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Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Actor/Musical Actor - Upcoming Projects: Movie "Black Call" / Drama "Convenience Store Saet Byeol"

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Melting Me Softly, Episode 15, part 2 highlights.  Ma Dong Chan is determined to visit Mi Ran at the teaser shooting site.  They are both confident and secure in their affection for each other and have, for the moment, forgotten all their other troubles.  They are open with each other and could care less about what other people think. It looks like love and it shows when he opens his arms wide and she runs into those arms.





But she sees what he doesn't see.....




Mi Ran is gravely injured.  But nothing in the lives of these two is simple.  




Mi Ran must go back into the cryogenic capsule...the only way to save her is to stop time, again.

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The title is "Ji Chang Wook's First Collection of Photograph Making Books #133.  Ma Dong Chan, 133 Days Memories."

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Oooh!  It looks like the year 2019 is going to end with a loud noise for Actor Ji.  Lotsa people in very many places keep doing that "stan" thing and signing up on his Instagram to be followers...YAY.  Here's my congratulations, and an homage to the man, his voice, and his presence:



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Just to keep things on a level playing field for the end of 2019, I am finishing up highlights for his drama Melting Me Softly


As the drama enters the last Episode 16, Mi Ran is back in the capsule to be frozen until such time that the scientists and Professor Hwang can discover and build and test drugs to correct her temperature imbalance and repair her wound, all at the same time.  Ma Dong Chan, true to his nature, waits for her.  His guilt and desire to make things better makes him leave his own family to go and live with Mi Ran's family; he wants to assure them that everyone is doing everything they can to return her to normal.  Plus, I bet, he wants to be closer to her in every way possible.  Mi Ran's family welcomes him with open arms.




Dong Chan continues to work and thrive at TBO, and takes an opportunity to drive the final nail in the coffin of the TBO Manager who left him to freeze in the capsule for 20 years:



In this state of suspended animation for Mi Ran, approximately three years pass.  Things are still not going smoothly for our Adam and Eve and though the medicine to return her temperature to normal is perfected, the complex operations of  administering that medicine and healing her wound, cause added problems.  See more under the spoiler:




Disheartened by this setback, Mi Ran's mother thinks they should set Dong Chan free from any obligations, but he will have none of it.



He has a lovely flashback, a glimpse of one of their final conversations:



The time finally comes when they can re-unite, and I think it is shown beautifully in the drama.  I am including it here in segments from Gfycat because the music can accompany the visual.  I am arranging it this way because as of right now fans don't know if there will be a DVD release, and if you are reading this blog a couple of years from now you may not have the ability to see the drama in its entirety.  This is my effort to bridge that possible gap.  





As emotionally satisfying as that scene is, it is not the complete end of the drama, which I think is very fitting considering the personalities of Adam and Eve.  They continue to work at TBO and run into problems keeping their personal and private lives separated, and manage to overcome Mi Ran's need to overcome being age 24 for 23 years in a row.  She wants to grow and learn and maybe not jump right into marriage...uh oh.  But what is great about these two is that they manage to negotiate their differences like capable adults who still love each other despite bumps and potholes.  This is a real-life Hero's (and Heroine's) adventure story!  Not just a feel-good romance for teens.


Much of the criticism of this drama that took place in real time on blogs all over the internet was aimed at the perception that it didn't measure up to Ji Chang Wook's previous dramas, but I loudly disagree!  Dong Chan had all the strength and bravado of Warrior Baek Dong Soo, but no sword. He was as dictatorial and imperious as Emperor TaWhan but without the murderous ability; as rude and as uncompromising as Kim Je Ha,  had as many different personalities as Healer (but no Ajummah handler behind the green curtain), and as competent and magisterial as Lawyer Noh Ji Wook.  What's not to love?


After listening to much of the complaining (or pi$$ing and moaning) all over the internet I find the complaining can be divided into a few different categories.


1.  Bad writing, directing, editing, acting, yada, yada, yada....one problem, though.  People used this approach to seem to be objective, but that excuse falls apart completely because....when asked exactly how the writing (scripting?) was bad they had NO answers.  There were no examples given, which is strange because the internet is loaded with sites that tell you how NOT to write.  Same for directing, editing, acting, etc.  So these "reasons" are bogus, faux reasons.  Mostly it was how they "felt" about things, not how they "thought" about the drama.  Bad feelings were about all anyone could come up with.  If that's the case, then my GOOD feelings about the drama are about as valid as their bad feelings. But,  I suspect complainers had multiple hidden agendas which are disguised under this heading also.


2.  People kept saying there was no chemistry between the two leads.  ????  Many complainers mumbled about how it was better with this other actress, or that other actress...which makes me wonder if there wasn't some bias going into the drama, some completely uncharitable meanness of soul that made them trash what they saw with malice aforethought.  In fact, on many sites, the people who liked the drama and said so were voted down by the naysayers, as if they wanted to cancel out any good feeling at all anywhere...cancel culture alive and well in South Korea and even with international fans.  


3.  Ratings.  Statistics don't lie.  Except ratings give only a quantitative measure, not a qualitative one.  A person who doesn't watch the drama is usually not going to tell you what was BAD about the drama he didn't watch!  In this case, silence is golden.


4.  The English subtitles weren't posted in a timely fashion...my favorite.  How petty do you have to be to do this kind of thing?


Well, it's over and I've been able to keep my soul healthy by showing what I loved about the drama, about Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah, and all the rest of the crazy cast who won my heart.  One poster, and I don't remember where I read it, said that being in the Army was Wook's cryogenic capsule; when he came out of the Army he was adjusting to himself and a new time.  Though it is probably a flight of fancy on my part and that poster's part, I think he couldn't have made a better choice than this script!  Bravo, Wook.

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In recent articles, it was stated that Jo Woo Jin was offered LEAD ROLE in movie Punishment. Is JCW going to portray the antagonist (I know he likes challenges)in this movie in a support role or lead role? I know that sometimes there can be more than 1 lead actor. Can't wait for the details. JCW fans will be a big part of attendees and I want him to get the credit he deserves. Waiting......

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