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Guest kyung-jin

class="at_ttl"Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Have Similar Thoughts About Marriage

BY Julie Jones | Mar 24, 2015 08:46 AM EDT      

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae

Lee Min Ho has spoken about marriage before but now that fans know he is dating singer-actress Suzy Bae, his words may be even more closely examined.

And miss A member Suzy Bae has-over the past few years-also made some comments on marriage.

In an interview with the Hong Kong magazine New Monday, published on March 24,Lee Min Ho talked once more about marriage. The interview was done before the Dispatch snapped the couple in London and both stars' agencies had to confirm they were dating.

"If I get married in the future, I want to have a friend-like relationship with my spouse," said Lee Min Ho. "It would be best if we can communicate often."

But finding the right person is not easy when it's so difficult to date. The 27-year-old actor cannot do anything without attracting attention.

"It is a bit inconvenient because I'm always surrounded by fans and staff," he said. "My personal time has basically disappeared, so it's getting impossible for me to do the things that I want to do."

Suzy has also expressed her views on marriage. In 2013 when she appeared on the SBS program "Good Morning," she was only 18. The other guest was her "Introduction to Architecture" co-star Uhm Tae Woong. When she congratulated him on his recent wedding, the subject turned to marriage. A reporter asked her how old she wanted to be when she had her wedding ceremony.

At that point she had not really thought about how old she wanted to be,

"I want to think about marriage after I meet someone who I really love," said Suzy.

Yet a year later when she appeared on the SBS program "One Night of TV Entertainment" she had a different time scale in mind.

"I want to get married quickly, with someone who is around my age and could go on trips and talk with me like a friend," she said.

Sounds like they both think that friendship is important in marriage.

And apparently his family knew all about the couple dating, as some family members may have accompanied them on the trip. Recently released photos reportedly show the actor and his mother and sister in London and Paris.

Suzy Bae's most recent drama was "Gu Family Book," in which she co-starred with Lee Seung Gi. Lee Min Ho's most recent drama was "The Heirs" with co-star Park Shin Hye.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/79226/20150324/lee-min-ho-and-suzy-bae-have-similar-thoughts-about-marriage.htm

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fangirl_ said: @houny you're in big trouble my friend haha because once you fell for this girl, im telling you there's no escape!  @-)
anyways.. hello guys, i decided to come out of my shell to support this thread, i'm  a silent suzy fan for almost 5 years now,ever since i first saw her teaser for Miss A debut way back in 2010. I've been supporting and watching her bloom and transformed towhat, where and who she is now. I support her relationship with lee min ho! hell yaaaaaaasss!! finally! she found someone! someone who is MAN enough and have the balls to ask her out! so to lee min ho i say.. "YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!"  :xcountless of men, of celebrities professed their love for suzy but NO ONE ever did ask her out.. i was like.. what's up with all of you?!?!only talk the talk?! walk the talk for goodness sake!! if you really like her! man up!! right?! but LO and BEHOLD.. Lee Min Ho!! :xi was so shocked at first like all of ya'll! but im ecstatic for minho and suzy! :D:D:D i understand the initial reactions of the "shippers"i don't support make believe couple that's just my nature.. but i hope everyone will be matured enough to stop the hate.. let them be and let them be happy and grow as a couple. because obviously they choose to commit to one another, i mean lee minho travelingto london with his sister and mom just to spend some quality time with suzy that's called a "commitment" in my language. there's nothing to hate, they are 2 of the biggest stars in korea, they carry this huge amount of pressure all the time to please everyone..for their careers for their agencies for their fans..but now they found someone who they think is worthy of all the risks.. it's a beautiful thing.they deserve to love and be love! that is why i decided to come out and support these two.. praying and wishing them all the best! im genuinely happy for them. :x

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class="yt watch-title-container"5 things you may not know about Lee Min Ho


Well, Minoz (Lee Minho's fans are called Minoz, if you don't know yet) may not agree with #1 because he does act cute, but most of the time it's at the request of Minoz, not necessarily that he wants to do it. But anyway that's is the press observation, in case you want some objective opinion :-) .
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Article: miss A Suzy "I developed (feelings) for Lee Min Ho for this caring and warm image"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+15,967, -1,640] Have a long lasting relationship. I still don't get why they're getting hate for being in one.

§                                 Suzy was born on October 10, 1994 in Gwangju, Korea.; the lead vocalist and maknae of miss A.,filmed over 40 cf's

§                                 Suzy’s fans are called Sueweeties.

§                                 Suzy was a student in Seoul Performing Arts High School.

§                                 Suzy can speak korean, minimal english, , minimal mandarin and japannese.

§                                 Suzy is known for her natural beauty and her smile. Suzy is at top rank idols with her best look in real life.

§                                 Suzy’s height is 169cm, weight is 45kg

§                                 Suzy is the girl idol with the most followers on twitter.\\

§                                 Suzy was spotted while auditioning for Superstar K, a TV talent show where was asked to joined JYP Entertainment. Suzy likes ballad songs

§                                 .Suzy loves book, she loves to read; always buys a lot of books about psychology whenever she goes to book stores’ really loves psychology things. She is curious about what other person is thinking.

§                                 Suzy is shy but hardworking and generous, a very obedient daughter,is the strongest girl in group, loves to go to karaoke, Suzy is a type of 4D girls, like she has her own world., is type of blunt person in front of the person that she likes.

§                                 Suzy is the member with the worst sleeping habit..Jia once had received Suzy’s text message while Suzy was sleeping.Suzy is a sleep-talker.

§                                 Suzy is close to KARA’s Jiyoung and IU.Suzy and IU weren’t close until Suzy called IU in the morning on her birthday.\\                      Suzy receives a lot of attention from other idols and singers.

§                                 Suzy enjoys  “City Hunter”

§                                 Suzy has an older sister and a younger brother.

§                                 Suzy also loves to go to karaoke.

§                                 Suzy said that she really doesn’t want to look weak in front of other people.

§                                 Suzy’s mother decorated her coffee shop with anything related to missA.The cafe is called “Soo Caffe”

§                                 Suzy wished that her movie “Introduction on Architecture” does well in the box office.  And this was true

§                                 Suzy’s blood type is AB.

§                                 .Suzy finds it difficult when she’s told to act cute in front of the camera.

§                                 Suzy’s biggest worries is entering college and her major.

§                                 Suzy has a puppy named Damon. She named it “Damon” when she was watched Vampire Diaries.

§                                 Suzy hasn’t got her first love yet until now.

§                               Suzy was a lead actress in 2011 KBS Drama “Dream High” playing the role of Go Hye Mi.,2013 Gu family book ,movie Arhitecture 101 and Dorihwaga (2015)

§                                 Suzy participated in Dream High OST “Winter Child” and “Dream High” ; Dream High 2 OST “You’re My Star”’;BIG OST ,,I Still love you’’,Mee too,flower OST,Gu family book OST

§                                 Suzy helped her parents to buy a big  house,car ,to open a coffee shop “Caffe Soo” in China and 2 cofee shop  in Korea  with her own earnings

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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje

Hi Guys If y'all interested with Suzy's happenings...you can visit her most active thread. We don't really dwell here in soompi because she is not so active in dramas (and if she has one her fans usually dwell in the dramas page anyway) and many Sueweeties do not like soompi layout idk why hehe

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Guest fangirl_

Oh my gosh after watching/reading a couple of lee min ho's interview.. suzy and him compliment each other so much! Their personalities oh boy.. hahaha It's soooo cute how they both make fun of their english.. hahaha Imagine them on an interview together.. all they will do is LOL.

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Guest fangirl_

Our bae is a happy virus.. she's not afraid to laugh out loud!

Aslong as they can make eachother laugh.. they're on the right track! :x
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search.html?q=%BC%F6%C1%F6&e=51Instiz certified All-Kill Status of miss A  NO.1  in 8 charts/ Baidu BaeSuzy Bar @baesuzybar  · 
iChart™ 14:30 / miss A <Only You> ALL KILL!!!!

150330 miss A's <Colors> Comeback Showcas
Press Con talk: youtu.be/1PmWkBpeTXc   
 Only You: youtu.be/YynC6DpSLnE
Stuck: youtu.be/R3kPf2fwQ8M      

I Caught Ya: youtu.be/-wqu6FodhjE

theK(원더케이) @1theK  ·

#LiveOnAir MelOn Premiere Showcase! Thanks for watching everyone! The footage of #missA's comeback showcase will be revealed on Apr. 2nd!

Can we talk about how Suzy just SHINES in this comeback? This concept suits her so well. Lively, fresh, girly, but still mature and classy

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GOT7's Bambam like a picture of his doll wearing Suzy's outfit.GOT7 is an JYP group...

Lee Min Ho /Suzy in outfit for Color album ...please,give them a brake

miss A tops YinYueTai’s music video charts with "Only You" — http://aegyo.me/3xMQ 

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Houny said:
As Minoz I'm beyond happy for Minho and proud of his choice of women since Suzy is a wonderful girl all around. good to her parents check, nice personality check, intelligent check and etc etc. she is interested in how people think about others sounds like serious training for the Industry but all in all she has my support. I like her attitude.

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Guest winterCloud23

i want the eng sub of the video  the interview portion of the Showcase. Suzy looked little uncomfortable 
:(( :(( :((  if there is an eng sub plz share it here 

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Guest nobu2a

Hello evry1 im a suzy fan and this is my first time posting and sharing an article

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Guest fangirl_

nobu2a said: http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=117703
Hello evry1 im a suzy fan and this is my first time posting and sharing an article

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I posted these 2 clips that reflect her work  in advertising in 2014...for those who want to see more about SUZY 
2014년 상반기 수지 TVCF 및 브랜드 광고 모음,Miss A SUZY [First half of 2014]

2014년 하반기 수지 TVCF 및 브랜드 광고 모음,Miss A SUZY [The second half of 2014]

ma suzy
in year 2014 only CF,photoshoot and her movie DORIHWAGA (premiere in spring or summer 2015)
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