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“The Worst Of Evil” Unveils Complexity Of Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, And Im Se Mi’s Characters In New Previews

“The Worst Of Evil” Unveils Complexity Of Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, And Im Se Mi’s Characters In New Previews


Disney+ has released a sneak peek of the first three episodes of their upcoming series “The Worst of Evil” through preview stills!


Set in the 1990s, “The Worst of Evil” is a crime-action drama about an investigation launched to take down a major cartel based in Gangnam that is responsible for illegal drug trade between Korea, Japan, and China.


Ji Chang Wook will star as Park Joon Mo, a detective who undertakes the dangerous mission of going undercover to infiltrate the Gangnam Alliance and earn the trust of mob boss Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon). The first still captures the compelling presence of Park Joon Mo, a former rural detective now risking his life undercover in pursuit of success and recognition that has thus far eluded him. Additional images show him firmly grasping Jung Ki Chul by the collar and methodically investigating every facet of the case, hinting at his unwavering determination, exceptional observational skills, and agility.






Wi Ha Joon will play Jung Ki Chul, the formidable boss of the Gangnam Alliance, which is the center of Asia’s largest drug trade. Jung Ki Chul is someone who stops at nothing to gain more power and success despite the pains of his past. The released still showcases his commanding charisma and composure amidst tense situations, even during intense confrontations with Park Joon Mo when the latter visits the Gangnam Alliance’s office.





Finally, Im Se Mi portrays Yoo Eui Jung, an elite narcotics officer who is both Park Joon Mo’s wife and Jung Ki Chul’s first love. In the stills, she embodies a perfect blend of sharpness and warmth, as she casts concerned glances toward her husband, Park Joon Mo, who appears to be harboring secrets. Simultaneously, in her role as an elite police officer, she approaches the case with the utmost professionalism and dedication.





“The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27.



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