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[Japanese Drama 2015] Second Love セカンド・ラブ


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Title: セカンド・ラブ
English title: Second Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 7
Director: Tsukahara Ayuko (塚原あゆ子)
Producer: Nakagawa Shinko (中川慎子), Nakazawa Susumu
Screenwriter: Ooishi Shizuka
Broadcast network: TV Asahi
Broadcast Date: February 6, 2015 - March 20, 2015
Broadcast Days: Fridays

Kamenashi Kazuya as Taira Kei
Sato Ruiki as young Taira Kei
Fukada Kyoko as Nishihara Yui
Hayami Akari as Noguchi Ayako
Koshiba Fuka as Takeuchi Sora
Onuki Yusuke (大貫勇輔) as Ichinose Yuto
Akiyama Natsuko as Ueda Haruko
Terajima Susumu as Tajima Shigeyoshi
Aso Yumi as Nishihara Mariko
Namase Katsuhisa as Takayanagi Taro

Contemporary dancer Taira Kei's talent emerged at a young age and he went to study in Germany in his teens. Called the "young genius", he even won an international championship. But Kei did not fulfill his ambition. His dream suffered setbacks. Kei has now returned to Tokyo and has been working part-time order to take another shot at his dream. He takes great pride in dancing and will never accept half measures. That is why he earns a living by manual labour. Although he used to be full of ambition, he has been frustrated with himself for seemingly wasting away ever since he returned to Japan. At that moment, he falls in love with Nishihara Yui, an older teacher at a prestigious girls high school. He easily clears numerous hurdles with his youth and a boldness which is uncharacteristic for a Japanese, and starts to sway Yui's sense of values.

Coming soon... 


MISIA - Shiroi Kisetsu

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Guest chajoowon

Which ep are you guys on in this drama

Im on ep 6 and im enjoying this drama.   Kie and Yui are good together.

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Hello!  Nice to see another person here.
I  have just finished seeing Episode 5 with English subs.  Episode 6 raw is pretty much a mystery to me at this point.  I stopped and felt I needed the subs in order to make any sense of it.
 Not sure of some of the timeline, too.  For example, When did he take the new apartment?  Right after he returned from England?    How much travelling has he done so far?  Getting pretty popular now isn't he?  What's up with the New York opportunity now?  How much time is passing?  The school year has not ended, but any other clues?

 Did he never have a thought about her still back there in that shabby little, run down, one-room flat?  She said it was conveniently located to her school and near the gym.  But where is his new place located, I wonder? And how long has he been living there on his own ?   Whose name is on the lease of the old place, wasn't it originally his apt.?  
 I am confused here.   :-S      If he loves her, as he says to the "manager" girl,  what is his reasoning for simply abandoning her in the old apartment without any sort of explanation?  Amnesia? He didn't think she would notice that returned from England?
PS:...... Any good sites for episodes with English subs or for recaps that you have found?   Thank you.
PPS:....Added approx. 5 pm.....just found #6 with subs at www.dramakeep.com , a new site for me.  Hopefully I will find some answers now.

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Well now!.....Just finished # 6 with subs!  
All questions answered.    Plus, I got absolutely everything WRONG while seeing the raw version!  All was the opposite of anything I guessed to be happening.  Never have I been so completely wrong!  A FIRST for me!  
Timeline cleared up, PLUS a time jump of one year already.   She broke off with him! not the other way around,  as I "read" the whole episode.   And he even beg her to come with him on the year-long tour.  
Where is the story going?  I will wait for Episode 7 to arrive with subs this time.     #:-S

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Only one more episode left!.......OH NO !!!
But the writer at www.couch-kimchi.com has checked this with several sites and seems certain it is true.  So the one year time leap forward makes sense now.  While I am adjusting to the shorter drama lengths and the once -a-week format of Japanese drama, I did not expect this drama to end so soon.
Was this the original plan? Or did other factors lead to an abrupt finale?  I'll never know, but now the final episode seems rather predictable.  Or will there be a surprise for me again ?     I will definitely be waiting for the subbed version this time.

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Promised myself not to watch raw video of the finale, but did anyway.  Not happy with my guesses about what's going on.   Is that still  another one year time leap?   Unbelievable,  at least it is unreal for me.

Will look for the subbed version simply to see if I got it all wrong again!  But it feels as if they slapped an abrupt and very trite ending onto a drama that could have been much better than this!    :-w

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i finish this drama yesterdayit's make me cry so much....
i love the way they made this drama ..and i really think that this year japanese drama was very good ( unlike to kdramas that been artistic drop down )
japanese are more realistic and simple...sometimes they use art in their dramawith deep meaning 
there are not many as i wish but maybe that's the nature of making good drama for what it is.
i would also like to recommend other Jdrama called "date"...it's a piece of art especially the ending
it's not so much realistic as unique and differentmaking you crave japan in this season of cherry blooming

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