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Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Actor/Musical Actor (Upcoming tvN Drama: "Melting Me Softly" - October 2019 Premiere)

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Hello All....I'm still slap happy over the 2 City Fishermen shows from Channel A.  They have given me grist for many a mill, so prepare to be overloaded.  Thanks in advance, and please enjoy.


Boating (on a boat on a body of water, with or without fisherpeople, with sails or with motors) is not for the faint of heart.  One thing you learn quickly is how to balance, or get your sea legs, so you don't fall over and smack your head.  Funny thing is......once you've gotten your sea legs from the gentle (or even rough) rocking of the boat, when you get back on dry land you actually WALK FUNNY.  Then you have to get your land legs back.  Actor Ji has managed both activities:



See another under the spoiler 




Those two episodes were just filled with wonderful face reaction shots that just have to be put here for posterity and for any Ji fans who come after.  Like this:



Of course, there's more.  Do you really need to ask?  



Here's the Dangerous Face:





And it is so worth it!




The "lyrics" are from a film and a broadway musical The Producers, written by Mel Brooks.  Here's a YouTube link so you can hear the song itself.  I couldn't find a cover by a female (except by Streisand, but it was tooooo downbeat for this guy).



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So many good things happening for Actor Ji, including this:



More people realizing his talent!  YAY!  


I have more from the City Fishermen first episode.  It is great that JCW can publicly get respect and validation from his peers and professional co-workers like Lee Dok Hwa.  Here are the two setting out on their adventure in the SoKo boat - "Mighty Minnow" * :wink: - for a 13 hour tour:



And the two friends WIN this days fishing competition.  See under the spoiler to find out what they won :ph34r:




They got these hats -



And these shirts -


And a lot of good-natured ribbing from the fish competition losers!  But it's OK ......good friends got each others backs.



*Mighty Minnow is a fake name.

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On 6/18/2019 at 9:52 PM, Mai Stars said:

*Mighty Minnow is a fake name.


50,000 points for the next person to correctly identify where that came from!  :lol:


It looks like tvN and Studio Dragon are now officially calling Wook's new drama "Melting Me Softly."  That is what is written on all the scripts leaked by various IG accounts, so I guess that's what The Kitchen will be naming it going forward.  IMHO, I think it's not a good translation because it's not even close to the actual Korean title.  Hmpf.

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At the risk of starting basketball wars all over again :sweatingbullets:, here's another offering.  A "blast from the past -The Hick from French Lick" with Actor/Player Ji, on the court.  Ah, memories, combined with the present perfect.  This is how the Greats do it.




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