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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)


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omg i LOVE those pics of Wookie at Gangnam Tourist Center...he and his slick back hair will be the death of me #fangirlmodeon

I totally want that mud designed by JCW, his kindergarten-like art is so precious.

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can i ask for a favor to anyone who knows.. please tell me, all Actor Ji magazine photo shoots, magazine name and date? please? jebal? :sweatingbullets: 'cause i'm still amazed by finding new photos from the past.. i'm nearly a year for being a fan of him but i'm not like cherkell heheh who became fan in his first days of being an actor.. please, i wanna know him more through it.. can somebody know it all? heheh i ask this 'cause i click random k actor and i see it in his profile the list of his magazine photoshoots and front cover.. thank you chingus.. kamsahamnida!! :D

​As far as I know, there is no known 'bibliography' of his magazine photoshoots to date.  We're trying to put that together as a reference point for The Kitchen, but as you may imagine, it is a daunting and monumental task since his photoshoots range all the way back to late 2007.  It's a work in progress that we hope to finalize by the end of 2015 or early 2016.  *fingers crossed*

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Is this a poll for Ji Chang Wook vs. Lee Jong Suk ? I don't understand much, but it looks like JCW has won by a landslide.


Anyone knows what the voting is for?

​Actually, Wook is losing by a landslide right now, but this voting does not end until 17 June.  This is one of those stupid polls put out by TopStarNews (KRANK means "K-rank") to rate that "other guy" against uri Wook in "acting ability" (whatever the hell that means).  But as you can see, these polls mean nothing to the world except taking away valuable coin out of little fangirl hands via SNS voting charges... and this is why Wook has always told his true fans not to waste their hard-earned money on something so insignificant.  *hmpf*

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​Hi, thanks for sharing the picture. Konus...........I guess this is a new brand, huh? NICE that it's gaining momentum in the Korean market. To check out Konus's official online store, with affordable items ranging between $50 to $200, click here! :P

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Update from Glorious, Wookie for Ceci! :wub:


Hidden Content

cr Glorious ent.

​*** Thanks for sharing this picture from the C-magazine capture, which marks its 7th anniversary. CeCi China usually features popular celebrities. JCW looks dandy and chic. You just can't stop his growing popularity overseas. :P

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omg! i miss the drawings :tears: can someone or somebody can pm it to me? heheh



@cherkell thank you. you are one of the reliable fan of actor ji :) :D




thank you for the updates chingus:wub:

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[NEW] 2015.04.26 Ji Chang Wook Travelled to ChangSha, China

Photos by Muzzy
Owner's request: 【照片禁二改,禁商用,禁去LOGO,,转载注明出处!】【Don't edit the pics, no commericial use, no removing logo and take out with full credit !】【2차 가공 금지입니다!】




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Ji Chang Wook for "The Days" Jeju! :wub:

photos by JI_marylee










owner's request: 【禁去LOGO禁二改,禁加微博水印!Please DON'T cut the logo and modify the picture. No adding Weibo's watermark

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  • Guest changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Current Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming Project: Movie "Punishment" (in post-production)
  • cherkell changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)

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