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Ep 50. summary. Gil Seon-Mi was slayed by Moo-Hyul. He was still breathing when Yeon-Hyang came to see him. He apologized her that he lied about the children because he resented her for abandonin

The historical background to help understand Ep. 49~50     ■ Baek Dal-Won 백달원 白達元 (?~?)     ■ The Second Strife of Princes  (January, 1400)

The flow of the events are as I expected. The difference is... Boon-Yi and Moo-Hyul visited Bang-Won's house to say the final farewell to Bang-Won. Lady Min told them Bang-Won already went to sle

After watching episode 18 I must say well done to the staff of 6FD on a sward fight that was worthy of the character!  I loved it best when GTM's brother said what I felt, how good it was he died with a sward in his hand.  I must say I wasn't excited that they showed dead women & children around him eating.  I felt torn as to me it didn't follow his character but then I guess they were trying to show his more evil side in episode 17.  Before in a way showing his sad side in this episode in the break between the fight and his death.  His words rang out with a sense of his honesty as he saw it.  Evil always has a way of blinding those who give into their weakness. Still there was some truth in his words.  What I noticed most was while everyone else was celebrating around them YBJ wasn't, not at anytime did I see him smile.  In fact this is only my thoughts it looked as if he was in deep thought maybe taking in his enemy's last words.  Maybe thinking about what a waste all that talent wasn't used for good rather than evil.  My mind goes crazy thinking and wishing I could have read the characters mind.  More & more I feel this drama is like an endless river where small messages about life & it's struggles flow throughout it's story.  While the sweet sound of folk songs  & it's OST are like water rippling through the rocks. If your quiet, just like water you can hear the beauty of that moment and whats being said...  

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@USAFarmgirl can I ask you where are you watch ep 18 with translation? I always watch in viki.com but their not finish yet..

About SFD rating- I agree that this is because new kdrama OMV. I notice that female audience liked more romcom than history drama. And even in SFD has good romance plot in last couple episode this part was not that exploser like in the beginning...So they switch canal but I hope they back;)


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Yet another riveting two episodes, with confrontation upon confrontation, culminating in the toppling of the regime under the Triumvirate. It is to the credit of JNM and PKH that I am so loathe to bid goodbye to the characters that they have brought to life so vividly over the past 18 episodes. The relationship between HIB and GTM is one that evolved to transcend mere benefits... all the more evident when at the most crucial moment, their concern for each other's well-being is genuine. We will see PKH return again as GSM in subsequent episodes, but I know that I will miss the flamboyant, eye-shadowed swordsman and the statesman who turned his back on his conscience.

At the pinnacle of the Triumvirate arc finale is that dazzling, heart-stopping showdown between GTM and YBJ. Love the brilliant swordplay and war of words between the two powerful opponents - brought to new heights by the incredible cinematography - the intensity of both men palpable as everything hangs in the balance at the tip of a sword. GTM's defiant words to the end are not the empty bravado of a man facing death... but an irrefutable truth that they have seen proven time and again in history, one that even YBJ could not deny. Even as he took GTM's life and title of 三韓第一劍, it is obvious he derived no joy or sense of achievement from it, because he too could not see how the long-seen oppression of the powerful over the weak would be any different going forward. Yes, he has helped bring down GTM, but what is to stop another GTM and HIB from rising and tyrannising the people once more.

By the same token, YBW's last words with HIB, while perhaps not as spectacular or flashy, are no less potent. YBW's cocky surety of being a better man than HIB, is experiencing stirrings of self-doubt, when the older man's foreboding words finally hit home. And the moment he sees the world JDJ envisions and recognises the sibilant voice within - that of ambitious hunger to own that country - is a foreshadowing of what is to come, his dread of being swallowed up and losing himself to the darkness is real. His conversation with BY is telling... when he asks that she stops him if he ever does change... again, we see just how reliant he is on BY to keep him from giving in to his darker self. From here, his spiral downwards in terms of humanity in later years can only mean one thing... that somewhere along the way, he lost her. 

We finally see the real driving force that led HIB to give in to his baser self - not cowardice nor greed, but a loss of hope, knowing that there is no possibility for change in the world they live in. In that bleak realisation, came his unrelenting determination to survive and thrive in that same world - since he could not see any way of changing it, he would instead be a part of it and hold it in the palm of his hand. It was only in his last moments, realising what JDJ's vision was all along - not to change the old corrupt government, but to raise a new one - did he waver in his sense of self-righteousness in his own path... and we see the flash of regret at opportunity lost just before he was cut down. 

YH's rebuke of YBJ for revealing himself, is motivated by far more than just her concern for JDJ's safety. The reason she gave - that as the newly minted 三韓第一劍, YBJ would be the target of swordsmen all over, wanting to wrestle the title from him, thus distracting him from properly protecting JDJ - is the voice of her lingering love for him and fear for his safety, one she refuses to acknowledge, even to herself. And her harsh words cut YBJ deeply, far more than the physical wound he sustained... that in her eyes, he still could never do anything right... and I hurt yet again for him and their doomed love. 

Finally, Moo Hyul finds his place and purpose... and what powerfully moving words when he explains his reasoning. No longer is he motivated by fame as a swordsman, but rather, he has determined that he will do his part by protecting the one he very astutely concludes has the ability to ensure the happiness of the people. We will see this very single-minded purpose carried over years down the road when he protected Yi Do with the same unwavering loyalty as I believe he did his father. I can only imagine what bitter disillusionment he must have had with YBW to turn his sword - the very one YBW gave him - against him at that crucial moment in the woods in Tree with Deep Roots.

The mysterious organisation is afoot once more, driving a wedge between CY and YSG. Am really eager to find out who the puppetmaster is, one that appears to have almost omniscient knowledge of everything that is happening around them. Yet I am dreading the next arc, which unless I am wrong, would end with CY's execution. This time round, with CY as the next opponent, I find it harder to root for our dragons, knowing the upright, honourable man he was historically. While history dictates otherwise, I cannot help but wish that CY and YSG could have continued to work together towards the realisation of a new country.

I just realised that we're almost at the halfway mark of the drama... and what an amazing journey it has been so far. Can't wait to see how the next half unfolds, and our dragons come into their respective destinies.

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@homura If it's not too much trouble, can you please help to explain two terms that I have been wondering about in the latest two episodes:

GTM's title was 三韓第一劍 "Top Swordsman of the Three Hans". May I know what 三韓 Three Hans refer to? I thought that there was only one kingdom at that time, which was Goryeo? 

Also, Yeon Hee has been referring to JDJ as 本源 本元 Bonwon over the past few episodes. I know that in Tree with Deep Roots, that was what the Milbon referred to their leader, so I had always thought that this was associated with the Milbon. However, here, it would appear to pre-date even the birth of the group. What does it actually mean? I initially thought it was JDJ's pen name, but isn't 三峰 Sambong already his pen name?

Thank you very much for your help :) 

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Corrected the Hanja representation of Bonwon, per TWDR
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Consider our dragons air time I wonder if 6FD is gonna be in this year's SBS Drama Awards candidate list or next year's. I hope SBS bring them in this year right away, if they have to wait til next year it's gonnna be a disadvantage cuz our show end at the beginning of the year, the effect can be faded. Does anyone know anything about this? Please tell me.

As for the awards, in my opinion Gil Tae Mi and Yeon Hee can sure get their hands on best supporting actor and actress awards. As for the lead, man I don't know, it's like war when all our men are so good. 

And another interesting award, best couple award. At 1st I was all confident about DS and YH to nail this prize and we can FINALLY see these 2 together without yelling, crying, fighting or angsty af. But now come to think of it, it's gonna be hard for them to get this prize because despite the explosive chemistry the award tends to go to couples being canon, happy ending, or at least came together or be together. And we all know DS and YH have none of those and they never will. I feel bad for Yoo Mi, she used to said that she wanted to receive best couple award since 2012 and she's still doesn't have a chance to get one. Don't be sad girl. you'll get that someday. 





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@Netka85  I also watch it on Viki and only wrote about what I saw subbed which was about 45% I believe when I saw it last night.  Now I think it's at 56%.  When I wrote about LM earlier that was just my thoughts on what I saw in the best videos that @rainmoon is always kind enough to post here.  And the raw which I watched.  Sometimes I go with what I see in the raw although it's so much better every time when you know what those words mean and it's not just body language.  But one thing is for sure you do look closer when it's in the raw.  It's like not being able to hear your sense of sight is so much better.....

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@nevill Shots of Hong In Bang are always beautiful and nuanced. Remember that scene when he talked about heart fluttering after hearing Sam Bong's ideals? It was like he's talking to me. My heart fluttered when I heard Sam Bong's plans but as HIB says it could just be a spur of the moment and nothing else.

When I saw GSM, I was like "Wow, that fast?" I didn't even have time to miss GTM. HAHA.

On 12/2/2015 at 9:13 AM, rainmoon said:


Don't quote pictures, gifs, videos

HAHAHHAHAA. The first pic is captioned Starlight is coming down Shalalalarallala~ from Annyeong Bada's song. /dead

2nd pic: Flower Ji Ran Hyung. Beggar Shin Jeok

I have a serious crush on Lee Ji Ran...

On 12/2/2015 at 10:06 AM, rainmoon said:

BTS filming with GTM and YBJ

Looks so fun on set ... 


Thanks for sharing! They are so cute. >< And I'm happy they put a little goodbye Tae Mi at the end with PHK thanking the viewers for giving GTM lots of love. :3

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Dramafever subs are finally available for Ep18.

So much happening... that I could not cover a fraction of what is going on. JDJ's system of check-and-balance between the King and the Sadaebu - born of the Sadaebu, indeed humanity's jealous, suspicious nature, is a brilliant one - power shared between the King, the Offices of Inspection, Censors and Advisers to ensure that there is no monopoly of power, and by default no corruption, hence no suffering for the people. It is ironic to see how in awe YBW is by JDJ's far-reaching vision, how on board he is at this very moment, considering that when he came into power, he would demand and ensure absolute monarchy. BY voiced out her dreams of the lofty ideals of a democratic society, one where the people have a voice in determining the government and laws of the land, a dream which YBW believes to be impractical at the moment. Correct me if I am wrong, but during King Taejong's reign, he set up measures for the people to be able to voice their grievances directly to the king, including their exploitation at the hands of the nobles and officials. Will the drama utilise his love for BY, his protection and honouring of her dreams, as one of his main motivations for putting this in place?

I am curious to see what role Jo Min Soo will play in the upcoming events. Will he be the new wave of political opponents in YSG's path, be it as YIG's chess piece or not? I have not been able to read up much about him, save that he and YSG were commanded to lead two armies to attack Liaoning, during which YSG turned back at Wihwa Island and staged a coup d'etat. His use of the snake Dae Geun seems indicative of an equally unsavoury role on his part, but I have learnt not to paint the characters in absolute blacks and whites... knowing what we do from past experience.

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Still waiting for ep18 to be subbed..the speech GTM made before his demise was very emotional & I find myself wondering just what he said..could he be trying to justify his actions..so many bad guys do this..his character up to now had been bad, but tolerable, but the killing of innocents put him in another category, one I could never be sympathetic with..anyway, he is gone, but there is still his 'good' ? brother & I wonder if & what his role will be..

This is continuing to be a wild ride of a drama..hate having to wait for subbing, so more than grateful for this forum..

Such intriguing characters, even the minor ones (if they can be called that)..loving Moo Hyul, I hope he doesn't turn to serious on us, we need the laughter for this drama..






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16 hours ago, sadhli said:

hello everyone...

new to this forum as just now started watching SFD and finished 3 epis in one day. At first I thought to not to start this one cause it 50 epi long n i was not sure whether i could invest that many hours but after watching first epi it was just impossible to stop.

its one interesting drama that you cant ignore once started....

Need one information...as I am not aware of Korean history if there is any site (english) that I can refer to get more details of korean history thats been showing in this drama to get a better understanding of whats happening here.

Thanks everyone in advance...

@sadhliAs you go through the episodes and read on you will see in the forum though the episodes the postings of @homura about the history and background which helped us understand the episode better and we ask her questions about each episode. She has been very generous and helpful. I also refer a lot at Wikipedia or Google the names of the main characters Yi Seong Gye or King Taejo of Joseon, the first king, Jeong Do Jung the architect of Joseon and Yi Bang won or King Taejong of Joseon. Those are the three nonfictional dragons among the six dragons. This is a prequel of the drama Tree With Deep Roots and if you watched that drama then you will have some understanding of what is happening in this drama. It helped me a lot reading Wiki about those 3 nonfictional dragons. @homura also has the descriptions of each of the characters posted as they get introduced in the episodes. All of the characters are so intriguing and colorful. And each episode gets more interesting as the story goes on, you will not be able to stop. Hope that helps. Enjoy and welcome

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The historical background to help understand Ep. 17~18




* Dodang Triumvirate

They really existed in the history, but the scriptwriters intentionally changed their names for artistic license.  

  • Yi In-Im (이인임, 李仁任) → Yi In-Gyeom (이인겸)
  • Yim Gyeon-Mi (임견미, 林堅味) → Gil Tae-Mi (길태미)
  • Ji Yoon (지윤, 池奫) → Baek Yoon (백윤)
  • Yeom Heung-bang (염흥방, 廉興邦) → Hong In-Bang (홍인방)


Fact Check

  • There is no historical record that the original Gil Tae-Mi was Goryeo’s top swordsman or he liked fancy makeup. In the history, he was just a military officer who got a promotion by protecting King Gongmin during Red Turban invasions as well as engaging in warfare with various foreign invaders.
  • It is true that he was original Yi In-Gyeom’s subordinate. Also, original Hong In-Bang was his in-law.
  • The original Hong In-Bang was a reformist Sadaebu scholar in the beginning, but turned coat after returning from his exile. His worst-fated relationship with Bang-Won is pure fiction.
  • The original Gil and Hong greedily plundered people’s land, so they were at odds with General Choi Young. They tried to eliminate the old general but original Yi In-Gyeom stopped them.
  • Their fall was caused by the fabrication of Jo Ban’s rebellion. Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye joined forces to oust them.
  • When being executed, they cursed original Yi In-Gyeom for having stopped them to kill Choi Young in the past.
  • At that time, original Yi In-Gyeom was already retired from politics because of his old age. He avoided execution and was sent into exile, but died from disease a few months later.
  • Bang-Won’s attempt to get Haedong Gapjok’s signatures to impeach the Dodang Triumvirate is fiction. 




* The various names referring to Korea

Finally, in Ep. 18, Yi Bang-Ji became the new top swordsman of Three Hans (삼한제일검, 三韓第一劍). Then, what does Three Hans (Samhan) mean?

There are various names to refer to Korea. Some of them were derived from ancient kingdoms and dynasties.

  • Samhan 삼한 三韓 / Three Hans
  • Daehan 대한 大韓 / The Great Han
  • Haedong 해동 海東 / The East of the Sea
  • Dongguk 동국 東國 / The East Country
  • Daedong 대동 大東 / The Great East
  • Geunyeok 근역 槿域 / The Land of Rose-of-Sharon
  • Goryeo 고려 高麗 / The Medieval kingdom of Korea (918~1392)
  • Joseon 조선 朝鮮 / The first Ancient kingdom of Korea (BC 2333~BC 108), The Medieval kingdom of Korea (AD 1392~1910)


Sam-han 삼한 三韓 / Three Hans

Sam (三) means ‘three’, and Han (韓) means 'an ancient kingdom of Korea’.    
This name was originated from Three kingdom period of Korea. After the first kingdom of Korea (ancient Joseon, BC 2333~ BC 108) was fallen, the southern part of Korean peninsula was divided into three small kingdoms : Mahan, Jinhan, Byeonhan (馬韓, 辰韓, 弁韓). Later they were developed into Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla (高句麗, 百濟, 新羅), which were unified by Silla in 668. But about 300 years later, Silla was divided into three kingdoms again : Hu-Goguryeo, Hu-Baekje, and Silla (後高句麗, 後百濟, 新羅). Even if the later three kingdoms were completely unified by Goryeo in 938, the name “Samhan (Three Hans)” still remained strongly in the people’s mind and had been widely used to call the entire Korean peninsula for a long time. So, Korea is called Samhan (Three Hans) in an old-fashioned way.

Dae-han 대한 大韓 / The Great Han

It was originated from Samhan. The current official country name of South Korea is Dae-Han Min-guk (대한민국 大韓民國 : The republic of Korea). In short, Han-guk (한국 韓國).

Hae-dong 해동 海東 / The East of the Sea
Dong-guk 동국 東國 / The East Country
Dae-dong 대동 大東 / The Great East

From the Chinese perspective, Korea is located in the East side of the Yellow Sea. That’ why Korea was called in Chinese characters like that.  
ex) Haedong Gapjok : The top nobility of Haedong (Korea)

Geun-yeok 근역 槿域 / The Land of Rose-of-Sharon
The Rose of Sharon (hibiscus) is the national flower of Korea.

Goryeo (高麗) / The Medieval kingdom of Korea (918~1392)
Go (高) means 'High’ and Ryeo (麗) means 'beautiful’.
It also has the meaning that it is the successor state of Go-gu-ryeo (高句麗), one of the three kingdoms in Korea.
General Wang Geon (왕건, 王建) revolted against King Gung-Ye of Hu-Goguryeo and founded Goryeo Dynasty in 918. It unified the later three kingdoms in 936.
The English name of 'Korea’ was originated from this Goryeo. This name got to be known to the West by Arabian merchants who frequently visited Goryeo.

Joseon 조선 朝鮮
Jo (朝) means 'morning’, and Seon (鮮) means 'bright, beautiful, clean, fresh, new’ etc. In combination, “The Land of Morning Calm” or “The Land of Bright Morning Sun”.  
It is the name of the first Ancient kingdom of Korea (BC 2333~BC 108), as well as the Medieval kingdom founded by Yi Seong-Gye (AD 1392~1910).




* Mokja will get the new nation : 목자득국 (木子得國)

Lady Min’s paper read “易姓革命 木子得國”
It means “There will be a Dynastic Revolution, and Mokja (木子) will get the  nation."  In this case, Mokja (木子) means Yi (李 = 木 + 子).

In the history, "Mokja will get the nation (목자득국, 木子得國)” was a children’s song spreading all over Goryeo when General Yi Seong-Gye’s military coup happened. At that time, children’s song or entertainer’s performance was a common way to form public opinion, like we’ve seen in “Who’s Baek Yoon’s murderer?” song in ep. 9. Maybe, it was Yi family who spread the song in order to draw positive public opinion on their new dynasty.

Anyway, I researched the song on the web, and found out an interesting interpretation of Mokja (木子).

1) In Chinese : Mok (木, wood) + Ja (子, child) = Yi (李)
As you already know, it can be interpreted as “Yi Family gets the nation.” which implies that Yi family will be the owner of the new Joseon dynasty.

2) In native Korean : Namu (木, wood) + Ai (子, child) = Other’s child
However, it can be interpreted differently in native Korean. “Namu Ai” has double meaning ; 1) wood child (나무 아이)  2) other’s child (남의 아이).
It can be interpreted as “Other’s child got the nation.” which implies “The child who is not King Gongmin’s real son stole Goryeo’s throne.”  That is to say, the song is questioning the legitimacy of King U, the current puppet king of Goryeo.

Actually, King U’s real mother was a slave girl named Banya who waited upon prime minister Shindon. According to a folk tale, King Gongmin was so depressed after losing his beloved wife Princess Noguk due to childbirth that Shindon offered the king his slave girl Banya who resembled the dead princess. When she gave birth to a son Monino, King Gongmin was so pleased that he fabricated the boy’s birth record as the son of royal concubine Lady Han, not of the slave girl Banya, and installed him as his successor. In 1371, Shindon was executed for treason by false charges. About 3 years later, King Gongmin was assassinated by his royal guard Hong Ryun, and Yi In-Im (Yi In-Gyeom) enthroned the 11-year-old Monino (King U) despite of Queen dowager’s objection.

Later on, Yi Seong-Gye’s political party insisted that King U is not of royal blood, but the son of dead traitor Shindon, in order to justify the Dynastic Revolution. Therefore, “Mokja (Other’s child) got the nation” song might have the intention to damage the legitimacy of King U, and also his son King Chang.

I’m not sure whether King U is really King Gongmin’s son or not. The only truth is that the defamation worked very well.



* The rebellion of Heungwangsa temple (1363)

According to Jung Do-Jeon’s comment in ep 17, Gil Tae-Mi is so famous for killing over 70 people by himself at the rebellion of Heungwangsa temple in 1363. That’s why nobody dares to touch Gil Tae-Mi and let him take Hong In-Bang so easily. Jung Do-Jeon also said they would need as many soldiers as possible to catch Gil Tae-Mi.

In March 1363, Traitor Kim Yong sent about 50 assassins to kill King Gongmin, but Eunuch An Do-Chi, Princess Noguk, and General Choi Young stopped the assassination attempt. This incident was mentioned in Jung Do-Jeon’s comment about Traitor Kim Yong who betrayed and killed Goryeo’s 4 war heroes of the Red Turban invasions. (Ep. 10)

The scriptwriters implies that Gil Tae-Mi was the one who stopped the 70 assassins at the temple, but it’s not historically true. It’s a fictional addition.



* Jo Min-Soo (조민수, 曺敏修, ?~1390)

The man who secretly talked with Yi In-Gyeom and arrested Hong In-Bang at the riverbank is Jo Min-Soo. I’m sure he will be the future enemy of our six dragons.

He gained his reputation as a general by defeating the Red Turbans and Japanese pirates. It was Yi In-Im (Yi In-Gyeom) who recommended him for a military officer in the beginning. He also gained Choi Young’s trust. However, he joined Yi Seong-Gye’s military coup when they withdrew their troops at Wihwa island in 1388.

He helped Yi Seong-Gye to oust Choi Young and depose King U. He promised to enthrone other royal, but he betrayed Yi Seong-Gye and enthroned Wang Chang, the deposed king’s son who is also Yi In-Im (Yi In-Gyeom)’s distant relative.

The rest of the story will be shown in the drama.



* Mencius and Human nature

When being asked about the true reason why he turned coat, Hong In-Bang answered Jung Do-Jeon like this : “Because Mencius was wrong.”

The Works of Mencius Book 2

When I say that all men have a mind which cannot bear to see the sufferings of others, my meaning may be illustrated thus:– even now-a-days, if men suddenly see a child about to fall into a well, they will without exception experience a feeling of alarm and distress. They will feel so, not as a ground on which they may gain the favour of the child’s parents, nor as a ground on which they may seek the praise of their neighbours and friends, nor from a dislike to the reputation of having been unmoved by such a thing.
'From this case we may perceive that the feeling of commiseration is essential to man, that the feeling of shame and dislike is essential to man, that the feeling of modesty and complaisance is essential to man, and that the feeling of approving and disapproving is essential to man.

Mencius asserted the innate goodness of the individual, believing that it was society’s influence – its lack of a positive cultivating influence – that caused bad moral character. “He who exerts his mind to the utmost knows his nature” and “the way of learning is none other than finding the lost mind.”


However, Hong In-Bang asserted that a human being can throw a child into a well for his own benefit. Human nature is so inclined towards selfishness that it is inevitable for human societies to fall into chaos. Goryeo is hopeless. If he can’t change the chaos, he had no choice but to be the part of the chaos.




* Samsa (삼사, 三司)

Jung Do-Jeon agreed with Hong In-Bang’s thought on human nature, and came up with a new political system to mutually check and balance the power by taking advantage of Sadaebu’s innate envy and jealousy. The system called Samsa (삼사, 三司) in the future was similar to the separation of three powers in modern democracy.

  • Saheonbu 사헌부 司憲府 : Inspecting and impeaching corrupt ministers
  • Saganwon 사간원 司諫院 : Criticizing King’s politics and giving him expostulations
  • Hongmungwan 홍문관 弘文館 : Providing the king with academic advice, training crown prince, managing palace library’s books, etc.


For example, if Minister Kim was revealed to accept bribes
1. Confucian scholars submit a joint petition to the king.
2. Saheonbu inspects the case and impeaches Minister Kim.
3. If the king refuses the impeachment
4. Saganwon criticizes the king and nags him to do what he should do.
5. Meanwhile, Hongmungwan provides appropriate historical evidence from books to help justify the king’s claim.

Just like this kind of process. Jung Do-Jeon made a political system to have the Sadaebu officials and the king fight one another for their own interests.  Therefore, political powers are subject to appropriate checks and restraint through mutual oversight.

Theoretically, it was quite reasonable system indeed. If applied appropriately, it would check and balance the political power and prevent corruption of government.

However, Jung Do-Jeon can’t predict that it would be abused in the purge of literati or that it would be emasculated if one noble clan dominates the whole 3 departments. Actually, in the 19th century, Joseon met the political dark ages due to the monopoly of government posts by Andong Kim clan, which resulted in the collapse of Joseon Dynasty. (sigh)

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10 hours ago, liddi said:

@homura If it's not too much trouble, can you please help to explain two terms that I have been wondering about in the latest two episodes:

GTM's title was 三韓第一劍 "Top Swordsman of the Three Hans". May I know what 三韓 Three Hans refer to? I thought that there was only one kingdom at that time, which was Goryeo? 

Also, Yeon Hee has been referring to JDJ as 本源 Bonwon over the past few episodes. I know that in Tree with Deep Roots, that was what the Milbon referred to their leader, so I had always thought that this was associated with the Milbon. However, here, it would appear to pre-date even the birth of the group. What does it actually mean? I initially thought it was JDJ's pen name, but isn't 三峰 Sambong already his pen name?

Thank you very much for your help :) 


I already posted the meaning of 三韓 Three Hans. Enjoy your reading!

About Bonwon 本源, it is a new term created by the scriptwriters. I think your interpretation is right. If you rememeber the Tree with Deep Roots, Jung Do-Jeon's Milbon (密本, Hidden roots) organization likens a country to a tree ; The king is a flower, and Sadaebu is the roots. Therefore, I guess, Bonwon 本源 = the source = the root of the roots = the leader of Sadaebu = Milbon's leader    

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