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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Completed Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" (still airing on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming: Movie "Hard Hit" (anticipated release July 2021)

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As promised, here's more of my 'payback' time. Not wanting to steal Gabby's thunder as she's planning to give a full fan's account of the HK FM, I'm just gonna share what touched/struck me the most at

Hi guys, Can I please have everyone's attention regarding sharing pictures to your individual SNS? This is something Maja and I have come across millions of times when we collect goodies, not just in

sharing some snippets from my wookie adventures ...

@sia3 Don't worry, your post turned out just fine. Thanks for the fast update as always!!

@Maja aww love your new avatar. I'm still waiting for full HD photos from KWave, maybe it's time to change my profile pic too ^^

So excited for the fanmeeting tomorrow even if i will not be there T__T. Hopefully there will be lots of fan accounts and fancams (if they are allowed) kkk

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Where are the fan cams? I doubt we'll get any from the japan fanmeeting (noticed that fancams aren't as common in japan with other artists that i've been following) so I'm counting on our hong kong wookie lovers to pull through :P

Hi everyone! I've been a silent lurker here for quite awhile. But felt it's a bit of 'pay back' time for me for all the lovely info n updates u guys have been posting so well so far. 

So for starters, @cookiesncream123, and basically everyone else, try checking out Wookie's HK FC FB page https://www.facebook.com/jichangwookhkfc?ref=ts&fref=ts for some more vids and photos of Wookie's arrival at HK airport n his press con. So sorry, unfortunately I'm only armed with 'survival Cantonese' so I can't translate it for u. 

Whilst I'm posting, I also just wanted to let mention a few special thanks.

@Ahpheng, your cartoons have made many of my days a lot happier! Thanks so much n I hope you'll never stop! :)

@cherkell, thanks so much again for all your wonderful n consistent updates, here and at the Kitchen! 

Of cos to all of the rest of you who pitch in with your constant updates too, much much thanks and love to you all too! :) :* 



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[HD] THIS IS JCW Press Conference in HK

Photo by Luo Ye
Do NOT modify/edit images in ANY WAY, remove logos and NOT for commercial use.
These are BEAUTIFULLY taken!!! It's definitely a keeper! :wub:



Love this shot the most!



But they are all good pictures...makes me miss IdealType even more, because theirs would be this quality or even better.


Thanks guys!!! However, my crying is because I updated the 2nd updates he shared about Bang Chigu giving him (an extremely expensive Hermes) present. That's the one it disappeared into the cyber-galactic-parellel-universe on me. :tears:

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Here's the rest of his earlier IG/Weibo:


이와중에 방치구가 선물줌 @bangchigu
#피곤한데 #기분좋아짐 #방치구 #비싼선물 #무리함 #고마운데 #걱정이먼저됨 #하지만 #자랑할건 #좀하고

In the midst of all this Bang Chigu gave a present @bangchigu
#tired but #feeling better #bangchigu #expensive gift #too much #thankful #worried about you first #but #boasting #also a bit of that


고맙다 치구야…한달동안 밥사줄게
#고맙다는 #말대신 #얼굴사진 #찍어줌

Thank you friend…I’ll buy food for you for one month #instead of #thank you #face picture #took a picture





홍콩의 밤ee818c.png 오늘 반가웠어요 내일 만나요ee80a2.png 오늘은 휴식!!!![困][困]
Hong Kong night ee818c.png  It was nice seeing you today. See you tomorrow ee80a2.png Today is rest!!!! [困][困]




방치구가 선물줌..ee9082.pngee9082.png 무리한 선물… 고마운데 걱정이먼저…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오늘부터 방거지ㅋㅋㅋ 보너스로 방치구 사진ee80a2.png
Bang Chigu gave a gift.. ee9082.pngee9082.png excessive gift …  I’m grateful but worried about you first… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Beggar Bang from today onwards ㅋㅋㅋ as a bonus a Bangchigu picture ee80a2.png


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Ji Chang Wook FM Press Conference in Hong Kong! [HD]

I like this shot he's looking at the camera!!! :wub:

Photos by bowxD
















Do NOT modify, remove logo and NOT for commercial use.

@amyanhn Thank you my ava is gorgeous! I want to find HD too! :D

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"hao bang '  (very good) makes it's appearance in HK as well, look at that laughter after he said it! I am certain his FM today is gonna be Daebak, lucky lucky fans. 

Gif source DC

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oval captions translations by IG @jichangwookies , thank you. Pics credit owners. 

thanks for delurking and sharing the  FB link @Mjwonnie , you're welcome and  I hope too that I can continue with Wookie's C-strips, as long as he keeps on updating, hopefully he picks a drama soon. 

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Guest minksquared

Wahhh i couldn't be here to spazz over his pictures yesterday and came in here today to so much prettiness!

Here's more :wub:









CR:PPLUO [as tagged] 

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Guest minksquared

Hi @cookiesncream123 here's my translation to the youtube vid you posted :)


Chinese Reporter [CR]: Korean star, Ji Chang Wook, arrives today for a press conference

Wookie: Hi everyone. I am Ji Chang Wook.

CR – QUESTION 1 [0.06]: Tomorrow is your first fan meeting here. How do you feel?

Wookie: I’m excited and nervous. I’ve prepared a few things and I’ll be singing as well. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

CR – QUESTION 2 [0.44]: You are referred to as the new generation male god. Do you like to be called that?

Wookie: I feel shy and embarrassed. Thank you for that and I’ll work hard and do better

CR – QUESTION 3 [0.59]: What kind of Hong Kong food/snacks would you like to try?

Wookie: I really don’t know any. What would you recommend?

CR – QUESTION 4 [1.07]: Many Korean stars who visits Hong Kong would always try our egg waffle.

Wookie: ok, I trust you and I will try it!

CR – QUESTION 5 [1.11]: Ji Chang Wook, you can speak Chinese right? Can you say a few words in Chinese?

Wookie: I’m not good at it .. I am still learning … ‘Haobang!’ [Awesome! That is great! in Chinese]

CR – QUESTION 6 [1.24]: Which [Chinese/Hong Kong] director or actor/actresses would you like to work with?

Wookie: I met Stanley Tong in Shanghai and had asked if there is any chance to cooperate. I also met Cheung Chi Lam in Hong Kong before and it will be great is there is a chance for us to cooperate.


I translated the reporter’s part as I understand Cantonese. However, my written and reading level of Chinese is atrocious, so while I was translating Wookie’s part based on the subtitle, I was also looking the words up when I realized that it has already been translated by @jichangwookies [stupid me for not looking it up first!!!!] …. So I saved a lot of time from Question 2 onward by using her translation. However, for those who understand Korean and noticed any mistake in the translation for Wookie's part, feel free to correct me :)

[Wookie’s reply translation credit: @jichangwookies IG]

Edited by minksquared
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  • cherkell changed the title to Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Completed Drama: "Lovestruck in the City" (still airing on Kakao TV & Netflix) / Upcoming: Movie "Hard Hit" (anticipated release July 2021)

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