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[Japanese Drama 2015] Date デート~恋とはどんなものかしら~


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Title: デート~恋とはどんなものかしら~ / Deto - Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira
English title: Date - What is love
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Director: Hideki Takeuchi, Junichi Ishikawa
Producer: Yamazaki Junko (山崎淳子)

Screenwriter: Kosawa Ryota (古沢良太)
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast Date:  January 19, 2015 - March 23, 2015
Broadcast Days: Mondays

Anne as Yabushita Yoriko
Hasegawa Hiroki as Taniguchi Takumi
Kuninaka Ryoko as Shimada Kaori
Nakajima Yuto as Washio Yutaka
Matsuo Satoru as Shimada Sotaro
Wakui Emi as Yabushita Sayoko
Fubuki Jun as Taniguchi Rumi
Matsushige Yutaka as Yabushita Toshio

Yoriko Yabushita (Anne Watanabe) works at a Yokohama research laboratory. She tracks trends in relation to macroeconomics. She is 29-years-old and enthusiastic about her work. She also enjoys efficiency and having a regular life. Although she doesn't excel in social settings with other people, her next goal is getting married and having a baby. Yoriko believes that she marry by the age of 30, because everyone around her did including her late mother. If Yoriko finds a man who fills 24 items listed on her ideal husband list, she will marry him.
Meanwhile, Takumi Taniguchi (Hiroki Hasegawa) is 35-years-old and unemployed. He did graduate from college, but he spends his days reading books and listening to music. He's not interested in dating or getting married, because he knows he lacks a source of income. He lives with his mother and knows that when she passes away, he can't continue his current lifestyle. Takumi Taniguchi then decides to find a woman who is capable of supporting him financially. 
Yoriko Yabushita and Takumi Taniguchi, who both think of marriage as a contract, begin to date with the goal of getting married.

Coming soon... 

The Peanuts - Furimukanaide

Chay - Anata ni Koi wo Shite Mimashita

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Guest ororomunroe

My favourite new drama. Just finished the first 6 episodes and about to watch the 7th. It's soo funny!!! Highly recommend this drama!

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What a treasure. Easily one of the best Rom Coms of the year, regardless of  country of origin. Anne Watanabe and Hiroki Hasegawa  are doing a fantastic job, as is the rest of the cast. I love Yoriko's, (Anne's character), interactions with her mother.  The resemblence of the actress playing the young Yoriko and Anne is uncanny. Can't praise this show enough, an instant classic. Laugh out loud funny yet, has heartfelt moments as well.

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I am just about the watch the last two episodes of this drama. I was so happy when I realized someone was subbing this. Everyone in the cast is so talented and are bringing out the comical elements in a quirky and funny way. I've been laughing so much my cheeks hurt. :)) Love the main couple, and I hope they finally realize that they really do love each other !

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Guest uhnny

It feels great to have stumbled upon this great show. Currently watching this after I finished watching Gakkou no Kaidan. Yuto looks so damn fiiiinnneee~ Hahaha

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Amazimg drama ... watched it because of my love for the forever awedome Hasegawa Hiroki and I ended up loving every single character .... man~~~ Anne was fantastic on this role! 
Tghe script was always funny yet showed so much realism , liked the jokes and the acting .... in short, enjoyed the experience a lot

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Add me to the list of those who loved this one!  It was so well written, acted and produced, I'm really happy to hear there will be a special, would LOVE to see another season of it.

Hi @Kathy: I watched the special, and it was sooo great :)

You'll definitly love it :)

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Just watched the SP with subs ( DA subbed it ^_^ ) and i feel like i love the saga even more ♥

Anne recently announced her pregnancy ( she's pregnant with twins awww ) so my dreams of seeing a 2nd season this year dissapeared XD but i hope they can bring the show back this 2017 , the show is so loved, from time to time i see threads about the drama on sites like girlschannel with thousand of comments saying all kind of beautiful things about the drama and the couple :wub: 

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