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Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Actor/Musical Actor (Upcoming tvN Drama: "Melting Me Softly" - October 2019 Premiere)

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As @cherkellhas shown Soldier Sargeant Ji is now a Korea Military Manpower Association Goodwill Ambassador, a well-deserved honor, I'm sure, but I'm also sure it is probably one he never expected or wanted to get.  Or maybe I'm just reading my own doubts into things.  I guess this means that it will be a long time before the ROK decides to take a chance on a volunteer army.  I was reading recently that another country with a conscription military force who has had theirs for as long as SKorea has, is working towards a volunteer force.  When those pushing for change polled the county's citizens the result was something like 90% to keep conscription.  Then those pushing for reform showed statistics that only 20% of conscriptees actually trained for combat or warfare.  The other 80% wound up in other non-combat positions like librarians or in MUSIC......ahem!  After this information when the citizens were again polled their view had changed considerably; they now were in favor 75% for a volunteer military force.


I'm still looking at the breadth and depth of his achievements in only 11 1/2 years!  He has created many memorable, unique characters like those pictured here.  Can't wait for what gems he will create in the future.



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FINALLY!!  Finally, after a year......Finally we get to see and hear Ji Chang Wook sing his soliloquy.  It is an astounding piece, taking place in a room full of ghosts; visually very stunning.   It must have been breathtaking to actually see and hear it in person.  It may have been Fat Tuesday here in the States for Mardi Gras goers, but it was Fat Tuesday for Shinheung Military School and this girl today!  He looks and sounds wonderful.  (Sometimes life is too, too good)............Here is my contribution to commemorate this smashing success. Please enjoy.




Man can really strike a pose, too.  Got to love it when you listen to the YouTube selection above......one of the main sounds you hear, besides the music, is the deafening sound of camera shutters going off.  That's the sound made for a STAR!

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This entry is for no reason at all except sheer gladness that his time for mustering out is getting closer......Developed using GIMP software and Huion drawing tablet, it is pure digital art.  Please enjoy looking at it the same way I enjoyed making it.


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Ji Chang-wook Stars in the Shinheung Military Academy Musical


Actor Ji Chang-wook performed in the military musical "Shinheung Military Academy" at the Seoul Gwangrim Art Center on the 5th.

The actor is being discharged on the 27th of April and he said, "It's an honor to be in such a meaningful musical. I spent most of my military life with this musical and it got me thinking about a lot of things. I hope the audience sees it and feel the emotions of our ancestors who were in the independent movement 100 years ago.

Meanwhile, "Shinheung Military Academy", produced by the Army Headquarters, is a musical about ordinary young people who fought against Japan and sacrificed everything to regain their country based in Shinheung Military Academy.

It is a dynamic story of ordinary young men who fought against Japan from 1907 to 1920 and dedicated everything to regaining their country. The musical can be seen until the 21st of April.





























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With new castmates transitioning along with the "old",  fans at least have some new material on YouTube to see and hear and I am taking advantage of having some new material for GIFs!  Here's Sgt. Ji with some of his new castmates.




Here's another link to a very short clip, but worth watching.  I wish I had been able to use this clip, but it is "branded," so I am linking instead.  https://youtu.be/rH9FjZME6S0.


More under the spoiler.:ph34r:





Here's the link source for some of this material: https://youtu.be/Q_-5MvSO6a4.  I am especially fond of this one as it shows the last scene of this short aria.  


Every time I am able to see and hear something by this man I am always in awe at how accomplished he is, whether on a concert stage, in a play, or movies, or television.  This breadth of his craft is not to be taken lightly, least of all by me! 



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Independence movement gets new life on stage

By Kwon Mee-yoo (Korea Times)

This year marks the centennial of the March 1 Independence Movement, which provided a catalyst for Korean resistance during the 1910-45 Japanese occupation. In commemoration of such a crucial moment in Korea's turbulent modern history, a handful of theatrical events are on show, revealing stories of the patriots who risked their lives for the liberation of their homeland and history-making events of the period.


A scene from musical Sinheung Military School / Courtesy of Ministry of National Defense and Shownote

Sinheung Military School

The musical "Sinheung Military School," named after the independence fighter training school in Manchuria in the early 20th century, is produced by the Ministry of National Defense and the Republic of Korea Army, starring soldiers on active duty. 

The musical premiered last fall to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Korea and returned in March in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement and the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.

Though the plot remains almost the same, director Kim Dong-yeon elaborated on lines and scenes to make the drama clearer. Choreography for large-scale war scenes such as the Battle of Bongo-dong and the Battle of Cheongsanli were amended to maximize symbolism.

Some of the characters are based on real people. Lee Hoe-yeong, founder of Sinheung Military School, was an educator and independence fighter who established the military training school.

Ji Cheong-cheon, played by Sungkyu of Infinite and Onew of SHINee, is also based on an actual independence activist who later became a politician.  In the musical, Ji appears as a student of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, complete with sleek K-pop style choreography.  However, he defects to join the Korean Liberation Army where he becomes the commander-in-chief.

However, most of the lead roles are fictional, representing unsung youngsters who fought for the freedom of their country, as the creators wanted to pay respect to those nameless soldiers. 

Ji Chang-wook as Dong-gyu in musical Sinheung Military School / Courtesy of Ministry of National Defense and Shownote

Four main characters who enter the Sinheung Military School have their own stories. Dong-gyu, played by Ji Chang-wook and Ko Eun-sung, dreams of becoming a poet, but he decides to join the independence army after his father dies in a hunger strike opposing the Japanese authorities.

"You can feel how these innocent people joined independence activities in harsh times," Ji Chang-wook said.

Pal-do (Kang Ha-neul and Jo Kwon) is a former servant of the army school founder Lee Hoe-yeong. Despite his ignorance, he grows into a competent soldier with a cheerful disposition.

Kang said he did not know of the Sinheung Military School until he read the script of this musical. "I am excited to see more people find out about the school through our show," Kang said.

Lee Tae-eun as Na-pal in musical Sinheung Military School / Courtesy of Ministry of National Defense and Shownote

Na-pal (Lee Tae-eun and Hong Seo-young) is a woman disguised as a man who hopes to become a military trumpeter. Hye-ran is the daughter of a bandit boss in Gando area who joins the trainees to provide support with a sling.

"There are many women who contributed to the independence movement in various ways. Some participated in armed struggles, while others joined the Manse rallies and looked after officials of the Provisional Government in Shanghai. Na-pal and Hye-ran represent these women who fought with their own methods. For Hye-ran, it's her sling," Lim explained.

"Sinheung Military School" runs until April 21 at the BBCH Hall of Kwanglim Arts Center in southern Seoul.


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Hes being linked to the current scandal in Korea and has the name Crown Prince of Club Arena


ji changwook, jonghyun, choi taejoon, zico and more are in a clique so lets hope its just friends and nothing bad. 




Im so upset please be false. 

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