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54 minutes ago, Ayame said:

New Episode 50 Preview Clip


Man... she’s too good.  She cut them both.  I’m gonna miss Cheok Sa Kwang most after Yoo Ah In when this show finishes.  Most kickass female on the show imo.

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Ep 50. summary. Gil Seon-Mi was slayed by Moo-Hyul. He was still breathing when Yeon-Hyang came to see him. He apologized her that he lied about the children because he resented her for abandonin

The historical background to help understand Ep. 49~50     ■ Baek Dal-Won 백달원 白達元 (?~?)     ■ The Second Strife of Princes  (January, 1400)

The flow of the events are as I expected. The difference is... Boon-Yi and Moo-Hyul visited Bang-Won's house to say the final farewell to Bang-Won. Lady Min told them Bang-Won already went to sle

5 hours ago, honeywell said:


This part gave me the chills.  I believe this was also said in Tree.  Yoon Gyun Sang is spot on as the younger MH.  Both actors gave the same intensity with this line.  About time MH got his dragon title.  It only took 49 episodes.

Everyone who has watched the TWDR is saying how extreme and intense YBW was in the tree but almost everyone has changed in the tree from how they were in SFD. for example MH who in SFD is always contemplating whether it is right or not to kill someone expect when he is not fighting against a fellow warrior, in the tree had no problem telling Yi Do that he should kill Ddol-Bok, when he was blaming Yi Do for the death of his father in the shack and Ddol-Bok was still a child then but MH has changed so much in the tree, that he was ready to kill anyone who he saw as been against Yi Do. 

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[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Six Flying Dragons" Episode 49



In between real history and "Deep-rooted Tree", there isn't really anywhere "Six Flying Dragons" can go plotwise. We know that for the most part all the main players will live to fight another day. The dramatic tension is instead on how specifically these choices will be made. Bang-won quickly commits to child torture as part of his new regime. Oddly enough this is less jarring than the fact that, with the exception of Boon-yi, he's completely sold out an organization that used to be on his side.

In Bang-won's mind, there's really no choice in the matter. His allies bring up a reasonable fear, and so Bang-won feels the need to make an example. But the entire incident is a betrayal of Bang-won's moral advantage. Do-jeon and Seong-gye worked, sometimes obsessively, to avoid betraying former friends unless no options were available. Bang-won, as the instigator of these inevitable backstabs, now feels that any context is appropriate for brutality in the name of Joseon.

Boon-yi's character in this context takes on some fairly fascinating dimensions because in many ways she's a metaphorical representation of Bang-won's idealism, which lately he's been doing his best to smother to death. The way Boon-yi calls back to old memories is especially sad because we and Bang-won know that she's manipulating the situation to do right by her friends. Yet even now Boon-yi has enough faith in Bang-won's moral characterto try and preserve his safety too.

I hope that doesn't make Boon-yi sound too naïve. That role is more appropriately ascribed to Muhyul, who rather than think tactically, simply expresses his frustrations to Bang-won, and predictably has a much weaker impact. Granted, Muhyul can't really compete anyway, given that he's not a love interest. Even so his decision at the end resonates much the same as Boon-yi's does. Camaraderie trumps loyalty, be that to a cause or a person. The characters in "Six Flying Dragons" fight for their friends.

That's the context within which we arrive at the cliffhanger. Two major fights will close "Six Flying Dragons" out, and while we already probably know how these battles will end, it's the aftermath that will make or break the drama's full thematic reading. Muhyul earns his title of dragon not because he's adept at following orders, but because he finally manages to think for himself and take agency in a chaotic situation rather than taking the role of a reactive soldier. So, too, shall every other character make their bed and lie in it.

Review by William Schwartz


interesting POV


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Ohhhhhh. So Sagwang said she's out to kill five people. Nameless, for putting King Gongyang on the throne, Lee Seong Gye and Jeong Do Jeon for killing the previous king, and Bang Won who owns the armory. She didn't mention a fifth person. I bet she wants to die there too. Don't tell me she wants to die by Moohyul's hands...

It's interesting how they cast Nam Dareum again for the role of young Yi Do. What contrast since he played young Bang Won. He's playing with those sudoku-like boxes (referencing Tree) and is that Hwang Hee as his teacher there? He seems to be reading Sambong's books as well.

It seems like they're not going to touch the 2nd strife of princes and will go straight to Bang Won being king. The remaining minutes will probably be a transition to Tree.

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@Ayame Thank you for sharing the latest preview.

Yi Do!!! And the Bang Jin puzzle! Everything, hearkening back to Tree... even more so, assuming my guesswork is right, the fact that Yi Do's ideology reminds YBW so much of JDJ's, which would be truly ironic that his son is the true disciple in spirit of JDJ... and how fitting then, that that same son would accomplish what JDJ regrets being unable to solve... literacy for the common people.

Can't wait for tonight... yet dreading what it means... that this incredible journey is well and truly at an end.

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Cheok Sa-Gwang is fighting with Yi Bang-Ji. Moo-Hyul rushes into them. Cheok Sa-Gwang is blown away by Moo-Hyul's powerful attack.

Moo-Hyul (MH) : Young-Gyu hyung... Why did you kill him?
Cheok Sa-Gwang (CSG) : The armoury in Banchon... why was it built there?
MH : ......!!!
Yi Bang-Ji (YBJ) : In order to raise an army and kill Master Sambong.
CSG : Yes, that must be your great cause. In the new country founded on the blood of Poeun and my King, killing not only each other but also even a little kid.
MH : ('Then... in the armoury... was the kid...? ')
YBJ : Hence... who do you want to kill?
CSG : Five sinners. Those who forcibly enthroned my King... Nameless! Those who killed my King and all Wang clan... Yi Seong-Gye and Jung Do-Jeon! The owner of the armoury in Banchon... Yi Bang-Won!

They begin to fight again.



Little Prince Yi Do (King Sejong the Great) is playing with a magic square (마방진 魔方陣 : an ancient math puzzle) in his room. Hwang Hee is looking at the prince. Suddenly King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) enters the room. Yi Do is embarrassed.

Yi Bang-Won (YBW) : (sneering at the magic square) Are you playing this game, again?
Yi Do (YD) : .....
YBW : Why do you read so many books like this...
YD : It's just.... fun.
YBW: ...Fun?
YD : ...
YBW : Do you want to be the Crown Prince?
YBW : Do you want to participate in politics?
YD : No... That's not...
YBW : What is politics?
YD : It is distribution.
YBW : ... Distribution?
YD : It is to decide how to distribute a lot of commodities in the country, and from whom we get something and who we give it to.  
YBW : (shocked)

Jung Do-Jeon (Ep. 32 flashbacks) : What is politics? Politics is about distribution. In the end, politics is all about who we get something from and how we distribute it. It's about from whom we get it and who we give it to!

YBW : Is that... your idea? Where did you hear that?
YD : ....
YBW : Remove all the books from this room!
HW : Yes, Your Majesty.

Yi Bang-Won leaves the room.


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Guest my2centsworth

In a few short hours this wonderful drama will come to an end. As some one once said, "all good things must come to an end".   This has been one ride that I would not have miss for all the "rice in China"......lol  I did not precipitate that much in this forum, but came in almost everyday to read everyone's comments.  I felt that all of your comments were so great that it answered all my questions and were so enjoyable to me. To me this drama is Oscar worthy. If it had been an American movie, it would have taken home all the gold. Would remind me of when Lord of the Rings did that some years ago.

If I could personally thank the complete cast and crew along with the writers, producers and directors, I would. Many...many thanks to you for giving all your talents in making such an outstanding drama.  I would like to thank all of you in this forum for making many hours so interesting and knowledgeable. I am a history buff. My very first Kdrama was an historical one and that was enough to get me hooked. I want to send @homura a special thank you for sharing all you Korean history and translations with me. I also want to say thank you to @nevill  for all those pictures of the cast and crew and especially all those wonderful and funny cartoons. There are others who get my thanks and sorry that I can't list you all, but my thanks to all you too.

Korea has so much history and so much that others don't realize what it has contributed to history. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism went way beyond my expectations with this drama. Also the Korea's Creative Content Agency and Media Content. Words cannot express how much I have more I have learned about Korea's history. I thought I knew some, but now I know so much more. It's going to hard to top Sis Flying Dragons, but I anxiously await for the next great historical Kdrama.

There are things going on in Korea right now. Those I feel that do not have the best interest of the Korean people in mind. When I look at Korea and you see the numbers of it's actual age, it's astounding of how the people have come to be what modern day Korea is today. I sincerely hope and pray that no one tries to make Korea go backwards when it's come so far especially in the last 25 to 30 years. Some of you will know what I am talking about. That is all I will say about this issue here.

Good bye Six Flying Dragons. But not good bye to all of you. Hope to see many of you in other forums.

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I feel nervous and sad at the same time since we're heading to the final episode :( *sobs* This has been a great journey.


Lee Bang Won vs Lee Do






BTS/last filming with YAI


Source: twitter.com/sikseekers


See you in the finale!

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