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[Web Drama 2015] Dr. Ian 닥터 이안 (Sandara Park❤Kim Young Kwang)


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Video: 'Episode 4 - Why Snow White ate the poisoned apple'Source: Naver TV Cast
1. [+429, -43]  Sandara as a singer is great and all but actress Dara is charming too
2. [+312, -20]  I want more ㅠㅠ
3. [+316, -28]  It's fun to watch... they haven't really done much but their chemistry's really good ㅎ
"[+20, 0]  Her acting's getting more and more natural as the episodes by"
"[+14, 0]  Her facial expressions are really good"
"[+13, 0]  Doing much better than I expected and her and Kim Young Kwang match well together"
"[+9, 0]  Can't they make it any longer?"
"[+12, -1]  Dara's really charming when she's acting.  Hope she keeps on improving"

Video: 'Episode 5 - How to break up at an LTE speed'
1. [+208, -6]  I'm watching a web drama for the first time and it's actually really entertaining ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's entertaining to see such popular stars on it too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They both act better than I had expected
2. [+214, -16]  I got butterflies during the scene where Kim Young Kwang went and grabbed Dara to walk out arm in arm... as expected a better man comes around after you've dumped an richard simmons
3. [+184, -8]  Wow... it's so good ㅠㅠ Can't they air this on cable or public broadcast? ㅠ
"[+10, 0]  Her eyes sparkle and look so pretty during that scene where she was angry!  Her "What?" is a bit awkward but overall her acting's great ㅎㅎ"
"[+22, -1]  She's so cute even when she's angry ㅋㅋㅋ I want to see her again in another scene where she's even more angry ㅋㅋㅋ"
"[+17, -1]  The leads are gorgeous... it's such a waste of their chemistry for this drama to end so quickly"
"[+19, 0]  Each and every line of the dialogue is really good.  Kim Young Kwang's so handsome too"
"[+23, 0]  I don't watch dramas often but I'm watching this since I heard Sandara was on it.  But c'mon! Why is it only 10 minutes long?  I get so engrossed into the drama only for it to end so quickly... anyway I'm enjoying it!  It's so hard to wait for the next episode."
"[+18, -1]  I want to see her on public broadcast already... Her tone is getting better and she's really got the facial expressions down"
"[+11, 0]  Their chemistry is amazing... right from the height difference!"
"[+19, 0]  This drama's entertaining.  I definitely see a good future for web dramas.  Seems like they'll become the second content source after web comics."
"[+24, -1]  Sandara's acting and visuals really shone on Episode 5... Hope she gets another role like this since it fits her"

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Guest ohayyo

i.am.bugz.funny said: The last scene of episode 5 was so sweet... The way Young Kwang walks towards Sandara...omo I really felt the chemistry... Time flies so fast with this drama... 4 episodes to go and it's already the end...

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Guest ohayyo

oh i just knew ... it seems like those who reside in China can also watch over LINE TV channel ??that's a good thing !
cr : kr_malemodel on IG

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@ohayyo I think that last scene of episode 5 is another favorite!!  :x :x :x :-bd 8-> :-bd
If Chinese can also watch on naver, then it's good news!! More views so that the drama will get more recognition from the media and general public whether in Korea or in other countries.  :-bd

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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"2NE1's Sandara makes shining lead acting debut on Dr. Ian

by Shelly M on Wed, Apr 01, 2015


Sandara Park is a leading actress! The 2NE1 member officially made her debut as a leading star in a web series this week. She excelled in the role as an eccentric female patient of a psychiatrist. The star's acting talent was charming and very believable. She was a natural on-screen.

The Korean-Chinese web drama Dr. Ian even scored a large audience with its simultaneous release on Naver’s TVCAST and China’s largest internet drama streaming site Youku. 


Park first began acting in the Philippines, and her first Korean acting role was a minor role on Return of Iljimae. She also had a cameo in My Love from Another Star, but she hasn't had the lead in a Korean series before now. Her new series, Dr. Ian, will continue to be broadcasted simultaneously through Naver’s TVCAST and Youku until April 8. The show, which co-stars actor Kim Young Kwang, is about the pain and healing of two people who sacrifice themselves for love. 

Are you anticipating more acting projects from her in the future? 

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/2ne1s-sandara-makes-shining-acting-debut-on-dr-ian/

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150405 Dara Twitter Updates


RT @ krungy21: @ Shinkiew Resting was so hard bc of costume


RT @ krungy21: So I think it's good to stop at 21 questions, don't u think? ^.^ thank u ALL for your questions, love & support!! http://t.co/TSylB7NONn


RT @ krungy21: Make sure to watch episode 6 of #DrIan I had a great time!!!

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