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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming: Drama "The Sound of Magic" ("Annarasumanara") / Movie "Hard Hit"/"Restricted Call" (released 23 June 2021)

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@qwenli @CherKell so sorry to hear the "mismanagement" from Sohu/organizers. I hope it won't stop JCW going to China anymore... and not make him lose his fans in China. He already reached 1,6 mill weibo followers, in just few months!

Anyway he looks so radiant in all of the pictures.. I'm so jealous of the Chinese fans who can see him from close distance...

Anyway speaking of travelling guitar..

cr: Dayrock (Five Fingers BTS)

It's always messed up my head when he's so cute and funny during "Five Fingers" BTS, but really irritating in the drama.. Btw @sia3 have you watched FF?



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As promised, here's more of my 'payback' time. Not wanting to steal Gabby's thunder as she's planning to give a full fan's account of the HK FM, I'm just gonna share what touched/struck me the most at

Hi guys, Can I please have everyone's attention regarding sharing pictures to your individual SNS? This is something Maja and I have come across millions of times when we collect goodies, not just in

sharing some snippets from my wookie adventures ...

What I am sharing here is a notice written by the JCW Baidu Tieba administrators. For those of you who just want to look at pretty pictures and dont want anything serious, please skip this post.

I just wanted to translate this incase there are any koreans or DC people who popped by here, so at least they can have an understanding of what happened to that China fan gathering.


Actually, Tieba’s had no option but to announce a fan’s gathering earlier on even though the actual event was a Souhu organised fan meeting.

About a month ago, Souhu contacted the people who managed the JCW Tieba, informing us that they are planning a JCW fan gathering and a Healer celebration event. The quota of attendees for the fan gathering will be given to JCW Tieba and they hope Tieba will organise the registration of fans. At the same time, they requested Tieba not to divulge anything regarding the event before anything is confirmed and announced officially by them.

Hence during these two weeks, JCW Tieba administrators assisted in the necessary preparation and provided required information.

Originally on Apr 24th we planned to inform via Tieba and Weibo about this event after the organiser officially publicised it. We had even prepared the relevant notification and registration notice. In addition, in order to console fans that couldn’t register, we even wanted to do a lucky draw where we would give out calendars.


However, on the 24th, the news that came to us was not a happy news that we can announced the event. After the organiser discussed the matter with the relevant departments, in order to prevent safety issues and to avoid overcrowding, we were requested NOT to announce anything. In addition, there is a quota for attendees. The organiser will provide a 300sqm area and if each person is to occupy 2 sqm, there can only be 150 attendees. If anyone post on Tieba regarding this matter, the relevant department will check how many people respond to that post and take that number as the number of people who will attend and cancel the event. The organiser reiterated, there must be orderly behaviour and not be any commotion. Otherwise it will be difficult to run the event. Perhaps some will question, why are fan meetings ok for large crowd to gather? Fan meetings are commercially ticketed events so the situation is different.

Since we cant announced it via Weibo or release any news, how do we gather 150 fans? In the end, we decide to gather fans via a fan gathering. The organiser also agreed to this. In the relevant communication, we have also hinted that the actor will attend. However we were still very worried whether if we can gather 150 fans and if we don’t, would the actor be very disappointed.

What we didn’t expect is, after communicating about the fan gathering, many guessed and commented that the actor must be coming. Within an hour, more than 200 people registered. In order not to affect this event, we had no choice but to delete the post about the fan gathering.

In terms of the entire situation and the possible aftermath, all parties who involved in this event were aware of it. Hence all parties including Tieba, kept mum about JCW recent trip to China till the end.

Some say we can also talk about this in chat groups to gather fans but this method is risky. Please forgive us for staying silent even though these few days many has openly criticised Tieba for not revealing the news and even accused us of embezzling the attendee quota or for being selfish for not sharing the news and not creating buzz for the actor. We really wanted to share the joy with everyone and for everybody to show support for him, but we really cant do so due to our own selfish reasons and affect the actor’s work. However small the chances of danger there be, we cannot risk affecting the actor’s schedule.

Due to various reasons, there are people who registered but dropped out, so we had to constantly reorganise the names and up until 9am on 30th morning then we confirmed the last attendee.

In the morning of the event, we were informed that the relevant departments will be onsite to monitor us, so we need to strictly maintain order. As the fans arrived, many were gathering in the Souhu building, Tieba administrators and friends who came to help were already preparing the placards for supporting the actor. When Souhu requested for fans to wait outside, we had no choice but move everything outdoors. In addition, we were informed by the relevant department that we cannot bring any tripod, liquid, food and umbrella into the area. They didn’t inform us of these earlier.

For the actual event, we divided the work and some distributed snacks, some distributed placards and some did the registration and gave out the souhu attendance bracelets and waited for the arrival of the flower wreaths while coordinating with the organiser.

Some fans who didn’t register came and enquire if they could take part, if there were people who couldn’t come at the last minute. However because the namelist has already been submitted to the relevant department, the attendees identification will be verified so we couldn’t add to the list.

At 12.30pm, security scanning commenced. There were two checks, the first was to verify the personal identity card of the person entering and to give out the Souhu event entry bracelet. Next, our bags were checked and if the things are cleared than we could enter.

The event was very stringent, the staff on site requested fans not to seat down and because we couldn’t bring liquid items in, everyone was tired and thirsty. With regards to all these, we were all helpless. When we verified before the event, we were indeed told that we can bring water and food. We really couldn’t do anything because Tieba are not the organiser of the event.


However what we were really shocked about was that the actual event lasted only 10 minutes, It was entirely different from the original duration told to us. We only got to know at the last minute. We were informed that the haste was due to safety issues. The relevant department requested for the event to be cancelled or shortened. There was supposed to be a Q & A segment by fans and a football session, but these were cancelled.

As above, these are the explanation of what happened for the event on Apr 30th.

Written by the adminstrators of JCW Baidu Tieba.


Personally, I am just thankful that I dont live in China. Also it is not easy being the head or the administrators of a fanclub, the person dont get paid but takes all the blame when things goes wrong. I feel really sorry for them. @cherkell if you have any line to the Koreans, please put in a good word for the person who leads the Baidu tieba. Personally I think they have done alot and kept their end of the promise of keeping everything under wraps but they are now receiving alot of flak from other fans who think the news were not shared with them. I mean among foreign fans, we knew how chaotic the last Shanghai trip was, so I think everyone just erred on the side of safety to keep the news embargoed for the current trip. 

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Owner's request:【照片禁二改,禁去LOGO,转载注明出处 Don't edit the pics and take out with the full credit】


Absolutely gorgeous, everyone!!! (tagging refused to work) [色][色][色]




source: Muzzy

Ah hahaha, the answer is no. I...er... am still watching EK. LOL! I made progress though! 7 episodes left! I'm at the depressing part where he and Nyangie drifted apart. Gaaahhhh, don't bully my Paeha, writer-nim! Anyway, I came across some beauuuuu-ti-ful EK gifs! He looks gorgeous, nicely made gifs. ^ ^

I most likely won't tackle FF; I don't know if you had read my previous post in old Soompi, but I couldn't handle the ending, and there are just way too much crying. I did get / was intrigued by his crying scenes from the gifs, but then if everyone is going to cry so many times in one episode - it's annoying. I also don't like the vibe I get from episode 1 and 30. It's a pity because I'm actually a person who enjoy classical music, it'd be awesome if FF is a show like Nodame Cantabile (J-version I mean) and minus all the makjang. Man, now that I think about it... would have been awesome too if he plays Chiaki! OHMEHGOD, loveeeee. *Imagination running wild*

--- xxx ---

By the way, I've been meaning to ask what is Paeha? Is it Korean word for Yuan Dynasty's 大汗 (Da Han), i.e. a title that's equivalent to a Chinese emperor?

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I feel that my heart is going to explode with so many new updates of puppy :wub:

I can't get enough. 

Thanks for all the updates.

Ps. I'm still lost with the temporary forum -_-

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Quoting posts is not working again, so @qwenli: the Baidu Bar notice was already translated into Korean and posted on JCW DC.  That's where I saw it first, since there are several native Chinese now living in Korea that have been very instrumental in passing along lots of the Chinese activities through the DC Gallery.  And for that, I applaud their efforts because my brain is full and learning Mandarin and Cantonese is physically impossible. :D

I hope everyone basically understands the pressure some of us are under when it comes to the dissemination of fandom information.  We do not hold back on certain items unless we have express instructions to do so; it's just the nature of the beast to keep those confidential parts still confidential.  (And there are bits n' bobs that I will take to my grave.)  The Tieba Organisers were only following instructions from SohuTV, and for them to get such immense grief from other fans is quite unnerving (ESPECIALLY after being yanked around like that by SohuTV).  Did these "fans" who insisted they were being unfairly kept out of the loop want to go through another Shanghai episode where he would not appear at all because of safety issues?  I would think NOT.  *sigh*

Hopefully this will all settle down to a dull roar now that he has safely returned home.  But if this situation escalates beyond where it is now, the Korean Fans are more than happy to help to diffuse any tensions going forward.  Keep us posted!   :wub:

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haha why did he carry He Jiong? 

Wookie and his cute dancing never fail to make me laugh. I'm still waiting for HD photos from IdealType, he looked heavenly handsome in those angelic shoots :wub:

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With the flood of pictures these days, actually I feel like I have seen him in real. I’m so happy these days and can’t stop smiling with his cuteness. Thanks again for your efforts, @Maja, @sia3 and everyone sharing your thoughts here :x. @CherKell, @Gabby: we’ve been waiting for your updating and translation when any news coming :x

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

There was some PTS in the studio right after his trip to China, right? I think we have some reveal soon in the next week. And then, keep waiting for the Happy Camp show.

I miss him already, but it’s okey. Our hard-working boy really needs to take a good rest, and his team too. I love them all.

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