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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)


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[Eng Sub] 20150711 Entertainment Weekly – Rising Hallyu Star Ji Chang Wook


On 11 July 2015, Ji Chang Wook was featured on a segment of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” program to chat with MC Jo Chung Hyun about his rising Hallyu star, his recent trips to Los Angeles and Hong Kong, a bit of ‘Healer’ talk, his love of football… and why male presenters should never wear short pants on television.   Take a look here!

Continue reading http://jichangwookkitchen.com/2015/07/12/eng-sub-20150711-entertainment-weekly-rising-hallyu-star-ji-chang-wook/

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Guest erminda2671

Wookie's smile makes one have a nice day, his cheerfulness and good views in life shines through,an inspiring one to have a positive views of life,too. Thanks Wookie,that's why i like you a lot!

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It has come to our attention that two people/groups have stolen in their entirety the videos with English subs that were previously posted by Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen, and reposted them on their own YouTube channels and Facebook pages without proper credit. Let it be known that Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen has not given these two channels any permission to reupload or repost these subbed videos in any manner whatsoever.

We work very hard to get videos and other media English-subbed in a timely manner because it's a labour of love and we know our true fans appreciate it. We also know exactly who these violators are who own these YouTube channels and Facebook pages since they both post quite often on Soompi. Messages have been left on these sites demanding you either give credit back to Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen, or remove the subs from your videos, or delete them altogether.

If this egregious behaviour continues, we may have no choice but to put our media output on a subscription service available only through a password... or take even more drastic measures, such as completely shutting down our own YouTube channel.

As you may imagine, we're pretty pissed off over these developments. Don't be that 'one bad apple who spoils the whole bunch.' Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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Guest minksquared

zero.kdh Thanks Wookie on Instagram

11 July 2015


@zero.kdh updated:our ChangWook knew that I'm starting a business,so he wore the glasses and actively promoted for me!and he also sent me a photo of himself~thanks ChangWook,I'll earn a lot of money then treat you beef!
@Jichangwook replied:yeh have to earn lots of money...I'm looking forward to the beef
@zero.kdh replied:Umm...thanks...but now you should treat me...ChangWook ah

Translation credit: jichangwookies IG


Isn't Wookie the sweetest ever! :wub::wub::wub:

Edited by minksquared
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so JCW endorses for ZuZu cosmetics brand? I'm glad he is earning more money. ;)

I wonder why JCW keeps showing Bang manager's face on his IG. Maybe he is dating Bang Chigu. LOL :lol::rolleyes:


Hi, I could say that JCW is one of a bankable stars now. And I feel happy that many blessings are coming his way. :lol:

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Thank you @cherkell for the English subbed of the Entertainment Weekly IV!  Wookie's laughter is so contagious, and it always put a smile on everyone's face everytime we watch him!  And on top of that, his voice is just sexy,  a delight to hear! 

I am just happy with the things that are happenings about him, his hard works are paying off, he is such a kind soul as well for helping his friends in their bussineses!  

Fighting JCW!


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[CF] Ji Chang Wook’s Lonsdale T-shirt designs to be released for sale


As proudly advertised by Ji Chang Wook previously, our wannabe designer’s Lonsdale T-shirts will soon be released for sale! But alas, good things don’t come cheap.

Visit Lonsdale China’s online store at TMall and you will be greeted with a huge image announcing Ji Chang Wook’s carefully prepared “gift to his dearest fans”, albeit not a “gift” in the literal sense (since it’s not free-of-charge).  Here's some tips on how to order!


Continue reading http://jichangwookkitchen.com/2015/07/13/cf-ji-chang-wooks-lonsdale-t-shirt-designs-to-be-released-for-sale/

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Mod edit: please do not quote videos!
Omg i can't stop...hahahaha 

super handsome and cute!

Lee Min-ho ranked top for acting performances followed by Ji Chang-wook

Who is the winner in the acting performances survey competition by TopStarNews? The winner of the top 8 tournament has been decided.

The final winner is Lee Min-ho with Ji Chang-wook as the runner-up.

Lee Min-ho won 54900 votes and Ji Chang-wook won 44303. As the total number of votes suggest, it was a big match.

This voting competition for actors was as competitive as the previous competition for idol stars.

skip unrelated

Mod edit: please do not quote images!

Messages for Ji Chang-wook

# 3759 Participant

Actor Ji Chang-wook, you do your best with everything, acting performances, musicals, just to name a few. I'm rooting for you. Your appearance, voice, personality, and your acting performance, which is the best. Fighting, Ji Chang-wook, you'll expand your realm into the global community on and on. Good luck with your Hong Kong fan meeting. Actor Ji Chang-wook, full of passion and integrity. The reason you can pull off any characters is thanks to your acting performance. I'd like to see you soon in your next project. Ji Chang-wook, fighting.

# 3817 Participant
He is not an one-hit wonder overnight. His acting ability is derived from the inner talent accumulated through performances. An actor, who has reached this far based on his own efforts step by step. This is why I'm proud of you, actor Ji even more.

# 2848 Participant
A passionate actor who has been establishing his acting performance skills step by step. An actor, who always treasure his fans, dealing with his fans one by one with his warm heart... An actor who is always loved. I cheer for you. Actor Ji! Be always healthy. Even under the busy schedule, you never lose your smiles. I'm touched by your efforts. I love you so so much♡♡

# 4231 Participant
The facial expressions, your eyes, gestures and your everything don't let our eyes turn away from you. You're the real actor. No need to say more. Actor Ji Chang-wook, you're the real actor, who knows to treasure people.

# 5455 Participant
An actor equipped with the look, singing ability, personality and of course the superb acting skills! I believe you're the only actor who can move people with both musicals and dramas. I'm always rooting for you. I'd like to see you in your next project soon

link: http://www.hancinema.net/lee-min-ho-ranked-top-for-acting-performances-followed-by-ji-chang-wook-83746.html


JCW is #1 to me!!

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This is Ji Chang Wook FM in Hong Kong! :wub:

wow...JCW so good looking...the most handsome Korean actor...more than [deleted]....

Sweetie, please remember that no photos nor videos are to be quoted in Soompi threads due them being duplicative and a total bandwidth suck on the system.  (Yes, even with the new platform, things are still as slow as molasses In January).  So please go back into your posts and edit them to take out the pictures and videos.  Your fellow Thread Readers on mobile devices will greatly appreciate it!  :D

Also per the Soompi Rules, PLEASE no bashing of other actors.  Your comment about 'that other actor' is not appropriate in this thread.

For everyone new posting in here, I would suggest reading the Soompi Rules and Regulations here: Soompi General Rules  Actor & Actress Forum Rules

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[Magazine] Marie Claire Korea, May 2015 Issue – Ji Chang Wook’s Time


Ji Chang Wook, who continues to be busy each day even though his drama has ended, put a halt to everything for a while and went to Bali for a holiday. This is idle time in a long while. 


I sat down for an interview with Ji Chang Wook at a peaceful Bali resort where the sound of the strong waves can be heard. It was almost a month after “Healer” ended. Even though the gruelling filming schedule had ended, he still had a busy week doing interviews, and also showed up at various events. An event that was held overseas was even cancelled because of safety reasons as too many fans had gathered. During his spare time, he had meetings for his projects, and also did performances of his musical “The Days” in the provinces. He ate and drank with friends whom he did not get to meet up when he was busy, and even went on a short trip with a close brother. In the midst of such busy days, he left for a holiday in Bali where the rainy season has passed and the place was steadily getting hotter.

Continue reading http://jichangwookkitchen.com/2015/07/16/magazine-marie-claire-korea-may-2015-issue-ji-chang-wooks-time/

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Guest erminda2671

Wookie really deserved to hve a good,relaxingr and looong break for once he started to work again , he really work to death ,endorsements, musical play, kdrama and even moviesmovies.

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  • Guest changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Current Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming Project: Movie "Punishment" (in post-production)
  • cherkell changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)

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