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Eddie Pang exposed to have cheated on fiancée, Queenie Chu just months after engagement


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Source: on.cc / The Sun / Apple Daily 

Translated by: Chloe.C 

Eddie Pang exposed to have cheated on fiancée, Queenie Chu just months after engagement

Yesterday, reports broke out that ex-EO2 member, Eddie Pang, cheated on his fiancée, Queenie Chu with a girl (given the nickname "Long Leg G.E.M." due to her similar features to the singer). The couple had just gotten engaged earlier this year. However, last month on the 4th, around 2 am, Eddie drove to North Point, and soon after, a girl in a mini skirt and low cut top with long legs walked to Eddie's car while talking on the phone. Once Eddie saw her, he smiled and got off the car to greet her. The girl was seen linking arms with Eddie while they went to a convenience store. As they were shopping, intimate interactions were observed, such as touching his face, and putting her chin on his shoulder. Afterwards, the two walked to a building and the girl entered the password to enter; most likely the girl's home. Even until morning, the two did not leave the building. 

After the news broke out, Eddie posted a post on Facebook and Weibo around 6pm, and wrote a short 400-word apology. In the post, he admitted that he leads an inappropriate lifestyle and did not do his part well as a fiancé. Every time, Queenie has to help him explains: "Actually, everytime something like this happens, Queenie always has to come out and respond for me. As her fiancé, I am deeply sorry." He also admitted that he is wrong with such lifestyle, and let down Queenie's trust to him: “Although I tell her every time I go out, and Queenie trusts me 100%, but being photographed in pictures that make her embarrassed, it's not the first time already." Lastly, he also did not forget to make a promise to his lover: "From now on, I will be more conscious of my actions and improve my lifestyle behaviour, and try my best to avoid creating unnecessary disturbances for Queenie. This time, making so many friends worry, I want to say sorry. This apology, must be especially said to Queenie." 

Queenie Chu appears on set of "Come Home Love" finale and responds: "It's not the first time"

The female lead of the news, Queenie, did not pick up calls from reporters and only responded on WhatsApp with: "Thank you for your concern. Won't respond to personal matters." Until last night, at 9pm, she appeared on the set of "Come Home Love" and had to face reporters surrounding her. In the process, an argument between a reporter and security arose and she helped resolve the matter. Asked about her fiancé "cheating", she expressed she will respond later on: "We will see whether we'll respond together or separately! I talked about this matter with the producer today, but I will still organize my feelings and film as usual!" She held back her tears and said: "I am a professional actress, and "Come Home Love" gave me a lot of opportunities. I also want John Ma and Alex to have a happy ending!" She also said seriously: "This is not the first time such situation happened, need to let the man face it himself and respond to the public." Asked if the news will affect their marriage plans, she also said she will respond later.

Queenie: "He is a good person"

During a break while filming the "Come Home Love" finale in Kennedy Town, she accepted reporters' interview again. In the interview, Queenie spoke positive words about her fiance, Eddie, saying he is a good and kind person: "He...sometimes he doesn't think much. He will think: "I want to send the girl home." or "I want to take care of her.", so then he just does it. Till now, I still don't think he will be unfaithful to me...and overstep with other girls. Actually, I don't think he is that type of person. On this, I really trust him, but I just think, when things happen, you need to step out, so that everyone can know. And if something can be avoided, then avoid it... I just think it's very foolish." 

Queenie also admitted that she and Eddie haven't seen each other for a month: "We had some problems already, give me some time... Can't deny the fact that he is a good person, with a kind heart. But when you get to marriage, maybe the way we get along and our values.... We both still need to adjust and improve, and grow." Are you guys in a cold war? Why? She replied: "Not about third party, just many things have happened. We are giving each other some time. To me, days pass by just the same. The most important is being healthy and keeping a positive attitude. There is a way... it's not the end of the world. See how he responds first."

Marriage plans likely to be delayed

The two were in the midst of preparing their wedding, but now such news has broke out. Asked how the wedding plans are going? Queenie expressed: "Just let it be for now. We will probably delay it. Personally... I hope to push it back because there really are some things that we need to handle first. It's different from dating. We are already 30+ years old, marriage and dating are two different things. I think what happened is good... it is giving us a chance to adjust and grow up. There are many obstacles that we must pass. If we can pass through this, then that's great. Still aiming at having a positive result."

Asked if she had a moment in which she didn't want to get married yet? Queenie thought for a bit and said: "Can't respond to that right now." Has Eddie contacted you? Queenie said he had called her. Are you living with Eddie right now? Queenie calmly replied: "We never lived together."

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