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[Movie 2017] Real 리얼

Go Seung Ji

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[150626 NEWS UPDATE] Kim Soo Hyun's next project "Real" will hold a public audition for the heroine
translated by Pechumori

The movie "Real" which will start shooting at the end of October will hold a public audition for the heroine.

"Real" gained interest for being the big screen comeback of Kim Soo Hyun. The production company is expected to select two women for the role of the heroines through an open audition. The aspiring actress must be in the mid to late 20s, capable of supporting both rookie and established actors.

The audition will be conducted this coming July 13 to 24. After passing the first stage of the screening process, the applicant will move on to the secondary auditions. Online applications will be accepted through the movie's website www.filmreal.co.kr.

"Real" is an action thriller about a colorful city controlled by the underworld, where a troubleshooter, Jang Tae Young, solves all requests, but things changed after he meets a writer.

Kim Soo Hyun will play the role of the hero, Jang Tae Young, a fearless and merciless troubleshooter, who is blinded by success and dreams of conquering the city after building a casino hotel. Kim Soo Hyun is expected to showcase a rich performance in the movie.

Meanwhile, "Real" which is scheduled for release in the second half of next year, will start filming this October.


credit:http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20150626/72134474/1 , FB Kim Soo Hyun International Fanclub

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This movie thread has been missing for a while. When I clicked on the link at the official threads list, the page could not be found. I would like to acknowledge moderator @Lyrayoo for taking the time to search for it.

Kim Soo Hyun’s New Film Holds Open Auditions for Female Lead Roles

Kim Soo Hyun’s New Film Holds Open Auditions for Female Lead Roles

It’s been reported that Kim Soo Hyun‘s upcoming film “Real(working title) is planning to hold open auditions to find the perfect two actresses to take lead roles opposite the top star.

“Real” is an action thriller set in the dark underbelly of a vibrant city, and tells the story of what happens when an ambitious problem solver named Jang Tae Kyung (played by Kim Soo Hyun) encounters a reporter.

Kim Soo Hyun’s agency KeyEast says, “It’s expected that two female leads will be cast through open auditions.” KeyEast states that the characters are females in their mid to late 20s, and applications from both new and established actresses are welcome.

They also add that aspirants must be willing to film revealing scenes.

Auditions will be held from July 13 to 24. “Real” is set to begin filming this October.

Source (1)

credit: http://www.soompi.com/2015/06/26/kim-soo-hyuns-new-film-holds-open-auditions-for-female-lead-roles/

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Kim Soo Hyun's New Movie is Looking for Actresses with a Certain Requirement

by Nancy Z on Mon, Jul 06, 2015


Kim Soo Hyun is set to star as a mysterious character in a dark, action thriller movie called Real, now that the Producer drama has completed. However, fans are paying special attention to an unusual casting call for two actresses with a special requirement.

Kim Soo Hyun has had an unbroken string of fantastic successes in his projects. Therefore, his new project is now under the limelight. After the Producer drama, he has decided to return to the silver screen to star in Real, his first film ever since his 2013 Secretly, Greatly

In the new movie, Kim Soo Hyun will tackle a character that he's never played before. His character, Jang Tae Young, is described as an ambitious problem solver who is obsessed with taking control in the dark side of a glittering city. 

Fans can't wait to see Kim Soo Hyun in a new movie. However, the current buzz is about the unusual casting call from the new movie. 

They are looking for 2 female leads who are about 25 to 30 years old. The special requirement is that they are willing to accept "a high level of nudity," according to news reports. Auditions will be held from July 13 to 24. Reportedly, KeyEast said there'll be a lot of revealing scenes, so they only want actresses who are willing to accept revealing scenes to apply. Aspiring actresses without acting experience can also apply.

This news has stirred up a lot of online chatter, mainly, "Does this mean Kim Soo Hyun will be in bed scenes?" 

There's no answer to that important question yet.

Real is scheduled to start filming in October, and it is tentatively set to premier in the second half of 2016. 

Are you interested in the new film? Ready to see Kim Soo Hyun in revealing bed scenes?

Source : http://www.dramafever.com/news/kim-soo-hyuns-new-movie-real-is-looking-for-actresses-with-a-certain-requirement/

Thank you for opening the thread @Go Seung Ji.  :D

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[150713 NEWS UPDATE] Kim Soo-hyun promotes audition schedule to cast his counterpart female lead for his new movie Read more at: http://tr.im/hEv0v

Actor Kim Soo-hyeon-I has promoted the audition schedule to cast the female lead for movie, "Real".

On July 13th, Kim Soo-hyeon-I posted on his personal Instagram, "Bye, Baek Seong-chan, hello Jang Tae-yeong" along with an image

that says "Real".

Kim Soo-hyeon-I also said, "www.filmreal.kr, please give it a try to become the female lead to be with Jang Tae-yeong in movie, "Real". Bye Tak Ye-jin, Bye Cindy".

The story of movie "Real" begins when a reportage writer comes to see Jang Tae-yeong, a trouble-solving broker, who is always ahead of the game and takes care of his clients' troubles quick and clean in the dark side of the glamorous city.

Kim Soo-hyeon-I has been confirmed to play the male lead for the movie so far. 





 Looking forward for Jang Tae-yeong :wub:


Form FB Kim Soo Hyun International Fanclub

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Seo Eun-ah, Kim Soo Hyun's possible partner for his next movie "Real"
translated by Pechumori

Actor Kim Soo Hyun found a partner for his next project "Real". Rookie actress Seo Eun-ah rose up as the strong candidate for the heroine's role.

An official from the movie "Real" said "Seo Eun-ah climbed as a strong candidate as the heroine" and "We are at the stage of confirming the casting." Seo Eun-ah graduated from the Korea National University of Arts and won Best New Actress at the 50th Daejong Awards in 2013. She appeared in the 2013 drama "Flower Boy Next Door", 2011 movie "UFO", 2013 movies "Act" and "Commitment" and the 2014 movie "The Youth".

"Real" has been confirmed as Kim Soo Hyun's next project after the KBS2 TV drama "Producers". The rookie actress who will be Kim Soo Hyun's partner must show a high level of exposure to acting because she will be playing an intense character. It was revealed that a behind the scenes competition was held for this role.

Earlier, the movie "Real" via Instagram, announced that they will hold a public audition for the role of the heroine. At that time, the production company of "Real" said that they were looking for 2 actresses to play the heroine roles (from mid to late 20s) with a high level exposure to acting. In addition to the acting transformation of Kim Soo Hyun in this movie, the announcement gained interest for the performance of the actress.



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Awesome "REAL" movie poster fan arts

credit: VVSTARVN



Kim Soo Hyun’s New Film Still Struggling to Find Female Lead

Kim Soo Hyun’s New Film Still Struggling to Find Female Lead

After holding open auditions in hopes of finding actresses for Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming film “Real,” the production company behind the movie has yet to secure a female lead.

On July 31, the production company stated, “The female lead for ‘Real’ has not been chosen yet. Individuals can participate in auditions through online submissions. For those who are unfamiliar with this process, they can upload their profile and audition through the homepage. Auditions have been extended until August 7.”

The production company aims to cast a female lead as well as discover rookie actors through their online audition process.

It appears as though many rookie actors have taken advantage of this opportunity and submitted applications. As of July 30, the current competition rate was 3200 to 1. With so many applicants, perhaps a female lead can be confirmed soon.

Meanwhile, the film “Real” has affirmed Kim Soo Hyun as the male lead and Lee Jung Seob as its director.

Source (1)

credit: http://www.soompi.com/2015/07/30/kim-soo-hyuns-new-film-still-struggling-to-find-female-lead/

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Alibaba Pictures invests in Kim Soo-hyun's upcoming film


Alibaba Pictures, the film division of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group, will invest in Kim Soo-hyun's upcoming film "Real," the South Korean actor's talent agency said Monday.

Zhang Qiang, head of Alibaba Pictures, signed the agreement at the 20th Busan International Film Festival held in the South Korean port city last week, Keyeast Entertainment said.

"The deal appears to reflect (Alibaba Pictures') expectations of Kim, whose appearance in South Korean romantic drama 'My Love from the Star' catapulted him to international fame last year," the agency said in a statement.

In "Real," Kim portrays a man who carries out illicit conduct for money and whose fate takes a turn after meeting a writer.

Alibaba Pictures is a relatively new film production and investment company whose first investment was in Hollywood blockbuster "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," according to the agency.

Zhang Qiang (L), head of Alibaba Pictures, with South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun. (Photo courtesy of Keyeast Entertainment) (Yonhap)

Zhang Qiang (L), head of Alibaba Pictures, with South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun.

credit: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/culturesports/2015/10/12/0701000000AEN20151012001900315.html

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Kim Soo Hyun invests over $7 million for his upcoming film 'Real'
Oct. 26, 2015


Kim Soo Hyun has joined hands with resorts chain Paradise Group for his upcoming feature film 'Real.'

Paradise Group relayed on October 26, "Kim Soo Hyun will sponsor his own movie 'Real' by investing 8,000,000,000 KRW (~$7.07 million USD) in it."

The movie's filming is to take place at Paradise City, which is currently being constructed at Incheon's Yeongjong Island under the direction of Paradise Group.

'Real' has garnered attention in the media recently for being the second official project of Alibaba Pictures, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group. Alibaba pictures took direct part in investing in and distribution of the movie, after its last project which was 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.'

Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of Jang Tae Young, a ruthless man who is blinded by his greed for success and in pursuit of an ambitious conquest to establish a casino empire. The movie is set to start filming near the end of this year.

credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/10/kim-soo-hyun-invests-over-7-million-for-his-upcoming-film-real

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Kim Soo Hyun Gets Ready For His Role In 'Real'

Kim Soo Hyun

What's next for Kim Soo Hyun? After winning the 2015 APAN Star Awards prize for Best Actor on November 28, he's getting ready to play a tough guy.

It's not his first criminal role. He made his big-screen debut playing a thief in the film "The Thieves," with co-stars Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hae Sook, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Jung Jae and Kim Hye Soo. But in his next movie, "Real," he will play an even darker character. In "Real" Kim plays Jang Tae Young, the hard-hearted man criminals ask to solve their problems. He does whatever it take to resolve their problems and never hesitates. He dreams of building a casino hotel and of becoming a powerful man in the city he lives in. Each assignment brings him closer to realizing that dream.

"I am preparing to become a strong man," the actor told the Korean media outlet Sports Donga.

'Real" will be his first film in three years but there is no doubt that his presence in the film will be a box office draw. His last film, the spy story "Secretly Greatly," broke the opening day box office record for Korean films.

Kim's merciless problem solver character will be a dramatic change from the lovelorn newbie producer he played in the drama "Producer." The 27-year-old actor not only won the Grand Prize for his "Producer" role at the APAN awards, but also won the Grand Prize at 8th Korea Drama Awards. And he won a Popularity Award at the 52nd Grand Bell Awards.

His previous dramas "You Who Came From The Stars" and "The Moon Embracing The Sun" also won him a variety of awards. Both dramas made him even more popular in China.

It was Kim's international popularity that prompted Alibaba Pictures, the film investment arm of the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba, to invest in his upcoming film. Zhang Qiang of Alibaba spoke to the American entertainment publication Variety about the reason for their investment.

"We're investing in 'Real' because the Korean film industry is arguably the most influential creatively in the region at present, and the hugely popular Kim Soo Hyun is the embodiment of that," said Zhang.

No other casting news has been announced for the film.

Lee Jung Sub, who wrote the screenplays for "Romantic Island" and "Lost in Love," will direct "Real." The film is scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2016.

CC http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/107786/20151130/kim-soo-hyun-gets-ready-for-his-role-in-real.htm 


Will Sulli Romance Kim Soo Hyun?


Choi Sulli

Former f(x) member Choi Sulli is considering a role in the upcoming noir film "Real."

According to SM Entertainment, she has not yet decided to take the role and be Kim Soo Hyun's co-star.

"She is reviewing a role in 'Real but it is only one of several projects currently in discussion," the SM representative told the Korean media outlet Naver TV.

If she does take the role, she will play a reporter and Kim Soo Hyun's leading lady.

Kim Soo Hyun's character is not a nice guy. He's a problem solver for gangsters, who can usually solve most problems with their fists. His character Jang Tae Young is the man who takes care of the really messy problems that gangsters can't solve. That no doubt includes collecting money that people owe gangsters using whatever methods possible. And Jang Tae Young justifies his reprehensible actions as a means to an end. He wants to build a casino and become the most powerful man in his hometown.




Things are proceeding according to his evil plan until one day he runs into a reporter and it changes his life. That would be Sulli's role.

If Sulli does decide to take the part it will be her third film role.  She had a supporting role in the film "The Pirates," starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil. Then she played a leading role in the 2014 film "Fashion King" which co-starred Joo Won.

Although Sulli left f(x) to act in August, she cannot be considered a rookie actress. She became an SM trainee when she was in fourth grade and began acting professionally when she was 11, appearing as a young princess in the drama "Ballad of Seodong."

She's had small roles in several dramas and most recently had a leading role in "To The Beautiful You," which co-starred SHINee's Choi Min Ho.

"Real" begins filming in January 2016, as soon as casting is complete. Lee Jung Sub, who wrote "Romantic Island" and "Lost In Love" will write the screenplay for "Real" and direct. "Real" can be considered Kim Soo Hyun's comeback film since he has not been in a film since "Secretly Greatly.

What do you think of the Sulli-Kim Soo Hyun couple?

CC http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/110107/20151216/will-sulli-romance-kim-soo-hyun.htm


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Han Ji Eun beats out thousands of actresses to play Kim Soo Hyun's costar in Real


Do you remember the call for an open audition in July for the female lead on Real, which asked that interested actresses be open to “a high level of nudity”? New face Han Ji Eun is the one who accepted the role. Scroll down to see more photos of Han Ji Eun!Han Ji Eun is confirmed to play Kim Soo Hyun’s costar on Real, her agency In-New Entertainment sharedtoday. She was the only one offered a role on Real out of 4200 actresses who auditioned in August.

The action noir Real stars Kim Soo Hyun as ruthless hit man Jang Tae Young and Lee Sung Min presumably as an investigative journalist. Also in the picture is the new face Han Ji Eun, who stars as top actress Han Ye Won.

Han Ji Eun is 25 years old and made her debut through the film Ear, which was featured in the 2010 Busan International Film Festival.

Han Ji Eun has had small and large supporting roles on hit films including Park Shin Hye’s The Royal Tailorand Kim Woo Bin’s The Technicians. Technically, Real is Han Ji Eun and Kim Soo Hyun’s second film together since Miss Granny, although they didn’t have any scenes together in the film.

Former f(x) member Sulli is still in talks to join Real. Sulli was offered to play a role in the film that was different than that of Han Ji Eun’s. 

Real is being financed by Alibaba Pictures, whose latest project was Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Kim Soo Hyun is also reportedly invested about seven million dollars to his own film. Kim Soo Hyun recentlyreceived Korea's national brand award with Kim Yuna, Olympic champion in figure skating. 

cr: dramafewer

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Lee Sung-min joins Kim Soo Hyun for action-noir Real


Ah, finally an update on that movie Real, which first courted Kim Soo-hyun to play a man with multiple personalities (he has confirmed) and now adds Lee Sung-min(Hwajung) to join him.


The only description earlier reports had given us was the detail about multiple personalities, but now we have more information about its plot and genre; interestingly, there’s no mention of multiple personalities this time. Not that I mind—that was always a trend I was looking forward to seeing end. Real will be an action noir that centers around a “fixer” who takes care of all sorts of jobs in the “black world” of a glamorous metropolis, and the story kicks off when he’s approached by a reporter.


Kim Soo-hyun plays a merciless fixer who’s blinded by his own ambition for success, with the goal of constructing a casino hotel and ruling the city. It doesn’t explicitly say that the fixing he does is unsavory activity, but reading between the lines seems to suggest that; he’s coldly efficient at the job and cleanly gets rid of “problems.” Are those problems people? Lee Sung-min plays a character who’s burdened by a secret, which is terribly vague but I suppose better than nothing. Whether as friends or foes, this could be quite a match-up, with two such wonderfully expressive and versatile actors together in a gritty noir.


There’s a female role available, with the announcement coming early on that the role would be cast via open audition. Perhaps that’s because it’s not a relatively large role and they’re willing to take a risk on new talent, but there’s also mention of the part requiring a fair amount of nudity, which could limit their casting options. One name has emerged as a potential candidate, though I’d take it with a grain of salt since I’ve only seen one outlet reporting on it; the actress named is Seo Eun-ah, a relative newcomer whose credits include T.O.P’s Commitment and melo-romance Act (for which did have nude scenes).


Real had initially intended to begin filming in October, but pushed back shoot dates while investments were being worked out. Directing is Lee Jung-sub of rom-com movieRomantic Island and the thriller Rainbow Eyes. Part of the buzz about the project comes from rumors that this would be Kim Soo-hyun’s last project before entering his military service (they grow up so fast!), but his reps have countered by saying that he is, for now, just focusing on the project in front of him and doesn’t have a firm date for his enlistment.




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Sulli to film bed scene with Kim Soo Hyun in upcoming movie 'Real'

By yckim124 



Sulli is going to be filming her first bed scene in the upcoming movie 'Real'.

According to the movies' producers, Sulli will be taking a shot at an rated R scene with co-star Kim Soo Hyun. The idol actress has quite a bit of acting experience as she was a child star. However, this is the first time she is filming a bed scene.

So far all we know is, "There is a bed scene scheduled for the main female character Song Yoo Hwa. The filming has not taken place yet so the degree of the scene is yet unknown."

'Real' has gained tremendous attention even before filming due to its' cast, and also because it is the last film before Kim Soo Hyun enlists in the military. In addition, the news of the bed scene has drawn even more attention.

Can you image a bed scene with Sulli and Kim Soo Hyun? Like it or not, things are about to get 'REAL'.

credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/03/sulli-to-film-bed-scene-with-kim-soo-hyun-in-upcoming-movie-real

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