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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Completed Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" (still airing on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming: Movie "Hard Hit" (anticipated release July 2021)

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As promised, here's more of my 'payback' time. Not wanting to steal Gabby's thunder as she's planning to give a full fan's account of the HK FM, I'm just gonna share what touched/struck me the most at

Hi guys, Can I please have everyone's attention regarding sharing pictures to your individual SNS? This is something Maja and I have come across millions of times when we collect goodies, not just in

sharing some snippets from my wookie adventures ...

@minksquared don't eventl tell me bout that lucky girl. Thinking about it makes me wanna go to HK to...well...I dunno what I will do,I will just tell her to tell me everything that happened there and then tell her to stay away from my man.:tears:

omo,I love all the pictures. Especially his rocker look. Saving spree loading.

Thanks for the pictures.

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Thank you all for the high quality pics of the fan meeting!!!

@minksquared Thank you sooooo much for the translation!!!! 

@mrsyooknit Squeeeeeeeeeee for the beanie kiss 

Wah! I wanna be at the hong kong fan meeting. Grateful for all the pics and fancams. 

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Thank you to everyone for those pics!!! I love all of them!  He is really gorgeous in whatever things he wears!  And i think he is so inspired for many reasons!!! Looking at the pics of the fan meeting, he and the production team has put a lot of effort in making it worthy for all the fans who attended!  You have worked hard JCW and you deserved all the accolades!!!

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*posting from heaven*

Nope,that's not Adam Levine, that is wookie going all "rock" on us.

And..he's wearing a james freaking dean.

*whistling in heaven as my mind go blank* 

♪♪how do I breath without you here by my side ♪♪

Thank you ladies for the lovely pictures. :)

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Some videos of the fan meeting :wub:

thanks to Bonnie Yong https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUpSlSaucznvJKsH9JlGDg 

and personally_simple https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCatuwyBJDIIS9IedR8wtBzw


The days


Running accross the sky


I will protect you

I think about you


Salang Si Le Wo :D

Fairy tale (Chinese song)

I'm sorry


His letter to fans at the end


(there are other videos: interaction with fans etc.. from these Youtube links ^^)

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[HD] Drinking Salty Coffee for Fan

Photos by Bow

Modification of images in anyway, removal of logo and commercial use are all strictly prohibited!

Wookie offered to drink the rest of the salty coffee for fan, and these are the faces he made after drinking it because it was just wayyyy too salty, hahaha!



...and many more Ji Chang Wook!


Love the big wide smile



RS claimed


Grabbing gifts off the fans at the end of the FM...

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This is Ji Chang Wook FM in Hong Kong! :wub:

photos by winniethe-fung






photos by Charm Wood

So Cute! :wub: Is this how you "twirk it like Milley"?! :D:D













Please do not edit the images or cut out the logo and not for commercial use!

Edited by Maja
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Ji Chang Wook updated IG and Weibo! :wub:



안녕 !! 너무 고맙고 항상 사랑해 ee80a2.png 좋은 추억 을 남기고 다시 집 으로 돌아 갑니다 ee8486.png 조만간 또 만나ee9084.pngee8091.pngee8091.png


Rough trans:

Weibo: Annyeong !! Always so grateful so much love ee80a2.png Will go back home with good memoriesee8486.png  See you again soon ee9084.png ee8091.pngee8091.png

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  • Guest changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Current Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming Project: Movie "Punishment" (in post-production)
  • cherkell changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Completed Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" (still airing on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming: Movie "Hard Hit" (anticipated release July 2021)

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