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Mamamoo - 마마무 Official Thread | Welcome MOOMOOs ♥ FIGTHING GIRLS!


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mariarodrihuer1 said: @HopesSG Me too , I like so much the four girls , but Moon and Solar are my favorite . Although with Hwasa and WheeIn , I have a thing in common : We are of the same age  :D
Yes , it's correct , they're going to back with a new style , I hope many successes for they and I wish the best for the comeback future .. Always I'll support their new projects ...
Mamamoo Figthing!

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Guest myasally

I'm not sure I can call myself as their fan or not but I recognized Mamamoo have the best vocal out of other rookie group. I'm enjoying Piano man so much coz of their live vocal. Hope to see more of them, off to hear the new comeback song.

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Hello @myasally and welcome to this thread! Is true the that you say , Mamamoo is the rookie group that have potential voices and in the live presentation they are DAEBAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! .. Therefore , I fallen in love of their voices ... It was with Piano Man that I met this group and I be very happy because i like always your presentations .. Now , we're going to wait for the comeback and we'll wish the best ...

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Guest anuyoes

Mamamoo mini fan meeting after Inkigayo goodbye stage

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

credit to Mr. 키다리

Basically, yesterday's fanmeeting is just eating and talking casually with fans


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Hwasa looks great without make-up (natural make-up)

They worked so hard those angels, I'm glad they'll have a true comeback this May (may is going to be hectic, with my other bias hopefully also returning as a singer) :(( exams are on june 1st, poor me :((
I think the girls suit the natural make-up, OMG! Whenever I see Moon and Sun I wanna pinch'em cheeks so hard :x :x god! make it so my biases interact on any kind of program and have a performance together  [-O<

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Welcome to this thread @anuyoes and thanks for the videos of the fan meeting and the information for this week!! ... Some photos : [15-04-12] Mini Fanmeeting after Inkigayo11154698_373622522823985_209668730726437 







Published for : Mamamoo Vietnam Facebook More here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/마마무-Mamamoo-Vietnam/269388153247423?sk=photos_stream

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