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Never been this scared to face Monday. I'm already crying looking at the IG pictures. Seriously, I won't be ready for this to end. Dragons will take a huge part of me when it ends. And is the Bangwon-Moohyul bromance going to break? I can't handle this!

P.S. I'm rewatching Tree for the nth time and I just finished ep 15. Total change of perspective.

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Ep 50. summary. Gil Seon-Mi was slayed by Moo-Hyul. He was still breathing when Yeon-Hyang came to see him. He apologized her that he lied about the children because he resented her for abandonin

The historical background to help understand Ep. 49~50     ■ Baek Dal-Won 백달원 白達元 (?~?)     ■ The Second Strife of Princes  (January, 1400)

The flow of the events are as I expected. The difference is... Boon-Yi and Moo-Hyul visited Bang-Won's house to say the final farewell to Bang-Won. Lady Min told them Bang-Won already went to sle

On 3/16/2016 at 11:07 PM, homura said:


Well, historically Jung Do-jeon and Yi Seong-Gye founded Joseon. Without Yi Seong-Gye's military success and Jung Do-Jeon's ideological design, Joseon could not be established. Yi Bang-Won did nothing except for bringing Yi Seong-Gye who fell off a horse from Byeokrando to Gaegyung and killing Jung Mong-Joo. Of course, it was a big contribution, but SFD writers rewrote the history like Yi Bang-Won did everything instead of Jung Do-Jeon and Yi Seong-Gye from the beginning. That's one of the reasons why some historical drama fans hated SFD. (sigh)

Agreed. That scene when the king had his sword at BW's neck, then asked, "how did you become a prince? It was me the man  who fought and defended this land from North to South, East to West from all marauders therefore gained the people's trust to become king." JDJ chose then politically supported YSG more than any other powerful man of the past Goryeo. Although, there is a considerable argument that BW did save his family from the clutches of General Choi and his father from being killed by assassins sent by Pouen, it still stands that he is a Prince of Joseon because he happens to be the son of YSG, that he is a prince because his father is YSG who was chosen to be king by JDJ and supported by Jo Joon.

However, I don't see the writers giving BW the credit for doing everything that JDJ did. In fact it was shown that JDJ did everything and that YSG gave him carte blanche to the keys of the kingdom which became the latest issue of contention in this drama for the characters of BW and JDJ and YSG and sons (and viewers) because the older sons of YSG from his first wife see themselves as being deprived of power. This is 1300's where no one yet in Goryeo and now Joseon ever heard of the form of government JDJ is proposing let alone the family holding the scepter to be powerless puppy dogs. So for these military sons of YSG who fought with their father and were trained to be leaders in battle could not understand how JDJ and their father could just discredit their presence and contribution. It is, from their point of view, very reasonable to think of their treatment as unfair and to see JDJ as a threat to their very existence. Although the timeline was not specified, JDJ already has been the Prime Minister for sometime and therefore had built the foundation. He died shortly after. Jung Do Jeon was the architect of Joseon, no one is denying that. But he just like any other politician who wielded power was also human  to have been tempted to overplay the power he was granted. He therefore garnered enemies especially from the royal family. He was a considered a rival by BW. As far as I have been reading the discussion here were of the rivalry between the two of who will hold power. I think this drama motivates a more political debate of whom and why one thinks BW or JDJ is the right one and explain the view of both characters as true from the political and personal  perspectives of the characters and sometimes depends on what is happening in the episode.These people lived long ago, no one knows what really happened. The viewers can only relate to the characters as portrayed in the drama. Besides, we were told from the beginning that this is a combo fact and fiction. 

BW had taunted HIB in his prison cell on the day he was to die, about finding the right path and HIB taunted him back saying that BW will only know which path to take when he meets his greatest temptation, the opportunity to hold the greatest power over the land. He will know himself then which path to take and so will JDJ. Although in the last episodes, we see a contemplative JDJ as he talked with his students, Boon Yi that he was burdened by the responsibilities of  founding the country and even questioning his accessibility to and understanding ot the people. In the last episodes we see flashes of JDJ who believed in a righteous path of his country. It is also shown that BW believed in the great cause of his teacher. The problem with BW is he wants to own the power to execute and mandate. He even manipulated Bang Gwa who trembled while he said that he did not have the ambition to be king. Yet he set him up to be the 2nd king so his father will approve and he BW will be the power behind the throne. He was doing exactly what he accused JDJ of doing, but we know that won't last long because no matter what, BW will get what he wants, the man who will be king and no one else.  

I really appreciate the participation of everyone in this forum, the political debates, the romantic posts and different perspectives, the reason for having fun in this forum. 


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45 minutes ago, oohhkkay said:

Ep 49 spoiler, just read the Chinese translation about EP 49,  too busy at work to do a proper translation but!!!!

  Reveal hidden contents

Seems Bangwon will ask Boonyi to marry him in order to keep her!!!!!!! 



Oooh~ Thanks for this translation. I'm curious though...


In the 1 minute preview posted above by Misstwilightfan1416, it seems like BY is telling BW that she's leaving? I wonder if BW asks BY to marry him, but she refuses and decides to leave? Idk, I guess we'll just have to wait until tonight.


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Am I the only person hoping that he won't ask that ^? I mean, we all know the answer (I think.) It makes him sound really despo, and I reallllly never jumped that ship. I would really pity Min Da Kyung. (Esp if that scene plays out and she happens to over hear. Talk about confirming what you already know.):cry:

Oh but I'm super excited for tonight, though, not for the ending.

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육룡이 나르샤 49회
방송일 : 2016.03.21 22:00

“벌레를 토해내시라는 전갈입니다...”

방원은 무명의 세 가지 기반과 핵심 인물을 제거할 준비를 하고, 무명 역시 연회 자리를 열어 방원이를 칠 준비를 한다. 무기고를 숨겨준 사실이 들통난 묘상은 반촌민들에게 미움을 사고, 무휼은 묘상을 생각해 방원의 곁을 떠나려 한다. 분이 역시 방원에게 반촌민들을 살려달라 말하며 떠나겠다 말하고, 방원이는 분이를 잡으려 혼인하자 말한다. 한편, 마지막 인사를 하기 위해 분이를 찾아온 척사광은 자신은 할 일이 있다며 같이 떠나자는 분이의 제안을 거절하는데...



Six Flying Dragons Episode 49 text preview
Air Date : March 21, 2016 PM 22:00

"I came to convey a message that you should spit up the worm."
Bang-Won prepares to get rid of 3 bases and key persons of Nameless. Nameless is also preparing for striking Bang-Won in a banquet. Myo-Sang incurs Bangchon people's hatred because of the hidden armoury in her tavern, and Moo-Hyul tries to leave Bang-Won for the sake of his granny. Boon-Yi asks Bang-Won to save Banchon people's lives and tells him that she would also leave him. Bang-Won asks her to marry him in order to hold her. Meanwhile, Cheok Sa-Gwang comes to meet Boon-Yi to say good-bye. She declines Boon-Yi's offer to leave together, saying she has her own thing to do.


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Granny Myo-Sang : (crying) Moo-Hyul... Let's leave together, Moo-Hyul.

She is hugging Moo-Hyul and cries out. Myo-Sang's tavern is in a mess. Bang-Won witnesses them. Bang-Won is talking with Moo-Hyul.
Bang-Won (BW) : I'll give you a new residence elsewhere. Get out of Banchon.
Moo-Hyul (MH) : I'd like to leave you.
BW : (sigh) I know how you feel now, but...
MH : Do you remember what made me follow Your Highness? "Politics to make people in the world smile"
BW :  ...!
MH : However, Your Highness. Who... who is smiling now? Did you see any one smiling?

MH (Flashback) : "When you make other people smile, I want to find my worth from it."

MH : Am I feeling my worth beside you now?
BW : .....



Boon-Yi (BY) : I'll leave.
BW : (looking back) ...What?
BY : Can I take them and leave together?
BW : ......
BY : Yes, Politics is supposed to be like that. I guess you can't leave the Banchon people who used to work in my organization to keep living in the capital.
BW : .....
BY : If you spare their lives and release them, I'll take them and live quitely somewhere else. Please, let me leave with them.
BW : You'll leave...?
BY : ....
BW : No way. Be with me.
BY : Your Highness...
BW : Marry me...!!!! (sigh) ...anyways,
BY : I will.
BW : (surprised)
BY : I will marry you. If you tell me to be with you, I will. If you tell me to marry you, I will. I'll do everything as I'm told no matter what. Therefore, please release our Banchon people.
BW : Are you serious?
BY : ...
BW : Why would you need to do that? What the hell do the Banchon people mean to you?
BY : "You are someone who has power."
BW : What?

BY's last words is the same as what she told Bang-Won in episode 6. She told him "You are someone who has power. You belong to the noble class. So how can I trust you? Everyone with power that I saw stole what we had." At that time Bang-Won told her "Here. Then take a good look. I'm not that kind of man. I mean... I try not to be that kind of man."


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3 minutes ago, Ayame said:

BTS instagram updates of BY (SSK) and her new hairstyle

Thanks...wow !She is beautifull...is still alive!!!We will have time jump ...seems like a married woman...

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2015-2016] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤

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