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WELCOME :D   It' quite lonely here all by myself :phew::lol:


[Pann] Mamamoo Whasa's voluptuous body



1. [+53, -6] She may look like this on screen but if you see her in real life, she's got curves where she needs them... don't assume that being thin is better.. she's not fat, she's voluptuous

2. [+26, -6] Honestly her face is ugly but when I watch their stages, all I notice is her body.. amazing

3. [+23, -3] I like thin body types like Krystal too but I like super sexy and voluminous bodies like Whasa and toned bodies like Soyu too.

4. [+14, -23] ?? People think her body is pretty? Look at her thunder thighs... I'd rather prefer Ailee.

5. [+11, -10] She's honestly... ugly though

6. [+8, -14] What's up with her thighs;;; this body's considered good?? hul

7. [+8, -0] I prefer bodies like this than super thin ones. When you go overseas, curvy bodies like this are more popular than Korean girls who are just super thin. Being thin may make clothes look better but if we're talking about bodies alone, Whasa's is better.

8. [+7, -0] Wow I saw her in real life and her face is tiny and her body is just as amazing

9. [+7, -1] Hyejin's a cutie with the way she acts but her body is... so sexy

10. [+6, -5] I'm genuinely curious, do people think her body's good? Look at all her thigh fat though... aren't Krystal and Soyu the ones with really good bodies?


Pann: Wow her body


flaunt that girl..knetz are just being knetz again..nm the negative ones..


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Any kind soul could help me with q2 and q3?? And what does they mean for nr.4

[Level-Up Form]

Daum ID:

1. Write down MMM members real names and birthdays

2. After promoting 'Mr. Ambiguous', MMM performed on an event festival. While MMM was performing 'Mr. Ambiguous' THIS member spoiled the ''Point dance'' of 'Piano Man'. Who was the member? 

3. Whats the main exclamation that MMM always uses instead of "fighting"? 

Read the comment for question nr.4 !!!!!!!!!!!! 

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finally our ladies are back! and they slayed as always.. with powerful perform from i miss you, and their cute lovely perform from you're the best, i hope they can reach number 1 at music chart and music show..

well mamamoo fighting!!!!:wub::wub::wub:

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