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[drama Japan 2004] ラストクリスマス Last Christmas

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title :ラストクリスマス

* Title (romaji): Last Christmas

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Romance

* Episodes: 11

* Viewership ratings: 21.6%

* Broadcast network: Fuji TV

* Boradcast period: 2004-Oct-11 to 2004-Dec-20

* Air time: Monday 21:00

* Theme Song: Last Christmas! by WHAM!


Haruki Kenji is the manager of the Winter Sports section of a large sporting goods company. On a ski trip in New Zealand with his friend Shintani Goro (who is also his boss) and Shintani's new secretary, Aoi Yuki. Upon returning to Japan he finds that he has a new neighbor in the apartment next to his. It is Aoi.

While watching the movers he sees a photograph drop from new girl's luggage. Looking at the photo he sees it is a picture of a group from a female bicycle gang and upon looking closer he sees it is a picture of Aoi. Haruki finds her putting on a façade and fooling everyone at work with her nice girl persona. But at home she is anything but nice, dating lots of men and using them to get what she wants.

This continues until one day Aoi comes home drunk and without her keys. Kenji lets her into her room via the door connecting their apartments. Aoi accidentally drops a video tape into Haruki's apartment. When he discovers the tape he watches it. On it Aoi has recorded a message to herself. Seeing this serious message, Haruki begins to view Aoi in a completely different light.

* Oda Yuji - Haruki Kenji

* Yada Akiko - Aoi Yuki

* Tamaki Hiroshi as Higaki Naoy

* Katase Nana as Fujisawa Ritsuko

* Ihara Tsuyoshi as Shintani Goro

* Moriyama Mirai as Hayama Tappei

* Megumi as Takase Ayaka

* Ryo as Shibata Sally / Sachiko

* Katsumura Masanobu

* Sakashita Chiriko as Motoyama Miki

* Sakamoto Yuugo as Tsukamoto Shinsuke

* Tamaru Maki

* Sakurai Sachiko

* Kodama Kiyoshi as Sawaguchi Koutaro

* Kaga Mariko

* Okunuki Kaoru

* Kaneda Akio

SOURCE : ラストクリスマス

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Guest apple red

One of my fav dorama...

But Ritsuko and Naoy's character iritated me...

And Kenji is one of few male character on dorama i adore so much. Most of them very easily cheated on their gf..but Kenji and Aoi is very faith one to another

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Guest Sky's Crying

I just finished this drama a while ago. I loved it so much! I still watch it now and then when I have free time. That Ritsuko girl pissed me off too. Her character was so passive and wishy-washy that it annoyed me. I loved the tempo of this drama...well executed : )

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Guest WhiteMorningStar

I remember really liking this drama.

It seems just like yesterday I saw this drama...

or at least it doesn't seem that long ago...

and this is from 2004.

Time sure flies.

Check this drama out, yall. You won't regret! :)

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Guest Wonderland

I've finally had time in to catch up on this old drama. I've put off watching it so many times because I really wasn't a fan of either the leads and the story sounded just okay. But I'm so glad I've finally watched it. It's sooooo incredibly good! I love the actors and their chemistry. Tamaki is <3...I preferred his look here better than Nodame. But his character was pretty slap-worthy. =X But Oda Yuji & Akiko were so fantastic! Such a sweet couple! I found this drama to be very Love Actually inspired (some scenes but mostly thematic-wise) so watching is makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Haha...

Anyway~ maybe everyone's already watched this since it's so old but to those who haven't - WATCH IT NOW! =D

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