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♥CrystaL Clear/씨엘씨(CLC) Official Thread♥ - #HELICOPTER 2020.09.02 6PM KST Fighting!

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CLC are 'Curious' about a handsome stranger in second MV teaser


CLC hinted at a bit of their fun new choreography in the dance version MV teaser yesterday, but now they're here to show you what their new song and MV are all about through the dramatized version teaser for "Curious"!

We see the members falling for a handsome stranger they spot on the streets. Quite 'curious' about this man, the members set out to play detective looking for any clues or signs that may lead to him. 

Will their search prove to be successful? We'll find out when their MV, along with their mini-album 'Question', drops on May 28!


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