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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Current Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming: Movie "Restricted Call" (anticipated release May 2021)

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Time for more Motorcycle Diary cinegraphs and pictures.  Please enjoy...



ezgif.com-gifimokshirttoo.gifI'm OK....really.  The shirt is torn, but I'm OK.ezgif.com-guyonabike.gif








The great thing about cinegraphs as opposed to regular GIFs is that, with the right software,  you can control different parts of the picture in different ways.  In the first two cinegifs (my invented name for them) in the first pic (I'm OK) ONLY JCW is moving.  Well, the car is moving too, but the other person is motionless.   In the second picture I chose for JCW to be motionless.


One of the simplest, and FREE, software utility programs is put out by Microsoft.  It's called BLINK Cliplets, and is available from the Microsoft Store; there is one program for desktop PCs and one for mobiles.  


Below are more cinegifs from 1st Look.


Confab with the Motorcycle staff from 1st Look





Confab with the Camera guru from 1st Look





Ji Chang Wook, his wingman, and the rest of the motorcade.






Next time I post it is going to be with pictures, GIFs, cinegraphs, and other wonderful things from the tvN drama, Melting Me Softly....Wooo Hooo!

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As promised, here's more of my 'payback' time. Not wanting to steal Gabby's thunder as she's planning to give a full fan's account of the HK FM, I'm just gonna share what touched/struck me the most at

Hi guys, Can I please have everyone's attention regarding sharing pictures to your individual SNS? This is something Maja and I have come across millions of times when we collect goodies, not just in

sharing some snippets from my wookie adventures ...

On 11/24/2019 at 7:03 AM, TGMS49 said:

I wish some writer would pen a drama that would highlight JCW's love of motorcycles or a military story or where fans could see his great athletic skills. Dream on....

I REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE HE WILL DO ACTION AGAIN. AS I THINK ACTION GENRE FITS HIM THE BEST. But some said, he did mention K2 might be his last action drama. He seems not keen to do action drama anymore. (can someone clarify this). i keep reading ppl said he said those. 

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Aaaahhh!   So Wook has won "an additional individual award as "AAA Best Actor" at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards!"  So sweet!  Couldn't happen to a nicer and more deserving guy.  He works hard to maintain his craft and is always improving on his skillset; his work ethic is unbelievably strong.  And this award couldn't come at a more opportune time.....he must be so proud!!  I am so happy for him.  I took a look at some of the pictures and videos coming in on Instagram and and The Kitchen and he looks wonderful, as usual.  


 I'm here playing with some dynamite images from Melting Me Softly:

Here's Chang Wook's "alter ego", TV Variety Producer Ma Dong Chan who got his award for being a hard-driving individualist and idealist.  Because somebody has to be "that idiot."



Even if he has to do it all by himself.



But things like this get him AWARDS!

See under the spoiler 









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Whoa! It's THAT time again....another increase in the IG followers, and of course, the AAA Artist Award.  This is for you, Actor Ji.


I've been wracking my brain to try to figure out/fix why these IG entries show up black, and the only thing I can find that causes it is that the size of the file exceeds expectations, either Soompi's or Instagram's.  Applying the suggested fixes don't seem to work, so I guess in the future I'll just have to produce a smaller file size.  But, I get so carried away that I overdo.....:mrgreen::naughty:  Just click on the arrow and you will see the IG and hear it play.

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On 11/29/2019 at 12:46 AM, Mai Stars said:

I've been wracking my brain to try to figure out/fix why these IG entries show up black, and the only thing I can find that causes it is that the size of the file exceeds expectations, either Soompi's or Instagram's. 


Remove a few frames prior to the start of the video so that an image shows first and not a black screen. 


On 11/25/2019 at 12:34 PM, liltash85 said:

He seems not keen to do action drama anymore. (can someone clarify this).


In one of his post-series interviews after "Fabricated City" was released, Wook said "Now, I will stop with this movie and I wish to rest for the time being. Honestly, my body is very tired. I really felt like dying when I started on “The K2” after I finished filming this movie (laughs)."


On 11/24/2019 at 5:39 AM, Mai Stars said:

Even though THE DRAMA is over, he is still busy, entertaining, traveling, shooting CFs!!!  I have a question for @cherkell sunbae for whenever she has time, and/or the answer.  No rush....but any idea when the DVD will be available? 


I've been reading the Korean feeds and it looks like there have been no requests for a MMS DVD set release.  If that changes at all, I'll report back.


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I have the pleasure of recapping some delightful visuals from Episode 2 of Melting Me Softly.  I entitle this one: "Are you listening to me?"


Under the spoiler is an excerpt from the madcap dinner scene on the yacht, showing the slightly off-key chanteuse in the background.  This one could be titled "Despite your flawless appearance, you are not smart,"  a line that never fails to make me LOL.  




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It's time for some excerpts from Episode 3 of Melting Me Softly!


I hope that in the days, months, and years to come, if you are a committed Ji Chang Wook fan, that these entries in Soompi are not all you have to acquaint yourself with this incredible actor and this satirical drama.  I hope that the CANCEL Culture raging currently in all walks of life all over the globe has not taken its complete toll on what is important to you in the seemingly simply world of entertainment, and has not deprived you of the availability to purchase professional DVDs of this drama so that you can see it in its entirety instead of having to hunt for random entries on YouTube and weird offerings like this from this rabid Fan!


In Episode 3 Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran have been unfrozen by a "sleepwalking" Professor Hwang, who has fallen back into a coma after waking them up.  They are on their own, but gravitate back to their families and friends, some of whom are competent, and some of whom are not.  Here are some highlights. mms-ep3-sit.-1.gif

Ma Dong Chan finds out from "friends" about those who have died in the 20 years of his cryogenic sleep. Of especial importance is the myth of the professor's death.


See more under the spoiler: 



Go Mi Ran is particularly P.O.ed at Dong Chan and lets him know....in no uncertain terms, that the missing 20 years of her life will have to be dealt with.



One wonderful thing about Actor Ji is his expressive hands and gestures.  See for yourself when he realizes that all of his apologies don't go very far with Go Mi Ran, and even less far with his own internal realization of his new age and vulnerability.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey.

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This time it is going to be a recap of Melting Me Softly, Episode 4, which is a busy and pivotal game-changing episode.  Please enjoy.


Ma Dong Chan and Ha Yeoung finally plan a meeting and are eager with anticipation.


More under the spoiler: 





MiRan and Ma Dong Chan discussing "what might have been" except Dong Chan only favors the odds, not the wishes and the dreams.  They quibble and challenge each other relentlessly....for now.




The ugly truth starts to come out.  No one looked for Ma Dong Chan when he went missing....NO ONE!


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On to a recap of Melting Me Softly, Episode 5. 


At the beginning of Ep. 4, the two were quietly but happily anticipating a "meeting"; anything might have happened.  But...in the interim Ma Dong Chan finds out that NO ONE, and that includes her, ever looked for him or told the authorities he was missing.   I think it goes without saying, he was devastated.  Episode 5 opens with him confronting her with her perfidy!  



The drama has to go forward from here, so the tone lightens somewhat.  There is so much happening in Ep. 5 that I have had trouble screening for the important bits, but anyway,  here goes....



MiRan wants some compensation for 20 years of frozen solitude, so, among other things, the job she requests is granted.  The two bicker and butt heads, but MiRan's "entertainment trauma" will be salvaged. The two are still at odds both on a personal and professional level...


More under the spoiler: 




Even as the two argue, Dong Chan relents a little when he realizes MiRan may be facing some serious problems that any "job" TBO gives her may not fix.  He suddenly becomes solicitous, wondering if she is physically OK.



He passes on the bad news about the problems they both have with body temperature....they are both now cold-natured and any major  upward deviation of body temperature could be FATAL!   


The mood of the drama needs to lighten again, so next we see Ma Dong Chan looking for MiRan on their college campus; he sees her with some attractive and attentive male colleagues and is suddenly very aware of her as a "female" person and not just a guilty problem that he must atone for.  The plot begins to thicken....and twist, and hum, and make use of Actor Ji's skill in illuminating what it means to have "melo eyes."  


This is not all of Episode 5.  More on the way.  Stay tuned.  Add your observations.  Since most people who said they didn't like this drama also said they couldn't finish it, then I am assuming that anyone still reading at this point actually liked (!) the drama and can add to the discussion in a positive way!

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Time to finish up Episode 5 of Melting Me Softly.  This episode has captivated me much too much; I need to "get a grip," get tough, and just cover the highlights!!  Yeah.  Like that's gonna happen when Ji Chang Wook is involved.  




It is becoming increasingly clear that Ma Dong Chan is....interested...in Go Mi Ran. Vitally interested.


More under the spoiler:


As it usually happens when humans want their lives to go one way, actual events do not oblige.  As the two plan some TBO Entertainment corporate research, two other hopeless and simple thugs kidnap them to kill them to satisfy the bad guy who cannot withstand any truth coming out about the frozen human research project.  



Left in the middle of nowhere, probably in the dead of summer, Dong Chan and Mi Ran wander but get overheated, Mi Ran more so.  This of course brings out every protective instinct in Dong Chan, though he, too, is well beyond his danger point.




Nevertheless, Dong Chan is going to get "his"lady to safety....so they get to a hospital where he continues to protect her with the tenacity and perseverance he has always been known for; after she is safe, he takes care of his own health needs by cooling off in the only way that Dong Chan/Chang Wook can find on short notice.  What a guy!







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Hey, @cherkell!  Glad you are back on Twitter for JCW.  Was it something you said? 


I'm back now to recap Melting Me Softly, Ep. 6, wherein Captain Korea is born!  



Every one wants a piece of Ma Dong Chan since he spilled the beans about the frozen human project (but did so without revealing any of the sleazy and cowardly people who most definitely DIDN'T have his back.)  


And he grows closer and closer to Mi Ran, realizing that of all the people in the world, only the two of them share a most-common destiny; and he keeps assuming the responsibility for it.




More under the spoiler: The first one is one of the most interesting scenes involving the whole Ma Family and I call it Bottles on a Squid Line:


Dong Chan always knew his family was a little odd, while he was the steady one, but now the differences between them are beginning to wear on him. 


Later on at TBO he is approached by a news reporter who is trying to verify a very odd fact concerning Dong Chan and his special skill:


I personally think it is one of the funniest scenes in the entire drama, and I love the interaction between the gullible reporter and the hard-headed realistic Dong Chan.  Another timely, current satirical dig at the present state of journalism?  


At dinner with family he tries again to connect with his precocious niece but gets routed, is dumbfounded by modern-day interpretations of much-loved old fairy tales.  It seems he is becoming more and more cynical as the days go by as he is confronted more and more with facts about how the world has changed, and to him, not for the better, as he had so hoped.



There is one last indignity he has to face.  His old flame Ha Yeong,  once the love of his life, but the one who abandoned him while he was frozen, has decided to try to overcome his reluctance to trust her again, and shows up with a plan:




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