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[Web Drama 2015] Dr. Ian 닥터 이안 (Sandara Park❤Kim Young Kwang)


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DR. IAN SANDARA PARK VIDEO INTERVIEWhttp://tvcast.naver.com/v/320242image43.jpg

Interviewer: Sodam, Please introduce who you are in this drama and what is your character.
Dara: Annyeonghaseyo!!! I’m rookie actress Sandara Park and I will act as Lee So Dam here. Nice to meet you!
Interviewer: How did you feel being tokki? You came out a lot of times wearing tokki right? (rabbit mascot costume)
Dara: I came to know it when we had our first script reading and I liked the idea of it because its cute, being a rabbit.Its so large that it doesn’t quite fit me well and its not easy wearing it. They really worked hard assisting me. Its really bulky but it looks cute. Even it was difficult to do I had fun.
Interviewer: Sodam Now that the filming is finished please say something about it and say a farewell greeting with fighting.
Dara: I know that filming this is not easy and now that we finished it I would like to thank director, actors and staffs who really worked hard for this. Fighting!
Interviewer: Sodam Say it one more time, “Dr.Ian Fighting!”
Dara: Dr. Ian Fighting!!!

Credits:Source: Naver TV CastRe-uploaded by: OhDaraTrans: 21GYDTS @WeloveDara

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소담이 전남친 대수씨랑~ 찰칵!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 대수씨가 연기를 너~무 잘해서 랙잭이들의 미움을 받고있지만 사실 촬영장에선 소담이보다 더 고생했었어요~ 샐러드 쏟고 때리고... 소담이가 편하게 연기할수 있게 많이 도와줬어요 ^.^ 대수씨~~ 아니아니 호창씨~ 고마웠어요!!!



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“Dr. Ian” Sandara Park, Completely Excited While On Spring Date?… “Chemistry Goddess”
Singer and actress Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang, along with Kim Ho Chang expressed different couple chemistry, drawing a lot of attention.

In the Korea-China joint web drama, “Dr. Ian” Sandara Park faced her first acting challenge in a lead role, playing Lee So Dam, opposite Kim Young Kwang (as Ian) portraying a shy and cool couple, and with Kim Ho Chang (as Tae Soo) giving off an atmosphere of care-free, playful, young lovers, expressing different couple chemistry with them.

In the photos that were released recently, Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang can be seen exchanging shy and sincere glances, creating a lively, fresh, and loving atmosphere; the smell of springtime also resonates as the couple go on a drive date, making hearts pound. In particular, Sandara Park‘s beautiful actress aura and Kim Young Kwang‘s model force, create a warm visual and explosive chemistry.

On the other hand, the pictures featuring the fun and young love of ex-lovers ‘So Dam‘ and ‘Tae Soo‘ who have no hope for reconciliation in the present situation, also drew attention.

Sandara Park and Kim Ho Chang‘s characters, who are seen fighting and bickering with each other, took a different turn in their past, as revealed in the photo with their shoulders close together in an intimate atmosphere, hands doing the V-pose, while enjoying a cafe date.

Sandara Park‘s “So Dam – Ian” couple along with the “So Dam – Tae Soo” cute couple boast a variety of charms that are really eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s character spilled a lot of tears after her separation with Tae Soo and once again shedding sad tears of heartbreak while seeing Ian embracing his former lover Jae Hee in the 7th episode. The 9th episode, which is the last, will be broadcasted at midnight. The episode will see So Dam and Ian confirming their love for one another, and finally completing their love line, something which viewers are to excitedly look forward to.

Source: Naver 1 2
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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The web drama ended.  :(( I will miss it. Here's a recap of the last episode from WeLoveDara. Hiding it for others who do not want spoilers. It ended well. Though it's short, it's memorable.  :-bd   

RT @WeLoveDara: Dr.Ian told Sodam to meet in the abandoned amusement park for his last mission for Sodam. http://t.co/ZG3fKlIUmZ

RT @WeLoveDara: Dr.Ian: You're the one who makes my heart flutter but now someone else made it flutter. Let's break up.Sorry Jaehee~ http://t.co/uYofUGfWzp

RT @WeLoveDara: Jaehee: That other person made it fluttered? Dr.Ian: and she makes me worry and curious about her. http://t.co/LglroFHi4h

RT @WeLoveDara: Sodam opens the letter: "If you have courage to love someone then you can stand and await for his appearance." http://t.co/uq1mbljkhq

RT @WeLoveDara: Dr.Ian to Sodam:Its the end, let's pretend this is our first time meeting each other, so please take care of me Sodam http://t.co/mkHKIyCt1X

RT @WeLoveDara: The whole place light up, and they were smiling to each other~ Ending: Sodam quits her work and dates Dr.Ian~^_^ http://t.co/21NqaSie4U

RT @WeLoveDara: I'm very satisfied with the ending~lol Sodam's boss misses her.kekekeTwo thumbs up for #DrIanFTW ^_^v

How do you find the ending? ;)

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Kim Young Kwang Shares Thoughts on Working with 2NE1′s Sandara Park in ′Doctor Ian′

In the new webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang has found his true self.

Through the Korea-China produced webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang played the character, Mo Ian, a psychiatrist and hypnotic therapist, who carries his own pain. Succeeding in yet another acting transformation, Kim Young Kwan finally came to terms with himself, beginning a new relationship with Sandara Park (So Dam) in the drama.


Portraying Ian′s tranformation in a delicate and relaxed way, Kim Young Kwang received much praise for his latest acting role. Viwers said that his transformation from his previous drama character to Ian was very natural and he was able to pull them inside this new drama.

With his stable performance, Doctor Ian also received passionate response. As the nine episodes were broadcasted, attention was poured from in and outside of Korea. Doctor Ian was also aired through Youku at the same time, receiving attention from China. The drama will be broadcasting in Thailand and Taiwan as well.

On the project, Kim Young Kwang stated, "It was my first time acting with Sandara Park, but we got along well and I was comfortable enough to have fun while acting. Although the duration of the filming was short, I got very close with all the staff and actors who struggled during the cold weather. I think this project will remain in my memory for a long time."

Doctor Ian is about a man and a woman, who were dedicated to love but were left behind by their lovers without a proper farewell. The drama focused on the two people′s pain and their healing process.

Photo Credit: Soy Works


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DARA Talks about End of “Dr. Ian”… “My First Leading Role… A Good Experience”
2015-04-08 11:29 am
[스타뉴스=김미화 기자] 2NE1 (CL, BOM, DRAR, and MINZY)’s DARA talked about her first leading role in a drama series.

DARA unveiled behind-cuts taken at the shooting of web-drama “Dr. Ian” (written by Lee Aram/directed by Gwon Hyuk-chan) jointly produced by Korea and China on the 8 through YG Entertainment, and talked about her feelings for the end of the series.

DARA said, “It was my first leading role and it was such a great experience. I still have a long way to go as an actress, so I’ll make further efforts to improve my acting and I wish I can act for another drama series soon. I felt a huge sense of burden because it was my first leading role, but all the staff and my counterpart actor Kim Young-gwang have been so nice to me, so I could act in a pleasant atmosphere.”

In the behind cuts, DARA is acting very hard, wearing a teddy bear mask and sweating a lot. According to the staff of the drama, DARA led the pleasant atmosphere at the shooting and had serious discussions on her acting with the producing staff, and worked very hard for her acting, to be praised by every one of the staff.

DARA acted the character of “Lee So-dam”, a rather peculiar woman who tries to overcome the pain of her past relationship. Even though it was her first leading role, DARA acted the character naturally with sophisticated expression of emotions. She proved her potential as an actress with her acting in the series.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Ian” ended with the 9th episode aired on the 8 at 0 o’clock. After the end of “Dr. Ian”, foreign fans posted bunch of replies in English on the official channel of the series on NAVER CAST, showing explosive responses. “Dr. Ian” enjoyed global popularity, not only in Korea but also in the United States, Taiwan, and Thailand, surpassing 500,000 views within three days of its broadcasting.

2015. 4. 8.


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