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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming Projects: Movie "Punishment" / Upcoming Drama "City Couple’s Way of Love"

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What a lovely morning.....wake up to find Actor Ji has ANOTHER milestone:  9.6 Million IG followers!  YAY!  YAY!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:  A banner to celebrate.....




This silhouette is from the 2019 Seoul Drama Awards.  Actor Ji presented, and also modeled his tux.  And, if need be, I can keep creating these banners forever.


Not content with the banner with NO sound, I had a brainstorm and had to add music, which meant I had to go to Instagram.  All that thinking meant I had to find music.  After I found the music I wanted I realized the music did not fit perfectly with the subject matter in the banner.  I needed flowers instead of hearts, but couldn't find any on such short notice.....oh well.  See under the spoiler....:ph34r:  I hope you enjoy the banner and the music.  If time permits, I may remove the banner without music and replace it with this.  Thank you.




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Just a gentle reminder that voting for the AAA will end this Friday. JCW is in 2nd place (I hope he gets recognition at least) BUT the fans for artist #1 and #3 are highly competitive. Trying to keep JCW in 2nd...no way to catch up to 1st. 

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That 1st Look picture/video spread of Ji Chang Wook and his motorcycle is just too wonderful and will be providing much grist for my digital mill.  Playing with some fantasy changes in making the GIFs, as I have a little software program that converts video to a semblance of a watercolor effect, and also a watercolor effect with an edge gradient.  Here are a couple of new ones.  Please enjoy.


In the first one, the first scenes are of Wook converted into a digital watercolor, but look closely......it dissolves into the real live Wook.  The second goes from a live Wook to a watercolor with edge gradient.  The man is so versatile anyway I figured he wouldn't mind a little "fan fantasy" GIF.  





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WOW!!  Now this is good news: from @cherkell:  "Melting Me Softly" OST Part.3 will feature Ji Chang Wook's reinterpretation of the famous song "When Love Passes By" (사랑이 지나가면)singer Lee Moon Sae....."  I was worried about being able to hear him sing, but I shoulda known better.


I'm still on my 1st Look motorcycle kick, and there is so much information they gave out that I will be happily busy for a very long time.  


Here's Wook just amblin' down the road......that gait would be very well-known just about anywhere in the world.  Just ask any JCW FAN!  



Going back to the beginning of the 1st Look piece, there were quite a few scenes of him getting to the airport in Seoul, then greeting his friends to buy tickets, then getting to Jeju, and so on.  I have to take advantage of some of those moments, too.


ezgif.com-resize.gifonwaytoairport2.gifRounding up the gang for the trip.


More under the spoiler......:ph34r:


ezgif.com-gif-maker.gifonwaytoairport1.gAre there tickets available?  

ezgif.com-resize.gifwithfriendsonwaytojeju.gifYep, tickets available.



More cinemagraphs turned into GIFs.  There must be a shorter name.....I'm thinkin'  *cinegifs.*


I hope you enjoyed the visuals.



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Almost time for me to be able to jump on Viki.com and see this weekend's episodes. 


To fill the time, I collected more cine-gifs to publish here continuing the 1st Look saga of Ji Chang Wook and friends, who do get tickets to Jeju, fight off the rain in Jeju, and finally get a bite to eat......in the rain.  Well, not out IN the rain, but no sun for Wook and friends.  But tomorrow will be another day.  Please enjoy.


They made it to the airport in Jeju.....and wonder about the weather.  More under the spoiler.




ezgif.com-gif-in-jeju-still-raining.gifYes, it is raining in Jeju

ezgif.com-gif-thanks-nasa.gifWook thanks NASA for .....

the very accurate weather report.

ezgif.com-gif-maker-2.gifLet's EAT! (But it's not pork ribs.....wink wink wink;);)




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WELL......That was fast!  Actor Ji (star of the new drama on tvN - Melting Me Softly), has now reached 9.7 million followers on his Instagram.  Congratulations! 



This silhouette is from Actor Ji's character ~ Dong-gyu ~ that he played in the ROK Army musical Shinheung Military School. 

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7 hours ago, cherkell said:

Are we showing our ages by quoting (and remembering) "Then Came Bronson"?

I swear, this stuff gets buried in your subconscious and you don't even remember how it got there! :o  (It could have been worse:  Easy Rider--Get your motor runnin',  ZZTop---Have mercy,  Steppenwolf---Born to be wild, The Wild One.  Wait, that last one is way tooo old.)


Regarding our, uh-mmm…….*maturity*……….it's great to be old enough to know better, but still young enough to not care about the sillier rules, and to realize the truth to the statement that "youth is wasted on the young."  Except for Ji Chang Wook, may he stay young forever!  Youth is not wasted on him.



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  • Jillia changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming Projects: Movie "Punishment" / Upcoming Drama "City Couple’s Way of Love"

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