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Junior 주니어

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Guest adikkeluangman

Junior 주니어




Name : Park Jin Young 박진영

Date of Birth : 1994.09.22

H/W : 178cm/63kg

Group : GOT7, JJ Project

Agency : JYP Entertainment

Debut : 2012 KBS Dream High 2

SNS : Twitter 




TV Drama

2015 JTBC My Love Eun Dong as Hyun Soo

2015 Web Drama Dream Knight as Jr.2013

MBC When a Man Loves as Ddol Yi

2012 KBS Dream High 2 as Jung Ui-Bong




Reminder:Discussion in this thread only for actor Jr. For his group music activities please discuss on their thread. Thank you.


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Jr. Possibly Joining Joo Jin Mo in New Drama
Jr. of GOT7 might be returning to dramaland soon!
JYP Entertainment has confirmed that Jr. is positively looking over a role in the drama “My Love Eun Dong“ (working title). If accepted, he will be playing the childhood counterpart (in his 10s) of Joo Jin Mo‘s role, Ji Eun Ho. 
Jr. made his small screen acting debut in 2012 through KBS’ “Dream High.” He has since been on MBC’s “When a Man Loves” and the web drama “Dream Knight.”

Kim Sarang and Joo Jin Mo have been confirmed as leads of the drama, while Yoon So Hee and Baek Sung Hyun will play their younger counterparts (in their 20s), respectively.
“My Love Eun Dong” will unravel the entangled and entwined relationship between a man and woman over the course of 20 years, portraying a “fated” love.  It is directed by Lee Tae Gon of “Queen In Soo” fame and written by Baek Mi Kyung. It is expected to premiere in June on JTBC after “Falling for Innocence” completes its run.

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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"Got 7's Jr considers portraying a young Joo Jin Mo in new K-drama

by Shelly M on Mon, Apr 06, 2015


Jr is looking into his next project after Dream Knight.

After portraying a former guardian angel-turned-human, Jr is aiming for a full-blooded human role again. The Got 7 member is seriously considering taking the role of a teenage version of Joo Jin Mo's character, Ji Eun Ho, in a new K-drama. His agency, JYP Entertainment, confirmed the possible casting news for the series tentatively titled My Love Eun Dong today.

If he takes the role, this will be his fourth time on screen following Dream High 2 When A Man Loves and Dream Knight. He may join fellow actors Yoon So Hee and Baek Sung Hyun taking on roles as younger versions of the lead actors.

My Love Eun Dong is about the fated love of a man and a woman over the course of 20 years. Actress Kim Sa Rang also stars in the JTBC series written by Baek Mi Kyung and directed by Lee Tae Gon of Queen In Soo fame. The series is scheduled to premiere sometime in June at 9:45 PM KST.

Are you anxious for Jr to take the role?


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/got-7s-jr-considers-portraying-a-young-joo-jin-mo-in-my-love-eun-dong-drama/

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Guest adikkeluangman

Joo Jin Mo, Baek Sung Hyun, and GOT7’s Jr. to Take on 3-in-1 Role
It has been revealed that actors Joo Jin Mo and Baek Sung Hyun, as well as GOT7’s Jr. will be acting out the same character as they take on a 3-in-1 role for an upcoming drama.
On April 24, a representative of JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “My Love Eun Dong” (working title) introduced the three stars that are preparing to act as the character of Ji Eun Ho, a hopeless romantic who becomes a top star for the sole purpose of finding his first love.

While Joo Jin Mo will play the adult Ji Eun Ho, Baek Sung Hyun and Jr. will be taking on the same character’s younger version in his twenties and teens, respectively.
“My Love Eun Dong” is a melodrama that will unravel the entangled and entwined relationship between a man and woman over the course of 20 years, portraying a “fated” love. It is scheduled to begin airing in June after the completion of “Falling for Innocence.”
-----Can't wait to see Jr. He already started filming for his scene few days ago.

주니어, JTBC 드라마 <사랑하는 은동아> '현수' 역 캐스팅 Jr. got the role of 'Hyun-Soo' on JTBC Drama <사랑하는 은동아> http://t.co/abnaYzDTjg Follow @JYPACTORS

— JYPnation (@jypnation) 

April 24, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7's Jr. gives Lee Ja In a piggyback ride in stills for drama 'My Love Eun Dong'

More stills of GOT7 Jr. as the teenage version of the main character in upcoming JTBC drama 'My Love Eun Dong' has been revealed! 

The previous stills had shown Jr. riding a motorcycle with a bandaged face and the new stills show a different side of his character. He is seen taking care of the teenage version of the female lead, played by Lee Ja In, who has just gotten into an accident. His gentle side is shown as he gives her a piggy back ride and pats her head.


Jr. plays the 17 year old version of the main character, who isn't afraid of getting hurt. The drama is about his character, who later becomes a famous actor but and loves the same woman for two decades.

The drama airs on May 29 so be sure to watch it!



Got7 Jr.’​s Love Story Begins in New “My Love Eun Dong” Stills

New stills of GOT7‘s Jr. acting in the upcoming JTBC drama “My Love Eun Dong” have been released. The singer will be acting as the youngest counterpart of the male lead. Actors Baek Sung Hyun and Joo Jin Mo will play the older counterparts respectively.

The stills reveal the love story that started twenty years ago showing Jr. and Lee Ja In film their first meeting in the drama.

In the photos we see that Jr. causes Lee Ja In to lose consciousness in the rain due to an accident involving his motorcycle. He carries her and hurries somewhere. With great care and concern, we see him taking care of her during the filming and behind-the-scenes as well.

Previous stills have revealed his character to be a rebellious 17-year old. The new photos show how the motorcycle accident blooms into a first love story for them.

“My Love Eun Dong” also stars Kim Sa Rang, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Yoo Ri, Yoon So Hee, and more. It is scheduled to follow “Falling for Innocence” on May 29.


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7's Jr. poses happily with the coffee truck sent by​ fans to the set of his drama

GOT7's Jr. got a lovely coffee truck from fans on the set of his current JTBC drama, 'My Love Eun Dong,' in which he plays the teenage version of the male lead!



He couldn't hide his happiness as he wrote signs and posed with the coffee while smiling jovially at the camera.  JYP Entertainment shared pictures of this along with the message, "‪#‎Jr‬. is so happy due to the love he received from fans. Thank you so much for the coffee truck. You are the Best!"


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Guest adikkeluangman

'My Love Eun Dong' (GOT7's Jr., Joo Jin Mo, Kim Sa Rang) releases w​eb drama episodes and posters before official premiere

JTBC's upcoming drama 'My Love Eun Dong' is taking a unique approach in its promotions. The drama is steadily releasing episodes of its web drama as a prologue, titled 'My Love Eun Dong - The Beginning'!

As the web drama episodes are about the beginning of the main couple's relationship, the first two released episodes feature only GOT7's cutie Jr. and child actress Lee Jae In!


The first two episodes have already been released on Naver TVCast and the web series will have a total of five episodes before the actual drama airs. Each web episode is around 15 minutes each, and the web drama will focus on the first four TV episodes of the drama.

The first episode was released on May 18 and it already has over 170,000 views, and the second episode was released on May 20, with its views also catching up to the first episode.

The age difference between the characters (and actors) may at first seem a little too big, as Jr. plays a 17 year old and Lee Jae In plays a 13 year old, but it looks like the loveline will seem more appropriate once the characters get older, into their 20s and 30s.

Two posters for the drama have also been released, one featuring the main actors, Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang, as the characters in their 30s. The second poster features the two characters in each decade, with the teenage characters played by Jr. and Lee Jae In in 1995, and Baek Sung Hyun and Yoon So Hee in 2005 as the characters in their 20s.

The next web episodes will air on May 22, 24 and 26. And then the actual drama will begin airing on May 29!

For now, take a look at the first two episodes right here!


Awesome works from his fans. :)




More pictures in spoiler.


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Jr. Impresses with Acting Skills in “My Love Eun Dong”

GOT7’s Jr. impresses with his acting skills in new JTBC drama “My Love Eun Dong,” perfectly transforming himself into a rebellious teenager.

In the first episode, which aired on May 29, Jr. plays main character Hyun Soo during his crazy teenage years and is receiving high praise for his acting.


From acting the tough guy to falling in love for the first time, Jr. tackles a wide spectrum of teenage experiences and emotions.

Jr.’s convincing depiction of a puberty-stricken teenager shows his shining potential as an actor. Fans are in for a treat as they will get to see a new side of the young singer who is mostly known for his sweet image in GOT7.


Meanwhile, JTBC’s “My Love Eun Dong” tells the touching story of a popular actor who loves one women for 20 years. Cast members include Joo Jin Mo, Kim Sarang, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Yoo Ri, Jr., and more.


I read somewhere that Junior is the second actor that they approached for his character. The first teen actor declined because he doing another drama at this moment. Anyway it happy ending for both actors. Junior g​ot praised for his acting ability and Yeo Jin Goo become a lead actor for his first lead drama.


‪#‎Jr‬. ‪#‎Kimtaehun‬ [JTBC 'Eundong Love'] Web Drama Ver. Pre-Open! From 18th to 26th, once every 2 days at 12PM(KST) on Naver TV Cast :)


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Guest adikkeluangman

Brought HD size photo of ‪#‎Jr‬. 's lovely fan-support for JTBC 'This is My Love'! Do you guys remember 'Hyun-Soo-tarbucks'? :)



via JYP Actors

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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Jr. Opens Up About His Ambitions and Acting With Singles Magazine

GOT7′s Jr. recently participated in a photo shoot and interview for the July issue of Singles magazine. In the photos, the singer/actor shows off his street fashion while riding a skateboard in front of graffiti-covered areas.

He is quite busy working back and forth in Korea and Japan while also preparing for GOT7′s new album which is set to release in early July. Jr. comments, “I want to be so busy that I don’t even have time to breathe. Even if I later say, ‘Why did I say those words?’ and regret it; it’s okay. People who are not busy are very envious of those who are busy.”


The budding actor recently starred in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Love Eundong” as the youngest version of the male lead character. He opens up about his thoughts on acting and shares, “I used to think since I have an opportunity I want to try, but now I think I have to work hard and do well. I worried a lot about not being able to do well and I studied my script hundreds of times. I had to start the drama well from the first episode.”

His humbleness is apparent as he reveals, “I can dance, sing, and act. However, I am not exceptionally better than others so I worry.”

You can see more of his photo shoot and interview in the July edition of Singles as well as the magazine’s official homepage.




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Guest adikkeluangman

Byul reveals that she hopes her son Dream will grow up to be like GOT7’s Junior

In a recent Instagram update, singer Byul revealed that she hopes her son Dream will grow up to be like GOT7‘s Junior.

Byul posted a photo of Junior’s scene in his recent role in My Love Eundong where he plays the younger version of Hyunsoo as the drama tells the story of the unconventional star-crossed lovers.


She captioned the photo saying, “I’ve been getting pulled into this fun drama recently #MyLoveEundong That adorable child version of the character has such pretty eyes and smile. It turns out that he is #Junior from the group named #GOT7. I’ve fallen for him while watching the drama and looked him up hehehe…. He’s so good at acting.. When Eundong disappeared and Hyunsoo was sobbing and calling out ‘Eundong-ah’ I cried with him…I hope Dream grows up to be like that. So good looking ^.^”

Singer Byul married comedian and singer Haha, who is currently a fixed cast member on popular shows Running Man and Infinite Challnge, in November 2012 and had their first son Dream in July 2013. Meanwhile, Byul appeared on a recent episode of Running Man alongside her husband as they battled it out during a couples race.

Junior received a great deal of attention recently after behind-the-scenes stills revealed the idol taking on the role as a heroic teen. Meanwhile, he is currently active as the MC for Mnet M!Countdown alongside group mate Bambam as GOT7 prepares for their summer comeback, which is rumored to take place on July 6th.


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