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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)


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Photos by anyaxxi
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Interrupting the LA JCW's Craze with a little bit of outdated Mu Young. :)


^ That'll be me sulking through Ji Chang Wook not being able to see him in person. *sniffles*



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@Ahpheng: thanks again for your work. I really like them. And you know, I fall in love with this one “This is  Andy Warhol …Why do I see Ji Chang Wook everywhere” :D. I can feel that feeling just by reading your words. Love it! :wub:


And our Wookie' s still in LA. Every moments are precious, it's good to read your thought, experience when coming all the way to LA to see him. Thank you everyone!

@sia3: welcome you "interrupting" us with more goodies or any news about our Puppy. :wub:

Omo...his smiling, his gaze, his cuteness...:wub:

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Guest minksquared

Totally welcome the little distraction @sia3 when it's more Changwook goodies you're sharing! :) Love this set you shared btw!

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Guest minksquared

@nulshop shared this picture of Changwook at Konus photoshoot. Hope to see clearer pictures soon :)


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Lol my poor baby.he's got d hics.we ve all experienced it. its troubling.

@renaoh lol I noticed the swollen lips but no no no,uri puppy is not allowed to kiss anyone(except me tho and me alone). *smacks head* lol he needs more rest. 

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Guest minksquared


Couple more pictures of Chang Wook's arrival in LA









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My fan account from Thursday The Line Hotel is above. I don't know why it ended up in the Hidden Content tab.


Hi Everyone!  Here's my fan account from Thursday at The Line Hotel. Hee! Hee! For me the best part was meeting other fans and "fan-girling."  I consider it a fun experience in of itself. :D If I had the day off work the next day, I would have hung around to chat with and get to know other Wookie fans - maybe even join Cherkell for soft tofu - but I had to get back home.

Basically I drove 2.5 hours in traffic and brought along a friend to LA. Due to work, I couldn't get there earlier. We had dinner reservations on the 2nd floor of the hotel at a restaurant called The Commissary at 7pm.  On the 2nd floor of the hotel, on one side, there was the black KONUS backdrop where guests take pictures and a check-in desk for invitees. On the other side of the hotel, was the restaurant The Commissary (greenhouse outdoor garden-like setting) which has pretty good food. We liked the french dip sandwich with horseradish best among the 6 dishes ordered. It goes well with fries, which is a separate order.

Anyways, in general, the fans were really respectful and nice and tried not to get in the way of the event on both the 1st and 2nd floor. I initially waited for him on the 2nd floor and chatted with fans, but finished dinner (and thank you to @crazis), came down to the 1st floor before our Wookie made his grand entrance. My friend said he came into the hotel lobby at about 8:45 pm. I was right at the elevators so I could see him enter and walk all the way towards me and into the elevators. Since my camera was taking poor quality photos, I decided to not even try to take a picture. Anyways, there was maybe 20-30? fans on both sides where he walked through with 2 large security guards flanking him at both sides. 

When I saw him, it was a 'Boys over Flowers' moment. If you watch the drama, there's the part where the F4 walk into the entrance of the school, and there is a bright light emanating from the F4. When he walked in, I was like 'Wow, he is so handsome.'  I had never seen him in person before. Too handsome that he looked unreal. He had flawless porcelain skin and a slightly orange hue to his hair. I was going to say, 'Ji Chang Wook bae woo nim, hwanyoung hab ni da,' which means 'Actor Ji Chang Wook welcome here,' but instead it came out as, 'Oppa anyeong.'  He looked at me and mouthed 'neh'. Then he got into the elevator.  I followed him up on a different elevator onto the 2nd floor and stared at him from the back. Then he was in the chcck-in area of the event and quickly went through a door that leads to the event room, I suppose. Anyways, he has a small face, and is more lanky and slender than I imagined, but he was wearing black, a somewhat loose fitting black jacket. Also to me, he looked to be about 5'10" to 6' but I'm leaning more towards the lower range. Since his security guards were large, it's hard to tell. He also looked a lot younger than I imagined. But he's probably the most beautiful-looking human I've ever laid eyes on.

I'm sure @cherkell and @cmoirae's account will be more interesting than mine given my limited time with him. Anyhow, it was nice meeting up with fellow fans and maybe next time I'll get to meet the rest of our soompi group here. :)


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Awww thanks @cookiesncream123 . glad u saw him.

Waiting for other detailed updates from u ladies.

So I checked puppy's IG and d hiccup video has over 6k comments.I ve been laughing so hard at d comments.so funny.

"Oppa,marry me". *scoffs*

"Oppa, u are so adorable.. Awww"

"Lol pinnochio syndrome"

"Poor baby but u are so cute"

And there are doctors too giving advise.

"Take lots of water,if that doesn't work, do shock therapy. U can also try acupuncture"

"Darling,go see a doctor" 

Mellina : its not that serious ppl ​:D

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Guest minksquared

@cookiesncream123 thank you so much for the fan account! I'm imagining myself in your shoes and ahhhhhh the feels!:wub::wub: you managed to even say oppa anyeong. ...I would have stood there  dumbstrucked, and would probably need help to get my jaw back up from gaping at him :o thanks for sharing again! :wub:

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Guest jfk707

They are filming around art district in downtown LA . That photo was taken at zinc restaurant.


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Thanks @cookiesncream123 for sharing your experience!! I hope to meet him very soon in real life too.. :) I think I would also get "Boys Over Flowers" effect.. hahaha

His hiccup Instavid is soo cute!! The first thing came to my mind is he's having Pinocchio Syndrome.. LOL (Pinocchio n Healer are good dramas last year)

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  • Guest changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Current Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming Project: Movie "Punishment" (in post-production)
  • cherkell changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)

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