, I will recap/review/highlight. But will definitely update this thread. :) 

For those in the US, do you remember the hue and cry over Amy Chua's book 'Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mom'. It caused a big debate over Asian vs Western style of parenting. It was almost hilarious that peeps would think the extreme of what Amy Chua wrote or did is the norm with Asian parents' parenting style. But it was also mostly due to the 'misinterpretation' or 'sensationalism' caused by the media.


I can't wait to find out what kind of Tiger Mom Zhao Wei will be, I mean, in this C-drama. 


Can't wait to watch this interesting series. Come join in :)




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For Premiere of Tiger Mom - Tian Jin Satellite TV Special

Tian Jin Satellite Special Part 1

Tian Jin Satellite Special Part 2

Tian Jin Satellite Special Part 3

Tian Jin Satellite Special Part 4

Tian Jin Satellite Special Part 5






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Zhao Wei returns to TV as 'Tiger Mom'


After   winning   several   film   awards   including   ones   for   her   directorial   debut ,  actress   Zhao   Wei has   returned   to   the   small   screen   in   the   form   of   a   tiger   mom .

Zhao is starring in an urban television drama called "Tiger Mom (Hu Ma Mao Ba), and several still photos have been released to  show the career side of the working-mother character.

Inspired by Amy Chua's controversial book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother", the TV drama is about a strong-willed working mother who struggles with high expectations for her young daughter.

Amy Chua's book, published in 2011, raised debates over the different child-rearing approaches  taken by Western and Chinese parents. Being a mother herself, Zhao has said that in real life she prefers a  pressure-free childhood to a disciplined one.

In the TV series, Zhao acts alongside actor Tong Dawei and actress Dong Jie. Its air date is yet to be announced.

The drama is Zhao's first TV show in five years. The 38year old actress gained instant fame in 1998 with her lead role in the  costume TV series "Princess Pearl" (Huan Zhu Ge Ge). She then built an award-winning film career.

In 2013, she released her directorial debut film, "So Young", which won the Best Directorial Debut award in that year's Golden Rooster Awards.

Copyright By chinadaily.com.cn. All rights reserved
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@jadecloud Thanks for bringing this dram to my attention I'm going to be busy for the next few day and when I get some spare time to watch all the videos I have bookmark this one So bring it on it sounds fun..


BTW Happy Mother's Day..  

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On 8/2/2015 at 4:29 AM, juzagurl said:

can be watched here until eps 20,,, is there any other link for the continuation ??


Guys...It's engsubbed till ep 40 already, if you need engsubs.

Such a delightful and true-to-life cdrama. Zhao Wei is so good in it too. Wish they'll remake it into a k-version someday. Gonna binge watch again this hol break.:wub:

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