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[drama Japan 2001] 傷だらけのラブソング

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Title: Tainted Love Song 傷だらけのラブソング

For Your Sanctuary

Telecast: 2001-10-09 to 2001-12-18

TV Station: Fuji TV

Duration: 11 Episodes


Yoshimura has a younger half-sister Yuka Kawahara (Ai Katoh). Six months ago Yuka's mother passed away, and she came to Tokyo looking for help from her only close relative, Yoshimura. Yuka is an aspiring songwriter that attends a technical school for music. She is in disillusion about the life that Yoshimura now leads, and really and truly wants to see him get his life back on track again.

One day, Masahiko Ezaki comes to the karaoke place that Yuka works. Hoping that she can help Yoshimura to get back into the business again, she introduces herself as Yoshimura's sister. Knowing just how much talent Yoshimura possesses, and not wanting to jeopardize his own position, Ezaki decides to meet Yoshimura through Yuka. However, the reason why Yoshimura left the music industry was because he was caught up in the middle of a scandal involving theft.

The feeling of hatred towards the music industry because it turned its back on him runs through Yoshimura's mind. Just as he is thinking this, he hears a girl singing. Almost like he is being pulled to her, Yoshimura begins walking in her direction. The girl is Miki Shimazaki (Ai Kato). The expression on Shimazaki's face that shines in the moonlight shows a calm, beautiful girl that is very different from the one a few days before. Because there is something about the girl's voice that has left a deep impression. She might just be the one that helps me to change...Yoshimura thinks to himself as he frantically searches for her in the darkness, like he is chasing after his own future...

Actor/Actress Cast (8)

Takahashi Katsunori


Yoshimura Hiroyasu

Kato Ai


Kawahara Yuka

Hatano Hiroko


Kato Sawako

Nishioka Tokuma


Kudo Yasuyuki

Ishihara Yoshizumi


Sakai Keiji

Kawashima Naomi


Shimazaki Aya

Kaneko Ken


Ezaki Masahiko

Nakashima Mika


Shimazaki Miki

SOURCE : 傷だらけのラブソング







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Guest WhiteMorningStar

Ahhhhh. I remember not liking the drama

after 10 minutes of watching it back then...

why did I not finish watching it

or continue watching it at least?

I want to see young Mika act all thuggish. LOL. :)

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