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Rules: Sitcoms, Variety & Reality Shows

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  1. All general Soompi Forums rules apply.
    • Rules are applied at moderator discretion and may be updated at any time as moderators see fit.
  2. Do not Spam.

    •  Do not spam the forums in any way or in any medium. Please adhere to the 20 character rule as stated in the general Soompi Forums rules.

  3. Do not post pictures/videos consecutively in multiple posts.
    • If you are going to post a set of photos of videos, combine them all into a single post rather then posting a new post for every single photo. If you have more than two or three images (depending on the size) or two videos in a single post, it is good etiquette to post the rest under a spoiler tag to keep the thread easy to navigate.
  4. Do not quote images and/or videos.

    • If you are quoting a post that contains an image and/or a video, please remove the tags from the link. It helps keep the threads tidy and easy to navigate. Images in quotes will simply be deleted.
  5. Stay on topic.

    • These threads in this forum have been created for a specific purpose. Please stay within the boundaries of the subject matter of the thread.

  6. Respect each other.
    • Do not make attacks or insult other users, either in the forums or through private messages. Respect each other’s opinions, even if they clash with your own. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don’t make it personal. In general, please be nice and treat each other with the same level of respect you would expect in return. 
  7. Respect the moderators and their decisions.

    • Please respect the moderators for their volunteer work. Their job is to keep the forum safe and constructive so that everybody gets to have his or her fair say. You can't please all the people all the time but the moderators will do their best to be fair to everyone. If you disagree with a decision a moderator has made please don't make a huge scene on the board. PM the moderator in question and put your case forward. Usually disputes can be resolved amicably by doing this. 





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