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Blood (Ageless AhnGoo❤️) - Ahn Jae-Hyun ❤️❤️❤️ Goo Hye Sun ❤️


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10 hours ago, gelisacarras said:

I have been reading many, many posts about this situation, and believe me, there much people that now understand her, mainly after the post in the Blind item went public.  Regarding AHJ travel to Bali, that trip was for a shooting (is in his IG) not for vacation.  Even when he was photograph at the airport, his manager said it was for shooting.


ah thank you for correcting for his bali trip, since i only see his IG in Bali and he seems so relax and happy while his (ex) wive was seems craving for attention in their anniversary.

As i wrote before, my family is facing divorce of my sister of 22 years of marriage, and eventhough the reason was a bunch of reason, including abuse (verbal and phisically), financial and family influence, still society thought lowly of her. my sister holding on untill 22 years because she doesnt want the society putting her down, but it was her husband filing first (though he later trying to corrected, asking for reconciliation which my sister refused). Believe me, its not like, oh we both in the wrong, lets filing and move on just like that poster stated. it consumed tears and emotional roller coaster.

So i do understand GHS miserable how she's trying so hard to put fake smiling and protect her husband untill he cant be protected anymore. I really hope all AJH dirty laundry will be exposed sooner than later, and no need for GHS do  it, because she already suffering enough. no need to get the blame people who thinks "my oppa can do no wrong" and "GHS is attention richard simmons and play the victim cards"

I really hope and pray that if they think AJH is good enough for them, one day, they will marry another version of AJH and see what they will do in GHS shoes.



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