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[Drama 2015] Masked Prosecutor 복면검사 - Thank You For Watching!!!


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  • Drama: The Man in the Mask (English title) / Masked Prosecutor (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bokmyeongeomsa
  • Hangul: 복면검사
  • Director: Jeon San
  • Writer: Choi Jin-Won
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16 episodes
  • Release Date: May 20, 2015 -- July 9, 2015
  • Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


During the day, Ha Dae-Cheol is a righteous prosecutor, but at night he wears a mask and seeks to punish those that the law could not. Yoo Min-Hee is a female detective in charge of the violent crime division.



JOO SANG WOOK as Ha Dae-Cheol    


 KIM SUN AH as Yoo Min-Hee


UHM KI-JOON as Kang Hyun-Woong


 JEON KWANG LEOL as Jo Sang Taek



    as Seo Ri-Na               



     as Pi Seong-Ho



 as Jung Do-Seong               



  as Park Dong-Pyo          



  as Kang Joong-Ho



    as Im Ji-Sook












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Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah are in talks to headline Masked Prosecutor, not confirmed. The thread will be closed until further notice.

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So they are confirmed, right? Kim Sun Ah is one of my favourite actresses, so I am more than glad to see her in a drama again. A good looking male lead like Joo Sang Wook cannot do her - or me - any harm, so... 
@valsava In Giant I've pittied him during most of the episodes. He did not appear in the rest of them. ;) The same happened with Feast of the Gods - by the way, if you haven't, do not watch that one.
So I am ready for an exciting "adventurous" drama with my favourite actress and one of the best looking "matured" actors. :D
PS: Thanks for starting the thread, @missnona.

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@Hannahmiriam,  Yes I did see feast of god but as you said putting him in a role even as a second with Song Il Guk was a no no..  I also pitied him in giant he couldn't catch a break even if he tried had the most horrible parents and the on;y love he had got was from one woman that his dad ran off.. I just hate those parents that wants they kids to marry well off for they own careers sickening..  If you haven't watch him (JSW) in birth of a beauty I suggest you watch it's a good and fun drama.. 

@suchadiva42.  I summons you 4 our man JSW next drama..         

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@valsava Actually, for Feast of the Gods he was supposed to be the male lead, but Lee Sang Woo's character was written nicer than his, so he ended up being the second male lead - which was more than frustrating. Why did you remind me of Song Il Gook? Now that I think about it, I haven't seen him since Fermentation Family in 2011. That's when I've discovered what an awesome actor he was (forgive me for my ignorance), even though the drama wasn't what you'd call a hit.
I've last seen Joo Sang Wook in Cunning Single Lady, which was good, but secret was better. I'm not exactly his partner's fan, so I hesitate about watching Birth of a Beauty
I am happy to see Kim Sun Ah paired with someone closer to her age (3 years younger, but still closer to her age than all the others) - I think Cha Seung Won was her only on-screen partner who was older than her.

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@Hannahmiriam,  My bad I was thinking of fermentation family when I mention Song Il Guk don't why I put him in with feast of gods.. But our dear oppa has been doing the real life thing lately I saw him on some show with his kid  playing daddy you can tell it was early in the morning because he still looked sleepy and the kids looked like they had been drinking red bull because they was full of energy :)) I discover him in Emperor of the sea and Jumong.. Speaking of Lee Sang Woo it's time for him to do something else now..  Also whatever happen to the lead that played in Manny Suh Ji Suk I haven't seen him since that drama I always found him to be a handsome and talented actor..
With JSW they always seem to pair him up with good female leads so I'm looking forward to seeing this all the good drama that's coming out in the next few months I'll have a busy schedule for my travel time starting next month.. Thank God For Lap Tops 

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@valsava It happens to me all the time, so I cannot blame others.

Seo Ji Seok must also be busy with family life, as I haven't heard of him after he got married. Or

Manny killed his career, as he seemed to do better with Gloria. :D As for Lee Sang Woo... he always plays the good looking guy (I guess he cannot hide that) and even though he takes the same (or similar) characters, the public seems to love him - I am included in the public. I mean who wouldn't love that cute face and perfect proportions? One of the few kdrama actors who has some meat on those bones. (Wait, is this me?! Until now I've been totally partially unaware of my opinion about him.) BUT he's not on my list with the most skilled Korean actors AND I did cheer for Joo Sang Wook in Feast of the Gods.

PS: I totally agree about lap tops. Thank God I've stoped working in trains and busses.

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feast of the god , oh my god , how i wished that he end up withe the lead actress , sooooooo romantic and terrible chemistry , i feel that she still loves him but .....the destiny jsw woooooooooooooooooow , a terrible performance and nice charisma ...

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Guest Yurichin

msmy said: I'm so a fan of Kim Sun Ah, but I'm bummed that the writer did Ruby Ring, one of the worst dramas ever.  Oh well, I'll be on board just for the people in it.

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Annyeong everyone....accidentally i landed here...:)) thank you @missnona for starting this thread.... Hoaaaa so excited...Kim Sun Ah and plus Joo Sang Wook....great pairing with serious and funny acting.....please make a great OST too like in Scent of A Woman :)>- *swoon at Junsu's voice

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Kyaaaaa~ They both confirmed and will make an appearance after Unkind Woman http://kpopfighting.com/2015/03/27/joo-sang-wook-and-kim-sun-ah-set-for-masked-prosecutor/ I will summon unni @onnififi to be here.... :> >:D< maybe she likes our leads

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Yeeess!!! I love JSW since Good Doctor. And with my ultimate fave KSA!!! Great match!!! I guess this will be my third otp!! Haha first ksa-hyunbin then second is ksa-ldw then now this!! Urgghhh. Really great couple!!!! <3 <3

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@kyunii88 Thanks for the shout! Wow how did you know that your unnie like both lead. JSW and KSA their chemistry will be awesome, Thanks dear.  :x :x So its going to start next month huh. I will be back here again. @missnona thanks for starting this thread. I think one more person will be excited for JSW new project, our chingu @libra22.

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