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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming Projects: Movie "Punishment" / Upcoming Drama "City Couple’s Way of Love"

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As promised, here's more of my 'payback' time. Not wanting to steal Gabby's thunder as she's planning to give a full fan's account of the HK FM, I'm just gonna share what touched/struck me the most at

sharing some snippets from my wookie adventures ...

Hi guys, Can I please have everyone's attention regarding sharing pictures to your individual SNS? This is something Maja and I have come across millions of times when we collect goodies, not just in

Well, it's finally July and that means the JCWook's birthday is soon, July 5th, so I consider, and some others may consider that 1) The first week in July can be JCWookWeek, 2) That July 5 can be JCWookDay, or, heck, the whole month can be JCWookMonth.  I'm open for any of those things.  YAY!  And I don't even want to get into the discussion of how old he really is and by whose standards.  The man is timeless, anyway.  Here's my birthday card.




Happy Birthday on July 5th, 2019 Ji Chang Wook!  And many, many, many more..... Thank you for all that you do.  

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I got to be home today for a holiday (our Independence Day 4th of July) so I had some time to "play" with Ji Chang Wook and all the wonderful new graphics in new magazines, and so I have another birthday offering.  I wish I could say I slaved for days and days to create this oil painting, but.....NO.   This is purely a digital creation.  Ji Chang Wook is quite a powerful muse!  Makes a gal try learn ALL kinds of things:wub:




I can call this picture TRIPLE THREAT because I see that @cherkell has clarified that this birthday is the 33rd, LOL!  And it is really, finally July 5th there, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.  


It is so interesting to see the activities between the various the fan sites, one (JCWDC Fan Gallery) making offerings in his name to a pet shelter, and the combined activities of Dayrock and JCW Philippines to get those cup holders into eager hot little hands.  Thanks for the news @cherkell!

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The ever-industrious Chang Wook was taking it a bit too far, I thought, when he had to work on his birthday by making a public appearance at a marketing event.  Even if it was with the posh Lamborghini crowd, and the Lamborghini companion, Bodyfriend (so aptly named, I think, when paired with Wook).  See @cherkell's 2 entries above.  He certainly fit right in with CEO/chaebol elegance, and of course, his own natural charm.  I bet they sold a bunch due to his presence!  At least to the ladies.


A couple of weeks ago I was idly reading a listing of books and podcasts and one caught my eye about public speaking and body language.  The writers and speakers kept talking about open palms, open palms.......the gist of this is that to win your audience's confidence and trust, a good speaker will always gesture with open palms facing the audience.  It indicates good will, vulnerability, openness  much more so than clenched fists, showing the backs of your hands, or pointing directly at the people.  Anyway, you get the idea.  And I kept thinking: I know of someone who does that a lot, but I couldn't put my finger on who.  I kept worrying at trying to come up with the answer, and then I saw the videos and IGs from Wook's Fan Meeting!  Of course!!  Ji Chang Wook is an open palms kinda guy.  So here's a little GIF to illustrate.  Please enjoy.




The insert isn't technically really a pure GIF.  Instead it is a combination of a fairly new process (at least to me) called a cinemagraph, which is a still picture with an embedded visually arresting simple motion.  I know IGers out there probably are familiar with it, but I don't IG, so I've been trying to come up with ways to do it on my desktop, and finally found some open-source software and good instructions.   For purposes of posting in Soompi, the cinemagraph has to be turned into a GIF.  So here is my first effort; please be kind.  And just go watch Wook singing at his June Fan Meeting!  Check YouTube, Instagram.  You'll immediately feel happier.

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And this morning there is this news:


I get soooo excited about things like this, what am I gonna do when it hits 10 mil?  Or 15 mil?  Guess I'll just have to wait and see.  The waiting will be worth it.  

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