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♥CrystaL Clear/씨엘씨(CLC) Official Thread♥ - #HELICOPTER 2020.09.02 6PM KST Fighting!

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7 member girl group from Cube Entertainment Debut Date: March 19, 2015 Debut Song: Pepe Debut Album: First Love Fandom Name: Cheshire Official Twitter Official YouTube Offi

CLC's new variety show - Beautiful Mission preview  


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CLC’s Sorn Discusses Her Father’s Intriguing Job on “Weekly Idol”


CLC’s Thai member Sorn revealed that her father works with the president of Thailand on “Weekly Idol.”

Meeting with hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn along with her fellow CLC members on the May 13 broadcast of the MBCevery1 variety show, Sorn revealed that, while her father used to be an actor, “he now works with the Thai president.”

Sorn also recorded a loving video message for her parents during the show. Afterwards, host Jung Hyung Don then made an aegyo-filled request to Sorn, saying, “Ask your father to treat us all to Thai crab curry if ‘Weekly Idol’ ever films in Thailand.”

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CLC’s Jang Seung Yeon Resembles 4minute’s Sohyun?


Girl group CLC member Jang Seung Yeon acknowledged her resemblance to 4minute’s  Sohyun on MBCevery1’s “Weekly Idol.”

On the May 13 episode of the variety show, CLC met with hosts Defconn and Jung Hyung Don to discuss a variety of topics. Almost as soon as they took the stage, however, member Jang Seung Yeon was told by Jung Hyung Don that she “looks like 4minute member Kwon Sohyun.” An un-phased Jang Seung Yeon then drew laughter when she responded, “Yeah, I’ve heard that quite a bit.”

Refusing to let the subject go, Jung Hyun Don then then further pressed Jang Seung Yeon, asking whether she is younger or older than Kwon Sohyun, and then emphasized once again their similar appearances.

So, what do you think? Do the two singers resemble one another?


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CLC Releases Teaser Images for Second Mini Album


Rookie girl group CLC is gearing up for a comeback with a second mini album only two months after the release of their first EP “First Love.”

On May 20, CLC uploaded onto Twitter a number of teaser photos for their impending album, including a group photo as well as individual cuts of each of the members, Sorn, Jang Seungyeon, Oh Seunghee, Jang Yeeun, and Choi Yoojin.



The girls are charming as ever as they pose in colorful outfits by the beach.



CLC is Cube Entertainment’s latest girl group. They debuted in March with “Pepe,” and their second mini album is slated for release on May 28.




excited :D..sorn in her new haircut!! likey!

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Want more of CLC? Check out teaser pics for their 2nd mini-album 'Question'!


If you felt like you haven't gotten enough of CLC from their debut with "Pepe" and "Eighteen", you're not alone! The new girl group is making their comeback already with their 2nd mini-album 'Question' on May 28!

Their upcoming album is said to be filled with lyrics about the girls' curiosity about love and will show each of the girls' honest and colorful charms.

We see the girls in their individual jacket images in the image above, looking fresh and pretty at the beach! The group image below has the girls being one with nature for another artsy photo with unique-looking trees as a backdrop.





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CLC looking lovable in their latest photoshoot with 'CeCi' + what role does each member have?


Leave it up to CLC to look fresh and cute! The girls are featured in the latest issue of 'CeCi' magazine for its 'Girls of Summer' spread. In the June issue, they're full of smiles in pastel dresses, t-shirts, and shorts!

For their interview with 'CeCi', the girls were asked about their 'dorm life.' Ye Eun said, "Seunghee unni takes on the role of 'mom' in our team. She does all of the housework. Sorn unni is in charge of fashion. Whenever I go outside, I always ask her if my outfit is okay. And Seunghee unni and I are in charge of cooking."

Seungyeon added, "Ye Eun is different from the typical maknae. She has a very strong sense of responsibility. She's CLC's reliable dad."

Don't forget that CLC will be making their comeback with 'Question' on May 28!

You can see CLC's full summer pictorial in the June issue of 'CeCi', and check out Ye Eun's solo shot right down below!




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CLC reveal their title track through 'Question' mini album tracklist!


For those who were getting very 'curious' about CLC's comeback mini album 'Question', the girl group has released their tracklist!

Their title track will be a dance song titled "Curious" with lyrics about a one-sided love and how anxious that makes one's heart feel.

Their other songs include reggae track "Hey-Yo", a cute song titled "Lucky", EDM track "Hide and Seek" and ballad song "What Do I Do".

"Hide and Seek" is written by fellow Cube Entertainment artist BTOB's Ilhoon, who also wrote the lyrics for "Cafe Mocha Please" from CLC's first album!

In the tracklist photo above, the girls have taken on a more grown-up concept than their first mini album, and they're looking classy and chic in their different colored dresses!


Don't forget their mini-album 'Question' will be released on May 28 so stay tuned for more updates!



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CLC leave fans 'curious', looking ethereal in white for group and individual teaser photos!


CLC are here to lure us in with some pretty teaser images for comeback mini album 'Question'!

They're toning down the perky and bubbly image they showed during their "PEPE" promotions, as they convey a more feminine and innocent charm than before in these new group and individual teaser photos. 

However, the new title song "Curious" is still said to be an upbeat dance song with lyrics about a one-sided love and how anxious that makes one's heart feel.

With photos as pretty as these, we can't help but be already 'curious' about their new fun sound and choreography! Their mini-album 'Question' will be released on May 28, so stay tuned for more updates!




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1. Hey-Yo
Composed, Lyrics by Big Ssancho, Ferdy, Lee Brian D
Arranged by Big Ssancho, Ferdy

2. 궁굼해 (Curious)
Composed, Lyrics by, Arranged by Seo Jaewoo, Big Ssancho, Son Yeongjin

3. Lucky
Composed by Duble Sidekick, Seion
Lyrics by Duble Sidekick, David Kim, SEION
Arranged by

4. 숨바꼭질 (Hide And Seek)
Composed, Arranged by Jo Sungho, Ferdy
Lyrics by Jung Ilhoon

5. 어쩌죠
Composed, Arranged by Son Yeongjin
Lyrics by Big Ssancho, Son Yeongjin 

cr: hellayne



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  • Jishao changed the title to ♥CrystaL Clear/씨엘씨(CLC) Official Thread♥ - #HELICOPTER 2020.09.02 6PM KST Fighting!

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